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Fabio Jr.

Final Flo Rankings

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Didnt see this anywhere I could also be blind. Here are the IN reps

  • P4P
    • Brayton Lee - 5 (behind teemer who is 3) would go up
    • Mason Parris - 8
  • 113
    • Brayden Curtis - 14
  • 126
    • Asa Garcia - 17
    • Ty Mills - NR - pinned #1 ranked Malik Johnson at Dream team would probably jump in to the top 20 but I would put him behind Asa based on results
  • 138
    • Rumph - NR -would break the list easy if they did one more
  • 152
    • Blee - 2 - Over teemer. there is some discussion of this difference on the latest FRL. Carr Number 1
  • 160
    • Joe lee - 2 - Behind Shane Griffith from BC
  • 195 
    • Lucas Davison - 5
  • 220
    • Mason Parris - 1
  • HWT
    • Eli Pokorney - 18


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Yeah, Joe made the joke that these were completed prior to this last weekend. He said good thing they locked them in cause Indiana studs were about to knock off a few. Way to call it Joe and I agree about Mills and Rumph. 

On a side note: they have Joe Lee listed at 2 but also has him as "out". I would assume that had he wrestled high school this year, he'd be #1. 

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