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Angola vs. Churubusco

    Date: 12/05/2016
    Angola 49
    Churubusco 20

    170: Cody Pike (ANGO) over Trevor Kelley (CHUR) (Dec 7-5) 182: Scott Sutton (ANGO) over Jakob Spieth (CHUR) (Fall 0:56) 195: Clay Tinney (CHUR) over Alex McKee (ANGO) (Fall 2:59) 220: J.T Kilgore (CHUR) over Kevin Hartman (ANGO) (Fall 3:30) 285: Kaine Hartman (ANGO) over Reece Wicker (CHUR) (Fall 2:16) 106: Jett Boots (ANGO) over Cody Graft (CHUR) (Dec 10-8) 113: Trevor Marple (ANGO) over Korbyn Reister (CHUR) (Fall 3:15) 120: Colten Gulick (ANGO) over Mason Gray (CHUR) (Fall 3:26) 126: Zach Burrell (ANGO) over Branden Kolvoord (CHUR) (Fall 0:55) 132: Caleb Blake (CHUR) over Micah McCoy (ANGO) (MD 14-1) 138: Joe Leazier (CHUR) over Jayce Meyer (ANGO) (MD 10-2) 145: Andrew Boggess (CHUR) over Robert Letender (ANGO) (Dec 5-0) 152: Ryan Purkey (ANGO) over Sam Wood (CHUR) (Fall 2:41) 160: Bryan Sears (ANGO) over Nathaniel Keener (CHUR) (Fall 0:53)

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