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Found 20 results

  1. Beast Mode Wrestling is in need of a 15U 105.9 and 170.9. Also 7th-12th grade division 167.9 and HWT. Age cut off for 15U is 12/31/18. HWT has no max weight! HS wrestlers that were graduating seniors can wrestle in 7th-12th division as well. July 13th and 14th are competition dates. Weigh in Friday night 6:30-8. Takes place at Lansing Center in Lansing, Michigan. These weights are completely paid for. Top competition in the nation will be there! 175 dual teams competing! Contact me Head Coach Sam Ocampo asap at (574)-529-4382
  2. We're getting close to the best time of the year - the wrestling state tournament. Who are your picks for state champion locks? I don't want to put any undo pressure on these kids, but it is fun to discuss. I'm putting my locks as Cottey at 106, Moran at 113, Littell at 120 and Allred at 195.
  3. Yorktown Wrestling is taking a high school team to the great Pre-Season tournament below and is searching for a few more weight classes needed: 98, 113, 160, 220, and Heavyweight. If you are interested please reply for more information! This is a great tournament and experience to prepare for season! -------Iron Sharpens Iron-------- Columbus Day Duals in York, PA October 13-14, 2018 LARGEST Pre-Season Dual Meet Tournament in the Country-NCAA Out of Bounds Rules 88 teams on 44 mats Date: Saturday & Sunday, October 13-14, 2018 Location: York Expo Center 334 Carlisle Ave York, PA 17404 Division: High School (8th-12th grade) 3lb Weight Allowance Weight Class: 98 106 113 120 126 132 138 145 152 160 170 182 195 220 285
  4. Grand River Rumble Lansing MI. &Elite Athletic Club Dual Teams now forming! *July 13-15 *July 13th High School Team97, 102, 108, 117, 125, 138, 145, 155, 167, 187, 220, & Hwt. (297) *July 13th 9U Team40, 43, 46, 49, 52, 56, 60, 70, 75, 82, 92, & Hwt. (150) ** July 14th Individual Tournament * July 15th 15U Team75, 80, 85, 90, 95, 100, 105, 110, 120, 130, 140, & Hwt. (260) * July 15th 12U Team54, 58, 62, 66, 70, 74, 78, 82, 86, 91, 96, 101, 112, 125, & HWT (200) Contact: EliteAthleticClub@Comcast.net or 219-841-1906
  5. We will wrestle and play music on Tuesdays. I may even tell a joke or two. Enter in door 13 and the wrestling room is above the gym.
  6. I was bored on this fine Sunday, so I created a fantasy digest for a professional wrestling league. I understand that this probably wouldn't happen (at least any time soon) and it would take a near half-billion dollars to responsibly allocate resources, but with all of that aside, I just want to hear some responses on whether or not you would watch and/or invest in this league. Feel free to offer any other ideas. Just wondering what others would think about this. American Premier League (APL) “To breed competition and provide our fans and communities with the ultimate entertainment experience, and to do so in a way that is consistent with our values.” American Premier League Sport Folkstyle wrestling Founded August 20, 20xx Inaugural season 20xx Commissioner TBD No. of teams 32 Country United States Headquarters New York City Most recent champion(s) Most titles TV partner(s) CBS Fox NBC ESPN APL Access Telemundo Official website www.apl.com American Premier League (APL) is a professional wrestling organization consisting of thirty-two teams divided equally between the National Wrestling Conference (NWC) and the American Pro Conference (APC). The APL is the newest of the major professional sports leagues in the United States and Canada, and is the highest professional level of Folkstyle wrestling in the world. The APL’s 17-week regular season runs from mid-October to late February, with each team wrestling 16 duals with one bye week. Following the conclusion of the regular season, the postseason begins with an individual tournament series to determine the weight class champion, which runs concurrent to the team tournament series that will conclude with the World Finals to determine the overall team champion. The APL is governed by the Universal Federation for Professional Athletes, whose focus is to ensure the safety and fairness amongst teams and wrestlers. Weight classes The Universal Federation for Professional Athletes is the organization that regulates the APL. The UFPA has set 12 main weight classes that are currently open to professional competition, ranging from 118 lbs. to heavyweight, which is set at 285 lbs. A wrestler may go up or down from a weight at the start of the postseason if he has recorded at least four weigh-ins of the new weight during the regular season. On the day of a meet, a wrestler may only go up one weight from the weight class he has weighed in at. (Ex: Wrestler normally wrestles 134 lbs., but plans to wrestle 148 for dual, must weigh in at 142 or 148 to be able