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Knightstown vs. Cowan

    Date: 12/16/2017
    Knightstown 66
    Cowan 24

    106 Preston W. (C) over David Peck (K) Pin

    113 Thomas Sollars (K) FFT (C)

    120 Kaleb Buchanan (K) FFT (C)
    126 Jacob Hanna (K) FFT (C)

    132 Bruce Nichols (K) FFT (C)

    138 Nick Walsh (K) FFT (C)

    145 Collin Ferree (K) FFT (C)

    152 Kegan K (C) over Evan Nolen (K) Pin

    160 Ben Newby (K) FFT (C)

    170 Damarus (C) over Liam Orcutt (K) Pin

    182 Aiden Orcutt (K) over Tom S. (C) Pin

    195 Connor Brockman (K) FFT (C)

    220 Skylar Medlin (K) over Hunter B. (C) Pin

    HWT Burias Wisner (K) FFT (C)

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