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Indiana Crossroads Conference Tournament

Date: January 13, 2018
Type: Conference Tournament

Team Score
1. Monrovia 222
2. Indianapolis Scecina Memorial 175.5
3. Triton Central 159
4. Beech Grove 132
5. Indianapolis Lutheran 98
6. Indianapolis Cardinal Ritter 66
7. Speedway 43


106 lbs

1st - Ben Dalton Monrovia FALL over Dontaye Hamilton Scecina

3rd - Caden Alfrey Triton Central FALL over Luis Reyes Ritter 


113 lbs

1st - Maison Hadley Monrovia FALL over Stuart Donlan Scecina

3rd - Juwan Joseph Beech Grove FALL over Lucas Lee Triton Central


120 lbs

1st - Ethan Clements Monrovia FALL over Phenix Carney Beech Grove

3rd - Jordan Johnson Rittter DEC over Luke Hughes Lutheran


126 lbs

1st - Ethan Smiley Beech Grove DEC over Brycen Denny Monrovia

3rd - Thomas Dufreese Scecina FALL over Elliot Nell Ritter


132 lbs

1st - Harley Taylor Beech Grove DEC over Josh Thacker Triton Central

3rd - Jonathan Smallwood Monrovia DEC over Phil Truong Scecina


138 lbs

1st - Bailey Moore Beech Grove FALL over Austin Clark Monrovia

3rd - Jameson Wellborn Scecina FORF over Nathan Cmehil Ritter


145 lbs

1st - Dante Akins Lutheran DEC over Drew Smith Scecina

3rd - Bryce Logan Triton Central FALL over Dalen Clements Monrovia


152 lbs

1st - Brayton Kukman Monrovia INJ DEF over Seth Ortel Triton Central

3rd - Jacob Melton Scecina TECH FALL over Nate Thompson Beech Grove


160 lbs

1st - Jake Rebein Scecina FALL over Riley Walker Speedway

3rd - Ely Shockey Beech Grove DEC over Daniel Peterson Triton Central


170 lbs

1st - Johnathan Riggins Triton Central DEC over Hayden Fillipovich Lutheran

3rd - Tavon Middlebrook Scecina FALL over Irou Oruahwo Speedway


182 lbs

1st - Matt Guhl Triton Central MAJ DEC over Logan Beard Lutheran

3rd - Jackson Pruitt Scecina DEC over Jaden Huffman Monrovia


195 lbs

1st - Leonard Love Scecina DEC over Cole Butts Monrovia

3rd - Brett Reid Lutheran FALL over Ethan McGivern Triton Central


220 lbs

1st - Gavin Cook Triton Central FALL over Blake Riordan Monrovia

3rd - Luis Ferrel Scecina FALL over Keayon Dinwiddy Speedway


285 lbs

1st - Riley McCubbins Monrovia DEC over Isiah Greene Beech Grove

3rd - Javon Rodgers Ritter FALL over Emeka Jilliani Lutheran




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