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Everything posted by BeastMode#31

  1. Does anyone know the scheduled matchups by round for this meet? I want to catch the Cathedral Warren dual. Thanks.
  2. Watching state championship game thinking...can anyone stop this CG running back and sure enough here comes Woods with a great tackle.
  3. Awesome. Congrats Blake and family.
  4. Nma3511- got any rationale/stats for your choice at 152 or just a gut feeling? Looks like a very competitive weight.
  5. Haha...I understand. Is Vince H. in High School yet? I though Matt said he was in 7th or 8th last time I saw him (year or two ago). Just curious...the meets are always a little more fun to watch when you have someone to root for.
  6. Blue monster- I also have January 13th on my calendar -- great North/South rivalry. What grade is your son? He's not in HS yet is he?
  7. Definitely want to see WC cathedral dual but I'm out of town for team state. Surprised I can't find their schedule on the school or club website. Also, I didn't see Warren on Cathedrals schedule. Saw the New Pal meet which should have some good matchups.
  8. Can someone post their schedule? Would like to go see this loaded team in action. Thanks.
  9. Coach, My heart aches for you and Levi's family and friends. I will be praying for peace and comfort during this extremely difficult time for the Shenendoah community.
  10. Anybody know Warrens schedule? Would like to watch this loaded team wrestle but cant find their 2015-2016 schedule. Thanks.
  11. Anymore it seems like most weight classes are loaded at state - a testament to the high quality of wrestling in Indiana. I didnt know Sandefer started at Penn
  12. Thoughts and prayers are with you coach.
  13. I agree Perry will keep on rolling. They have a slew of great wrestlers coming up and the internal list of potential replacement candidates is impressive; Howie Cottie Sean Richardson Austin Elliott Lewis Warren Matt Hickey Matt Schoettle Who are external applicants?
  14. I think you may be underestimating the son's athletic ability. He started as a Soph at another 6A school and it is my understanding he broke a few records. Even though Perry is not a football powerhouse they play some stout 6A competition. I have never seen him play football, but it wouldn't surprise me to see him starting at Warren next year. At any rate, good luck to the Tontes...the southside won't be the same without them.
  15. Warren is a contender for sure. The coaching staff is top notch and the athletes at Warren aren't bad either! Coach Tonte or Tristan Tonte transferring? The transfer would definitely help Tristan's college football aspirations of playing at Oregon. Good luck to him wherever he ends up.
  16. Copper Clinic Posted on ISWA.com yesterday, if anyone besides me is interested. This Friday Nick Hull, ISWA’s RTC Director will be leading the Folkstyle State’s Annual Copper Clinic. The cost is $40 and will be held on-site at Ben Davis High School. Registration is 6:30pm-7:00pm. Clinic time is 7pm-9pm. Cash or credit card will be accepted.
  17. Any updates on the clinic Friday? Thanks
  18. Thanks Coach Hull and Coach Slaymon, Per ISWA flyer there is a clinic on March 6. Can you confirm there is still a 2 hour clinic on Friday, March 6 at BD prior to Folkstyle State? Or have the new requirements ("Length of course – 6 hours (will be no mention of an “abbreviated” course for any reason)") already started? Thanks for your time.
  19. Anyone have any info on this? Coach Hull I am looking in your direction. I would like to coach some little guys at Folkstyle state. Thanks.
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