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  1. 1. Cathedral 2. EMD 3. Warren Central 4. Perry Meridian 5. Carmel 6. Avon 7. Roncalli 8. Brownsburg
  2. What tournaments are giving pound allowances due to the weather?
  3. I've heard both of those. it's ashame he was a "tough thumb". I did see him at the schoolboy duals but he was just watching obviously
  4. whatever happened to Paul Matthews from perry meridian? had a pretty good junior year for the falcons, but never heard of him this past year.
  5. if a school is canceled and is unable to practice does the whole state receive a pound allowance or just the regionals that team participates in?
  6. he was up by I believe 8. then Rypel cradled him.
  7. will they be canceled? when will they let the teams know if so?
  8. could the #2 team in the state be Perry's JV team?? lol
  9. if I had to guess probably everyone on perry is!
  10. you sound stupid right now. just my OPINION.
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