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Knightstown vs. Cambridge City Lincoln

    Date: 12/09/2017
    Knightstown 66
    Cambridge City Lincoln 12

    106: Peck (K) over Colton S. (CCL) Fall

    113: Sollars (K) over Rodriguez (CCL) Fall

    120: Buchanan (K) over Payton (CCL) Fall

    126: Hanna (K) Over Josh M (CCL) Fall

    132: Brown (CCL) over Nichols (CCL) Fall

    138: Walsh (K) over Garrett S. (CCL) Fall

    145: Danny P. (CCL) over Ferree (K ) Fall

    152: Nolen (K) over Garza (CCL) 8-1

    160: Newby (K) FFT (CCL)
    170: Muncy (K) over Hancock (CCL) 13-6

    182: Simmons (K) over FFT (CCL)

    195: A. Orcutt (K) over Cameron G. (CCL) Fall

    220: Brockman (K) FFT (CCL)

    HWT: Wisner (K) over Ben A. (CCL) Fall

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