to wrestle that weight.) Only two wrestlers can weigh in per weight for a team. 118 – 126 – 134 – 142 – 148 – 155 – 163 – 170 – 184 – 197 – 235 – 285 Teams The APL consists of 32 clubs divided into two conferences of 16 teams in each. Each conference is divided into two divisions of eight clubs in each. During the regular season, each team is allowed a maximum of 36 wrestlers on its roster;[43] only 24 of these may be active (eligible to wrestle) on dual days. Each team can also have a 10-man practice squad separate from its main roster, but the practice squad may only be composed of players who were not active for at least nine duals in any of their seasons in the league. A wrestler can only be on a practice squad for a maximum of three seasons. Season format The APL season format consists of a four-week preseason, a seventeen-week regular season (each team wrestles 16 duals), and an eight-team single-elimination tournament culminating in the World Finals, the league's championship dual. Preseason The APL preseason begins with an intrasquad dual meet on each team to determine what wrestler will be awarded the starting job. Since a team is only allowed a maximum of three wrestlers per weight, a round-robin will be used by each team (privately) to determine the intrasquad competitors. Once the intrasquad meets conclude, the preseason continues the next week with a team competing in an exhibition dual against another team outside of their division. The third week of preseason will then see a team compete in an exhibition dual with a team who is in their division. The APL preseason will conclude with the Who’s #1 event to determine initial weight class rankings. A tournament committee will determine seeds based upon preseason record, head-to-head competition, and credentials (e.g.: Olympic, World, or NCAA champion). Regular Season The APL regular season is conducted over 17 weeks with sixteen duals and a bye week. Each team will compete in eight conference and non-conference duals, with at least four duals coming from their own division. Postseason The APL postseason begins with the individual tournament series to determine the official champion for each of the 12 weights. Individual Tournament Series Divisional Championship The divisional championship tournament is an “all-in” format. Each wrestler from all 32 teams automatically qualify for their division tournament. The tournament has an 8-man bracket with full wrestlebacks with seeding criteria based upon having at least one match toward their record, winning percentage, actual record, at least one matches toward division record and head-to-head competition. Only the top four places will move on to the conference championship. Conference Championship The conference championship tournament takes the top four finishers from each of its divisions and places them in an 8-man bracket with full wrestlebacks. Wrestlers will be paired based upon finish in division tournament (e.g.: champion wrestles fourth place finisher, runner-up wrestles third place finisher). Only the top seven places will move on to the individual world finals. World Finals The world championship tournament takes the top seven finishers from each conference and aligns them in a 16-man bracket with full wrestlebacks, only the top four will place. The conference champions and runners-up automatically secure the top four seeds with the champions taking #1 and #2 and runners-up garnering #3 and #4. The conference champions receive an automatic first round bye and move directly into the quarterfinals. For placement, all bronze matches will be conducted at the same time across four mats in increments of four. (e.g.: 118-142, 148-170, 184-285) For championship bouts, an introduction ceremony will take place with wrestlers being brought out along with coaches. The matches will be wrestled under a spotlight and will be followed by a post-match interview, then awards. Awards - Third and fourth place finishers will be introduced first, followed by runner-up, and then champion - Third and fourth place finishers will receive bronze medals and plaque along with team flag and coaches honored - Runner-up will receive a silver medal and plaque, along with team flag and coaches honored - Champion will receive a gold medal, championship belt, plaque, bouquet, and championship ring, along with team song played and coaches honored Team Tournament Series Divisional Championship The divisional championship will be awarded to the team who holds the best record in their division. The top six teams in each division will move on to the conference championship. Conference Championship The conference championship takes the top six teams from each division and places them in a 12-man bracket with the top four seeds earning a first-round bye. The tournament is