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Hammond Gavit vs. East Chicago Central

    Date: 01/21/2018
    Hammond Gavit 49
    East Chicago Central 24

    106: Double FF

    113: R. Whitford(HG) over (EC) FF

    120: S. Allen(EC) over (HG) FF

    126: J. Simpson(HG) over L. Zavala(EC) 11-4

    132: E. Romo(EC) over J. Hiedenritter(HG) 2:58

    138: M. Underwood(HG) over D. Kinds(EC)TF 18-2(3:35)

    145: Z. Tyrka(HG) over J. Anderson(EC)TF 16-0(1:38)

    152: J. Standfield(EC) over (HG) FF

    160: N. Maravilla(HG) over G. Alvarez(EC) :58

    170: D. Ward(HG) over A. Ramirez(EC) 2:44

    182: J. Allen(HG) over (EC) FF

    195: J. Stepek(HG) over (EC) FF

    220: K. Hill(HG) over (EC) FF

    285: J. Martinez(EC) over C. Chapman(HG) 1:21

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