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Everything posted by BeastMode#31

  1. How do you pick one over the other?( Forte vs. cash) They are nearly equal on fan votes. Co-Gorillas?
  2. In order to be Copper certified and coach at Folkstyle/freestyle state do you have to submit background check prior to attending the clinic on March 6? Www.themat.com states that coaches need to allow 7-10 days for background checks to be completed. Thanks
  3. I'm guessing RWA and Irish Wrestling club were the top two clubs
  4. I remember the blood time. I think it was Lytle's semifinal opponent, Chad Blacketer (from Pendleton), had blood all over his singlet from Lytle's wound. How tough are wrestlers?! If most high school kids sustained these types of injuries (Lytle, Harvey, Elijah Dunn, Conner James) they would be out for a month...wrestlers just wrap it up and immediately get back after it.
  5. Good stuff. Is this the same BD fan who used to cheer for Chamelon Porter? I remember the guy yelling "GIVE HIM HIS MONEY!" Over and over as Porter was finishing a takedown. Gotta love the passionate wrestling fans.
  6. You're preachin to the choir, big guy.
  7. Wow....extremely high level of wrestling by these two. I understand why some guys get to the finals and wrestle conservatively or just wrestle not to lose, but these guys did the opposite and opened up and went after it. Hats off to them.
  8. Most/loudest Boos I have ever heard were when the last BD Giant to win a state title (x2) was wrestling. Cameron Smith, arguably the best athlete to ever step foot on a wrestling mat in Indiana, was known for "getting injured" frequently. The crowd voiced their displeasure, but he still took home the hardware a couple times. This was in the early 90's....so here we are 20+ years later and people are still booing high school kids. Unfortunately, some things are never gonna change.
  9. Justdoit135- great post. I pulled the same thing in an offseason tourney one time. My high school assistant coach, who I greatly respected, came over to me on the side of the mat (as I was gasping for air like a fish out of water) and when he realized I wasnt hurt he got in my face and told me to get on the mat and that I wasnt going to do that stunt again. It made a big impact coming from my own coach...he valued the integrity of the sport over winning a few matches the wrong way. In hindsight the 2-3 packs per day that I secondhand smoked probably didnt help my conditioning either.
  10. Per FSN website they are replaying finals a couple times. Monday, February 23 8 p.m. High School Sports: IHSAA Indiana High School Wrestling Championships R 2/21 Friday, February 27 9 a.m. High School Sports: IHSAA Indiana High School Wrestling Championships R 2/21
  11. I think he made believers out of a lot of people the last few weeks, myself included. He was very classy/composed after a controversial ending in semi-final match....he is mature well beyond his age.
  12. Need to send a couple Merrillville schools to FWSS to even things out.
  13. Congrats to Hudkins on a great tourney. My son asked me this morning, "Remember that guy at the championships that asked the girl to go to prom?" haha...great post-match interview- gave a well-deserved compliment to his tough finals opponent and then popped the question...seems like a neat young man.
  14. Congrats to both wrestlers on a great tourney. Rypel is a killer combination of athleticism, work ethic, and heart....look out!
  15. Reitz up a couple weight classes which is hard to do. Stevenson battling injuries. Konrath, James, and Oglesby battled hard and went down swinging for sure. Testament to the depth and quality of the tourney this year and certainly not a lack of effort/skill/determination on these guys parts. Each one of them battled til the end.
  16. What a performance! He should be proud....you can't always control the outcome, but you can control the effort. No doubt he gave max effort. Awesome job Ethan!
  17. That Briggeman kid would be a good choice...not too sure about his dad, but the kid is a class act. Seriously- nice tourney run, you should be very proud.
  18. Need to make an exception this year
  19. C'mon man It's no wonder why the wrestlers wear headphones.
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