single-elimination and all semi-finalists will advance to the World Finals. Champions will toggle the #1 and #2 seeds in the world tournament. Semi-final losers will wrestle for third/fourth place to help determine match pairings. World Finals The APL team championship will take the top four teams from each conference and place them in an 8-man bracket with no wrestlebacks. The finals will be conducted under a spotlight with team and starting lineup introductions. The match will be followed by awards. Awards - The runner-up team will be introduced first, championship team will follow - Runners-up will receive silver medals, a runner-up trophy, a plaque, along with their flag to be raised and coaches honored. - Champions will receive gold medals, a championship trophy, plaque, and rings, along with their flag to be raised, coaches honored, team song played, and a speech or tribute given by coaches and wrestlers. Year-End Awards Honors - All-APL Team - All-Conference Team - All-Division Team - All-Rookie Team - Iron League (compare to NFL Pro Bowl or MLB/NBA All-Star Team) Individual Awards - APL Finals Most Valuable Wrestler (Cael Sanderson Trophy) - APL Mental Attitude Award - APL Most Valuable Wrestler (John Smith Trophy) - Citizenship Award (J’Den Cox Trophy) - Coach of the Year (Dan Gable Trophy) - Iron League Most Valuable Wrestler (Robin Reed Trophy) - Most Improved Wrestler - Rookie of the Year (Jordan Burroughs Trophy) - Sportsmanship Award - Teammate of the Year (Nittany Lion Trophy) - Lifetime Achievement Award (Dave Schultz Trophy)
  7. Sign up now for Elite Athletic Club www.EliteAthleticClubLLC.com *Wrestling Schedule & Prices *Monday's 6pm-7:30pm 7th graders & below. 7:30pm-9pm 8th graders & above. *Tuesday's 6pm-7:30pm 7th graders & below. 7:30-pm-9pm 8th graders & above. *Thursday's 6pm-7:30pm 7th graders & below. 7:30pm-9pm 8th graders & above. *Friday's 6pm-7:30p 7th graders & below. 7:30pm-9pm 8th graders & above. *Drop in = $20 *Weekly = $40 *Month = $150 *Punch Card (travelers) = $150 *March/April/May Session = $300 *Travel Dual Team information also on our website - We are taking teams to Nuway Nationals (MI) April 6th & 7th - Southern Throne Myrtle Beach SC April 26TH - Grand River Rumble (MI) - & Summer Nationals (NJ)
  8. I've heard things about teams being able to switch over from fight shorts/shirts instead of singlets. Has this taken place yet? If not, is it going to take place, or is it still an idea? I know some summer duel teams have done it.
  9. “Elite Athletic Club” 2017 Nuway HS Summer National Champs, Pennway Fall Brawl Runner Ups – Middle School Summer Nationals 4th - & Looking to add some more hardware! WHEN: Saturday & Sunday -January 6-7, 2018 Division based on Wrestlers age as of December 31, 2017 State Residency Rules – Teams must consist or wrestlers from the same State based on Residency. 10U TEAM NEEDS - 66 - 90 - 100 - 105 - 115 - AND HWT 12U TEAM NEEDS - 64 - 115 - 125 -135 - 15U TEAM NEEDS - HWT
  10. If you haven't been to Elite Athletic Club - Come Check us out, Friday 7pm-9pm Free Practice as long as you have a current USAW wrestling card (must provide at practice) 2711 STATE ST. LAKE STATION IN, 46405 - 219-841-1906 www.EliteAthleticClubLLC.com
  11. Elite Athletic Club, NW Indiana's newest wrestling Academy 2711 STATE ST. LAKE STATION IN, 46405 219-841-1906 Taking Club sign ups now! Practices four days a week with dedicated coaches and smaller groups for hands on attention. The Club will be traveling all over and tournaments are now posted on the calendar page of our web site - www.EliteAthleticClubLLC.com Traveling Dual Teams forming for - Mountain Man Duals VA December 3rd (K-5th and 6th-8th) January 5th Nuway State Based National Duals Ft. Wayne IN (Three teams) March 24th Middle School National Duals IL (A and B Teams) Email is EliteAthleticClub@Comcast.net
  12. Cambria County Fall Brawl - We need High School members for this trip! Elite Athletic Club - Nuway Summer National Champs! High School Team HWT last spot!!! Travel to PA Friday 10/6/17 - Rental Van Est time 7hrs Stay together as a team! LARGE RENTAL HOME! New Gear Package - Singlet, Shirt, Shorts, & Bag Dual meet Saturday October 7th Individual. Format October 8th Head Home 7am October 9th Contact EliteAthleticClub@Comcast.net or www.EliteAthleticClubllc.com or 219-841-1906
  13. Elite Athletic Club needs a few wrestlers who want to compete in the Cambria County Fall Brawl!!! Cambria County Fall Brawl High School Team 102, 110, 117, 125, 135, 145, 155, 167, 182, 200, & HWT 6th Grade & Under Team 52, 57, 62, 68, 72, 77, 84, 88, 92, 102, 112, 125, & HWT Travel to PA Friday 10/6/17 - 8am via. Rental Van Est time 7hrs (this time 3 vans) Stay in a huge home with 16 Beds! Gear Package - Singlet, Shirt, Shorts, & Bag Dual meet Saturday October 7th Individual. Format October 8th Head Home 7am October 9th Contact EliteAthleticClub@Comcast.net
