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Roncalli vs. Southport

    Date: 01/16/2020
    Roncalli 52
    Southport 24

    170: Mpole (Southport) wins by fall vs Sam Peeples (RHS) in 3:33
    ‪182: Nelson (Southport) wins by fall vs Alex Amodeo (RHS) in 5:29
    ‪195: Michael Fletcher (RHS)  wins by decision vs Carter (Southport) 4-1 ‬
    ‪220: Justin Lewis (RHS) wins by fall vs Thang (Southport) in 1:37
    ‪285: Jackson (Southport) wins by fall vs Aaron Butts (RHS) in 4:10
    ‪106: Bryce Lowery (RHS) wins by major vs Smith (Southport) 14-0‬
    ‪113: Dominic Rossman (RHS) wins by FF
    ‪120: Kody Glithero (RHS) wins by fall vs Thang (Southport) in 3:10
    ‪126: Brayden Lowery (RHS) wins by fall vs Pardue (Southport) in 2:26
    ‪132: Sam Slivka (RHS) wins by OT decision vs Luke Goodwin (Southport) 6-4‬
    ‪138: David Page (RHS) wins by fall vs Andrew Goodwin (Southport) in 1:31
    ‪145: Alec Viduya (RHS) wins by fall vs Hammond (Southport) in 0:56
    ‪152: Andrew Stuck (RHS) wins by fall vs Hon (Southport) in 0:42
    ‪160: Moore (Southport) wins by FF vs RHS‬

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