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Frankfort vs. North Montgomery

    Date: 12/07/2019
    Frankfort 43
    North Montgomery 30

    138: James Ostler (FRKT) over Catie Campbell (NMON) (MD 17-6)

    145: Juan Campos (FRKT) over Guage Galloway (NMON) (Dec 10-4)

    152: Andric Mullinax (FRKT) over (NMON) (For.)

    160: Franzel Pozos (FRKT) over (NMON) (For.)

    170: Christian Matias (FRKT) over Todd Laffoo (NMON) (Fall 3:06)

    182: Dawson McCloud (NMON) over Vladimir Carreras (FRKT) (Fall 2:15)

    195: Jacob Braun (NMON) over Oliver Lopez (FRKT) (Fall 0:19)

    220: Drew Webster (NMON) over Diego Nava (FRKT) (Fall 3:17)

    285: Nick Rice (NMON) over Charlie Garcia (FRKT) (Fall 0:20)

    106: Armando Roa (FRKT) over (NMON) (For.)

    113: Elijah Anthony (FRKT) over Marrissa Moffit (NMON) (Fall 0:59)

    120: Braden Hall (NMON) over Emma Pillion (FRKT) (Fall 0:22)

    126: Josue Bautista (FRKT) over James McClerkim (NMON) (Dec 11-7)

    132: Marco Cruz (FRKT) over Will Campbell (NMON) (Dec 8-7)

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