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Fort Wayne Snider vs. Concord

    Date: 12/08/2018
    Fort Wayne Snider 33
    Concord 25

    170- Clark (C) by fall over Rucklos (S) (2:21)

    182- Hawkins (S) by ff

    195- T. Swartz (S) by fall over Martinez (C) (1:04)

    220- Burnside (S) by fall over Thain (C) 2:12

    285- W. Swartz (S) by 3-1 dec. over Gonzalez (C)

    106- Ellis (S) by ff

    113- double forfeit

    120- Pfeiffer-Laguerre (C) by 13-5 md over Garcia (S)

    126- Yeater (C) by 7-5 dec. over Tippmann (S)

    132- Shelton (S) by 6-1 dec. over Bondorant (C)

    138- Daring (S) by 5-4 dec over Cross (C)

    145- Stockman (C) 14-8 dec. over I. Abels

    152- Welch (C) by fall over Mitchell (S) (:23)

    160- Sunday (C) by 7-2 dec, over Spencer (S)

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