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Richmond vs. Cambridge City Lincoln

    Date: 01/15/2019
    Richmond 43
    Cambridge City Lincoln 30

    106 FF (R) FF (CC)

    113 Parsons (R) over Stegner (CC) (fall 1:34)

    120 Maitland (R) over FF (CC)

    126 Sherwood (CC) over Guiley (R) (Fall 4:29)

    132 Brown (CC) over Hodapp (R) (Fall 1:09)

    138 McFarland (R) over Miller (CC) (12-4)

    145 Miles (CC) over Smith (R) (Fall 3:03)

    152 Sides (R) over Payne (CC) (Fall 4:33)

    160 Spicer (R) over FF (CC)

    170 West (CC) over Holguin (R) (Fall 3:05)

    182 Burden (R) over Flockhart (CC) (5-2)

    195 Pierce (R) over FF (CC)

    220 Jett (R) over FF (CC)

    285 Ahrens (CC) over FF (R)

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