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Lawrenceburg vs. Union County

    Date: 12/07/2019
    Lawrenceburg 60
    Union County 15

    Bradley (L) over Clein (UC)

    Rowlett (L) over Tom (UC)

    Reffitt (UC) over Foster (L)

    Payne (L) over (UC) FFT

    Skaggs (UC) over (L) FFT

    Bamonte (L) pin Sharpe (UC)

    Winkleman (L) over (UC) FFT

    Hampton (UC) over Kinman (L)

    Walston (L) over (UC) FFT

    Bohan (L) over Johnson (UC)

    Bill (L) over Collett (UC)

    Roth (L) over Krom (UC)

    Conrad (L) over Takara (UC)

    Kinnard (L) over Edwards (UC)


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