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Found 3 results

  1. Just a reminder, Purdue takes on Michigan State tonight in West Lafayette. And nobody would look on the college board to find out, just giving a reminder. Always good wrestling. I saw Hughes wasn't in the lineup for MSU. Is he redshirting? The Scholar might be there, (If wife lets him go).
  2. Mackey Mayhem tonight. Purdue vs #19 Northwestern. All season has been free, also tonight.
  3. Curious what people are thinking about Purdue. My thoughts on the 34-3 loss. 1. Iowa strategy is to wear your opponent done, then beat the crap out of them. And they did that. Purdue was competitive in the first period, but Iowa broke them down, and relentlessly posted takedown after takedown. 2. Tyler Kral looked decent and spared PU of the shut out. He sure looks a lot thicker. He's been hitting the weights. Could he give Streck a challenge next year. 3. Maybe related to the 1st post, but a lot of the PU wrestlers look gassed late in the match. I could see Ersland's frustration on his face. He wasn't happy with their fight. 4. Iowa is pretty good. Oklahoma State and Penn State have to be real good to be ahead of this team. 5. Best hope for future is Christian Brunner. He wrestled a good match. I don't mind seeing guys losing while being aggressive. He took a risk at then end and almost finished. Hope he keeps that up. 6. Biggest wrestling crowd Ive seen at Holloway. Of course probably because Iowa travels well. 7. Lydy hung tough against Gunther. Would of liked to see him take more shots. But see #4. I think hell be alright. 8. Im not seeing any ranked wrestlers from Purdue. I think fair to say another year with no All-Americans. 9. I like Alex Griffins effort. He's a kid that stuck with it and continues to improve and now is one of the Boilers best wrestlers. 10. Ersland has had some good recruits, and Im hoping these guys can step in next year. He's not doing bad, but I thought he would be able to get into the top 20 by his 3rd season.

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