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Asa Garcia of Avon commits to

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Woooooo..... had to come out of retirement for this one . (Picture me stretching, cracking my neck) 

Thanks, from my Family.

 Just wanna say a few things before I hand the torch to my gun firing alter ego Pistol Pete . 

 #IgniteIndiana is spreading like wildfire under Angel, if you haven’t heard, Asa makes the 3rd Flo Top 100 Seniors signings for YOUR.... Hoosiers 

#75 Asa Garcia - 133

#85 Matt Ortiz - 174

#88 Luke Baughman - 157 

also have 2 other Indiana State Champions Senior hammers coming in with them. Cayden Rooks & Nick South.  Great things are happening ! 

and ....... according to my Sources more is coming to Bloomington, Indiana. It’s just the beginning of a Hoosier Revolution. #B1G Things Happening at Indiana. 

Thanks again 



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Posted (edited)
16 hours ago, MattM said:

You’re Pistol Pete!  😮  No way?!?!  🤯

This is probably one of the funniest posts of 2018 !!!!  

Well done sir.   Now if someone could just tell that other poster where the entry list is located so he can see who from IN is signed up at Super 32. 


**Great news for IU and Great news for the Garcia family

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