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Joe lile vs Cameron VanCamp

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Thanks but Hitemhard is not me !!...This fight will be at 8 second Saloon August 19th....As far as my prediction i am kind of partial to that Lile kid from Fishers LOL...There is alot of buzz about this fight Vankamp is a tough good wrestler so should be a very entertaining fight..The card is loaded with what could be and should be very crowd pleasing fights..Oh yeah dont forget former UFC VET Sean " Big Sexy " McCorkel will be fighting also...

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Lile wins via  rear naked choke 24 seconds into second round submission. Lile boxed early using his jab  to keep Vankamp off balance..Vankamp is checked on a couple shots then gets in deep with a double underhooks slams Lile to his back where he lands some solid right hands..Lile attempts a triangle then an armbar Vankamp lands 5 or 6  big knees to Lile's ribs round ends...Second round begins with Lile jabbing Vankamp shoots in Lile checks then spins around taking Vankamps back and sinks in a rear naked choke...Thoughts....Vankamp very tough kid he will be very good in future once he gains experience and more gym time...Lile goes 3-0 Boxing was effective good movement on ground


Fisher's Bjj & Boxing also had another fighter ..James Bub who also won via Arm Bar winning his ammy debut..


Fisher's Bjj & Boxing goes 2-0 on the night and Gary Widget also from Fisher's Bjj & Boxing won Saturday on the MMA BigShow

in Cincinnati with a 40sec Verbal Submission which makes Fisher's Bjj & Boxing 3-0 for the weekend..

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