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Roncalli vs. Indianapolis Bishop Chatard

    Date: 01/13/2018
    Roncalli 72
    Indianapolis Bishop Chatard 12

    106:  Luke Aldrich (Roncalli) over Caden Jacoba (Indianapolis Bishop Chatard) (Fall 1:37)

    113:  Brayden Lowery (Roncalli) over Jackson Bolen (Indianapolis Bishop Chatard) (Fall 0:40)

    120:  Ryan Seymour (Indianapolis Bishop Chatard) over Sam Slivka (Roncalli) (Fall 2:47)

    126:  Alec Viduya (Roncalli) over Reid Seymour (Indianapolis Bishop Chatard) (Fall 3:23)

    132:  Patrick Condi (Roncalli) over Unknown (For.)

    138:  Brian Keeney (Roncalli) over Unknown (For.)

    145:  Hunter Miller (Roncalli) over Unknown (For.)

    152:  David Page (Roncalli) over Unknown (For.)

    160:  Trent Smith (Roncalli) over Demetrius Hedstrom (Indianapolis Bishop Chatard) (Fall 1:10)

    170:  Elijah Mahan (Roncalli) over Wyatt Schrader (Indianapolis Bishop Chatard) (Fall 1:15)

    182:  Lorenzo Salazar (Roncalli) over Unknown (For.)

    195:  Sam Hansen (Roncalli) over Unknown (For.)

    220:  Spencer Fears (Roncalli) over Alex Geise (Indianapolis Bishop Chatard) (Fall 3:08)

    285:  Zach Evans (Indianapolis Bishop Chatard) over Davis Hall (Roncalli) (Fall 1:48)

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