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Chesterton vs. Merrillville


    Date: 12/18/2019
    Chesterton 47
    Merrillville 23


    195: Gage DeMarco (CHES) over Zion Garcia (MERV) (Fall 4:24)

    220: Evan Bates (CHES) over Jason Streck (MERV) (Dec 5-2)

    285: Jevonte Williams (MERV) over Jacob Denham (CHES) (Dec 15-10)

    106: Lucas Clement (MERV) over JoJo Myers (CHES) (Fall 0:48)

    113: Doug Waters (CHES) over David Maldonado (MERV) (Fall 2:39)

    120: Malik Hall (MERV) over Luke Stento (CHES) (TF 18-3 5:24)

    126: Aidan Torres (CHES) over Samuel Franco (MERV) (Fall 4:52)

    132: Aleksandar Pejovski (MERV) over Ethan Contreras (CHES) (Dec 7-3)

    138: Ethan Kaiser (CHES) over Anthony Rivera (MERV) (MD 12-0)

    145: Cade Johnson (CHES) over Adeleke Igabasanmi (MERV) (Fall 1:32)

    152: Brock Ellis (CHES) over Elijah Sandridge (MERV) (MD 14-4)

    160: Nick Winland (CHES) over Tyler Turner (MERV) (Fall 5:42)

    170: Gavin Layman (CHES) over Caleb Carter (MERV) (Fall 2:31)

    182: Khris Walton (MERV) over Shea Jackson (CHES) (Fall 5:10)


    Official: Tom Cooper

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