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Wheeler vs Highland

    Date: 01/13/2021
    Wheeler 39
    Highland 18
    Wheeler vs. Highland

    285: John Mollencupp (WHEL) over Adam Efe (HIGH) (Fall 0:47)

    106: Olivia Makatura (WHEL) over (HIGH) (For.)

    113: Double Forfeit

    120: Double Forfeit

    126: Double Forfeit

    132: Nicholas Durall (WHEL) over Jack Nelson (HIGH) (Fall 1:48)

    138: Michael Bigham (WHEL) over (HIGH) (For.)

    145: Damian Ruoff (WHEL) over Julian Gray (HIGH) (Fall 3:52)

    152: Hunter Sopkowski (HIGH) over Troy Ribar (WHEL) (Fall 1:52)

    160: Jake Serafin (WHEL) over Anthony Gutekunst (HIGH) (Fall 0:44)

    170: Jesse Herrera (HIGH) over Hayden Price (WHEL) (Fall 1:08)

    182: Jackson Mollencupp (WHEL) over Joshua Hubbard (HIGH) (Dec 8-4)

    195: Double Forfeit

    220: Victor Davila (HIGH) over (WHEL) (For.)

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