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East Noble vs. New Haven

    Date: 11/20/2018
    East Noble 37
    New Haven 31

    East Noble v. New Haven 11/20/18

    106- East Noble: Aidan Sprague         WBFF                           New Haven: FF

    113- East Noble: Jaylen Belhumeur   WBFF                           New Haven: FF   

    120- East Noble: Grant Owens           WBFF                          New Haven: FF

    126- New Haven: Jeff Rondot             WBF        1:47            East Noble: Ethan Belhumeur

    132- New Haven: Cameron Mason    MajDec   10-3           East Noble: Walker Leamon

    138- East Noble: Adam Ledesma        MajDec  10-0            New Haven: Elijah Chacon

    145- East Noble: Tanner Stacy            WBF        0:44            New Haven: Camari Kirk

    152- East Noble: Garner Owens         WBF        0:46            New Haven: Joe Berkley

    160- East Noble: Jacob Graden           WBD       7-2              New Haven: Colton Junk

    170- New Haven: Dom Wesley           WBD        6-4             East Noble: Cole Schupback

    182- New Haven: Jacob Saylor            WBD       5-4              East Noble: Caden Conley

    195- New Haven: Adam Potter           WBF        0:59            East Noble: Brett Christian

    220- New Haven: Tristen Martz          WBD       20-12          East Noble: Spencer Pattee 

    285- New Haven: Caleb Falinez           WBF       3:01             East Noble: Noah Schooley

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