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Garrett vs Fairfield

    Date: 12/05/2020
    Garrett 84
    Fairfield 0

    220 Merriman WBF over StumpFF

    285 Camp WBF over Stout FF

    106 Weimer FF

    113 Brady WBF over Keller FF

    120 McComb WBF over GarciaFF

    126 McMain WBF over Campbell FF

    132 McCormack FF

    138 Baker WBF over Yoder FF

    145 Wells FF

    152 Minnich FF

    160 Smith WBF over TemplemanFF

    170 William WBF over WilliamsFF

    182 Pelmear WBF over Schmucker FF

    195 O'Connor WBF over Johnson FF

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