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Churubusco vs. Westview

    Date: 12/02/2017
    Churubusco 73
    Westview 6


    Busco 73 Westview 6

    152 Yoder (WV) pin Wood (CH)

    160 Sadjak 15-3 Wire (WV)

    170 Keener (Ch) FF(WV)

    182 Keener (CH) FF (WV)

    195 Debolt (CH) FF (WV)

    220 Wicker (CH) FF (WV)

    285 Rennaker (CH) pin Burr (WV)

    106 Prater (CH) pin Kohlheim (WV)

    113 Reister (CH) FF (WV)

    120 Graft (CH) 5-4 Mullett (WV) O.T.

    126 Heath (CH) Pin Chvillo (WV)

    132 Grey (CH) pin Pushme (WV)

    138 Parsons (CH) Pin Fenell (WV)

    145 Leazier (Ch) Pin Jones (WV)



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