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Everything posted by BeastMode#31

  1. #actlikeyouvebeentherebefore Seriously though -- congrats to BBurg and Snyder and Fabio on a well-earned championship.
  2. M109- you are correct, Cathedral did not have Stewart or Guhl when they faced Avon/Warren/Bellmont.
  3. Where are Mitch Robb and Joey Coffee when you need them?
  4. Uh oh...the wrestler is down by 2%! We need some votes!
  5. Fabio and/or Snyder- Do you think you could build a competitive program with your system at a small school?
  6. Coach Snyder- The problem is your philosophy requires a lot of time and hard work.
  7. Coach Snyder- Thanks for sharing yourcoaching philosophy -- really good stuff that shows why you have had success early and often. It is my opinion that these tenets could be applied at anys school in the state (regardless of enrollment) and success would follow.
  8. Or you could skip all the hard work and just class the sport...
  9. Iu 89- i was referring to Lees back up regarding th not pinning/teching remark
  10. Ok Markio- Mater Dei is losing 2-6 team points in every dual at team state that Nick Lee is not in the lineup. Do you think that is entirely true? No disrespect to Lees back up -- I dont see him pinning/teching the field though.
  11. Because they are Mater Dei. Their top guys always get bonus points and their less experienced guys rarely give up bonus points. However, they are losing a guaranteed 5-6 team points every meet they dont have Nick Lee in the lineup.
  12. Beck from Mishawaka in the state championship match
  13. Thanks for the info. Glad to hear the inj.def. was not a serious issue. Hope he bounces back soon.
  14. Any info on the battle at 106? Two tough ones going at it and I saw the inj.def result.
  15. Hate to hear that. I wish him a speedy recovery.
  16. Why isnt he wrestling? If this is a personal issue I apologize for asking.
  17. Go ahead and give us the details of what happened at Cathedral...
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