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Churubusco vs. Angola

    Date: 12/04/2015
    Churubusco 42
    Angola 39

    106 Mason Gray (Churubusco) over Unknown (For.)

    113 Colten Gulick (Angola High School) over Bradlee Kolvoord (Churubusco) (Fall 1:00)

    120 Parker Michael (Angola High School) over Jason Elston (Churubusco) (Fall 3:29)

    126 Zach Burrell (Angola High School) over Brandt Parsons (Churubusco) (Fall 0:29)

    132 Jayce Meyer (Angola High School) over Joe Leazier (Churubusco) (Fall 0:12)

    138 Joe Esslinger (Churubusco) over Riley Spears (Angola High School) (Fall 0:07)

    145 John Lanam (Angola High School) over Cody Thomas (Churubusco) (Inj. [time])

    152 Ryan Purkey (Angola High School) over Tommy Wible (Churubusco) (Dec 5-4)

    160 Bryan Sears (Angola High School) over Jakob Spieth (Churubusco) (Fall 3:06)

    170 Caleb Partin (Churubusco) over Unknown (For.)

    182 Trevor Kelley (Churubusco) over Unknown (For.)

    195 Clay Tinney (Churubusco) over Unknown (For.)

    220 J.T Kilgore (Churubusco) over Unknown (For.)

    285 Joe Rennaker (Churubusco) over Unknown (For.)



    145 Exhibition: Mike Simmons (Angola High School) over Randy Johnson (Churubusco) (Dec 5-3)

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