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Carmel vs. Hamilton Southeastern

    Date: 01/18/2018
    Carmel 36
    Hamilton Southeastern 27

    Carmel vs. HSE


    Varsity: 36-27


    JV: 69-15


    220 Kunkleman, Grae (HSE) defeats Van Beynan, Hawkin (Carmel) by regular decision 4-3


    285 Juggernaut (Carmel) defeats Shuey, Nathan (HSE) by regular decision 6-0


    106 Simone, Jake (HSE) defeats Chundi, Suhas (Carmel) by regular decision 4-3


    113 Shafer, Jake (Carmel) defeats Crousore, Sam (HSE) by regular decision 3-1


    120 Mattingly, Brendan (Carmel) defeats Variwaia, Akash (HSE) by fall at 1:07


    126 Holman, Kyle (Carmel) defeats LeMieux, Jacob (HSE) by fall at 1:45


    132 Forbes, Blake (HSE) defeats Campbell, Ryan (Carmel) by fall at 1:12


    138 Garcia, Jake (HSE) defeats Theriot, Joe (Carmel) by regular decision 6-1


    145 Sharp, Garrett (Carmel) defeats 5:06 Williams, Jackson (HSE) 


    152 Hiner, Ronan (HSE) defeats Davin, Gabe (Carmel) by regular decision 7-4


    160 Eiteljorge, Jack (Carmel) defeats Blake, Ethan (HSE) by fall at 3:28


    170 Sandu, Ranvir (HSE) defeats Frey, Nate (Carmel) by fall at 3:30


    182 Hart, Logan (Carmel) defeats Haehl, Konnor (HSE) by fall at 5:14


    195 Irick, Andrew (HSE) defeats Bacon, Cameron (Carmel) by regular decision 4-2

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