  14. Whether you are a coach, wrestler, current wrestling official, or want to become a wrestling official...this wrestling rules class is for you. It will help you prepare to take the NFHS licensing exam to become a licensed IHSAA wrestling official, or facilitate a more in-depth knowledge of the NFHS wrestling rules. Register to attend the 2017 IOA Wrestling Rules Class taught by IHSAA wrestling official Jeff McClane. This class will be taught at the International Medical Group office building (across from the Indianapolis Children's Museum) for five (5) consecutive Tuesdays from Sep 5th to Oct 3rd from 6 - 8 PM. This class is a deep dive into the NFHS wrestling rules exploring the letter and the spirit of the NFHS wrestling rules and is accompanied with practice quizzes consisting of questions from previous exams. See the attached class registration & course plan for further details. 2017 IOA Wrestling Rules Class Registration & Course Plan.pdf
  15. We need a 75 and 85 for our Middle School and Under dual team! Contact EliteAthleticClub@Comcast.net
  16. Elite Athletic Club - We still need 75, 85, and 90 weight classes to fill our 8th grade and under team. NUWAY SUMMER NATIONALS ATLANTIC CITY NJ CAMP @ HOBART HS 17TH-24TH with Mike Dehart the 17th and Wesley English, Kevin English, Brennan Cosgrove, Zac Johansen We depart for NJ the 24th and wrestle the 26th, 27th, and 28th and return home the 30th Contact EliteAthleticClub@Comcast.net or 219-841-1906
  17. The Panther Wrestling Club at North Central is looking for someone to run the elementary wrestling program. If interested, please contact Lou Silverman at 317-490-1507 or lsilverman126@att.net. The position does pay money! Lou Silverman
  18. Otterbein University, located just north of Columbus, Ohio, is set to begin its first season of competition in more than 40 years! Thanks to Head Coach Brent Rastetter, the program's resurrection is picking up serious momentum leading up to the start of the NCAA wrestling season. The schedule is set, the wrestlers are on campus, and the preparation has begun. Competing in the Ohio Athletic Conference, Otterbein University will be in the hunt for conference and national titles right from the start. Follow one of the country's newest wrestling programs and find out how you can be a part of history by clicking on the links below. We will post news and events in order to keep you updated as the season goes on! Good luck to everyone starting their seasons! Challenge yourselves, reach new heights, and embrace the grind! #CardyStyle Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/OtterbeinWrestling/?fref=ts Twitter: https://twitter.com/cardywrestling Recruit Questionnaire: http://otterbeincardinals.com/sports/2010/8/3/Gen_0803100318.aspx?id=50 Website: http://www.otterbeincardinals.com/index.aspx?path=wrestling&tab=wrestling
  19. Come join the crew as we talk about what we are looking forward to at state https://plus.google.com/u/1/events/cu879gtum5o4vlu6rcq223fq1ks
  20. I just wanted to say thank you to all of our coaches, parents, volunteers and wrestlers for a job well done with all of the great wrestling at Carmel High School this weekend! On Saturday we had wrestling mats from wall to wall with multiple tournaments running at the same time with great wrestling taking place at every level. We had the Varsity Triple Dual, freshman invite and and the future of Carmel High School wrestling at the Carmel Middle School city meet with Clay, Creekside, Carmel Middle and St. Maria Goretti getting down with a great middle school triple dual. Then on Sunday, everybody was right back at it that worked and wrestled saturday working their butts off for the CUSAWC Dan Nelson Folkstyle Open to much success! 300 plus youth wrestlers got started at 10am and finished up by 3pm in time for everyone to get home to watch the Colts beat the Broncos. 25 of our kids wrestled in this event plus one wrestler placed 4th at the tough Philo Electric Invitational. The future of Carmel wrestling is looking bright now that our youth program is getting bigger and better every week. I can’t believe how far the program has come in such a few short years with Coach P and McClurg and the rest of the staff getting it done and getting this sport heading in the right direction in Carmel. Those guys are definitely building an army! If you are looking for a place to train with quality workout partners and kick a$# coaching, this is the place. It won’t be long till we are competing with the big dogs as a state title contender year in and year out. I couldn’t be more proud to be part of this, keep up the great work coaches, wrestlers, parents and volunteers!
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