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Chesterton vs. Valparaiso

    Date: 01/09/2019
    Chesterton 58
    Valparaiso 15

    132: Ethan Kaiser (CHES) over Alex Bennet (VALP) (Fall 1:28) 138: Cade Johnson (CHES) over Jack Thursby (VALP) (Fall 3:03) 145: Nick Winland (CHES) over bryson nylin (VALP) (Fall 3:54) 152: Brock Ellis (CHES) over aiden pollitt (VALP) (TF 19-3 3:42) 160: Gavin Layman (CHES) over Dylan Kwitkowski (VALP) (TF 16-0 2:58) 170: colin kwitkowski (VALP) over Gage DeMarco (CHES) (Dec 11-9) 182: Evan Bates (CHES) over (VALP) (For.) 195: Corey Boren (CHES) over Colin Burge (VALP) (Fall 1:07) 220: Joseph Cioe (VALP) over Angel Hernandez (CHES) (Fall 0:36) 285: Steve Nelson (CHES) over Greyson Schenck (VALP) (Dec 4-1) 106: Luke Stento (CHES) over stefen vittello (VALP) (Dec 5-4) 113: j bengs (VALP) over Chris Merrill (CHES) (DQ) 120: Danny Tolin (CHES) over micheal sobeck (VALP) (Fall 0:22) 126: Ethan Mahaffey (CHES) over jack krouse (VALP) (Fall 1:59)

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