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Northridge vs. Elkhart Central

    Date: 12/04/2018
    Northridge 54
    Elkhart Central 21

    182: Andrew Lockwood (NRID) over Carlos Ramos (ELKC) (Fall 0:00) 195: Ibrahim Khaoucha (NRID) over (ELKC) (For.) 220: Omar Khaoucha (NRID) over Sea Davis (ELKC) (Fall 0:00) 285: Rhent Addis (NRID) over Jacob Sommer (ELKC) (Fall 0:00) 106: Esperanza Esparza (ELKC) over (NRID) (For.) 113: Justin Puckett (NRID) over Sean Johnson (ELKC) (MD 13-3) 120: Evan Beasley (NRID) over Eric Garcia (ELKC) (Fall 0:00) 126: Collin Ruemler (NRID) over Brad Felder (ELKC) (TF 15-0 0:00) 132: Logan Hooley (NRID) over Jacob Hess (ELKC) (Dec 9-5) 138: Brant Blasko (NRID) over tony lopez (ELKC) (Fall 0:00) 145: Adam Hooley (NRID) over Devin Billings (ELKC) (Fall 0:00) 152: Nate Dibley (ELKC) over Oliver Eveler (NRID) (Fall 0:00) 160: Austin Garcia (ELKC) over Wyatt Simmons (NRID) (Dec 14-8) 170: Peyton Anderson (ELKC) over Tony Iniesta (NRID) (Fall 0:00)

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