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  1. 1952 Big 10 wrestling champion from Purdue recently passed away. He was the wrestling coach and Biology teacher at my high school TF North in Calumet City, Illinois. He was a great teacher and beloved as a coach. Recently though long overdue the wrestling room was dedicated to him. I am sure like many coaches he made a huge impact on his wrestlers life. Heaven forbid if you were of Mexican descent and didn't come out for the team. If you didn't play football he had you out for the Cross Country team to stay in shape. Though he coached in Illinois with his Purdue backround I wanted to add this here. As an aside I did not wrestle in high school.
  2. My son had the privilege of representing the USA in the Maccabiah games in 2013. Luckily for him the competition at heavyweight was a little less than the other weights. It was a competitive team. An ALL American from Brown, Greco US team member , Other D1 or former D1 wrestlers, 2 x state champ from Ohio . They were coached by former All American from Cornell. It was a more than wonderful 28 day experience in Israel for him. If you are Jewish or have Jewish wrestler on your team please show this to him. Tryouts for the last few cycles were in the Cleveland area and I imagine they will be there again so it is rather convenient for Indiana residents. If any one has any questions please feel free to contact me.
  3. What a poor showing today against Penn State. What happened with Tsirtsis,tech fall or major to Retherford.
  4. Isn't Streck a four timer?
  5. While watching part 2 all I could think of was how I finally understood why the Olympic committee wanted to drop wrestling.The scoring and officiating was terrible. The scare from dropping the sport forced those in charge to finally get at least some of those problems addressed.
  6. At this point is wrestling going to to the schools with the best RTC ?It probably does pretty much anyway. You might as well have have a 10-12 team D-I and let everyone else start a different division.It pretty much is that anyway.
  7. I really hated to read this being a Northwestern fan. The only thing I can think of is Howe getting him to Oklahoma with the Hanover Central thing. Grade wise Micic can go any where.
  8. That's great capacity wise. Just curious if Michigan CIty has the "infrastructure to pull this off. I know Merrillville has a lot of people working the Semi State. I guess as I write Michigan CIty seems to handle the basketball Regional well.
  9. I know the concern is how Mitch Sliga is doing on the mat but I just saw that he made Academic All Big Ten. Ultimately that is what it is all about. Congratulations
  10. To make a short story long my son is taking a medical redshirt year at Baldwin-Wallace U in Ohio. Due to the wonders of the internet I can watch his team's meet live online .On of the wrestlers Jesse Gunter is a returning D III All American. He is also blind. Now whether people like wrestling, the sport and its participants are usually highly respected particularly other athletes. Yet as tough as it is people of all weights and sizes can participate. Blind athletes can can compete and excel on an equal level. Women can wrestle against men. A wrestler born without one leg can turn that into essentially an advantage and win a national championship. It is reasons like this that make me glad my son got involved with this wonderful sport and "dragged " me along into it.
  11. He along with Tsirtsis did not look good against Illinois.
  12. jbburn12


    The Laporte Super duals are nice in concept but for the last few years several teams did not send or maybe even have close to full squads. I think they have to work harder in getting teams that can send full or close to full squads. I am not against teams that are struggling to get the programs back on track to have a venue but I there were too many at LP this year.
  13. I REALLY wanted to like this movie but it was just so so. I mean it was about wrestling and that was fun. Seeing some familiar faces on the big screen was nice. Steve Carell (sp?) lost himself in the part. If you didn't know he was who he was you would almost never be able to tell until the credits. To my untrained eye Tatum did a creditable job in the wrestling portions. I liked it, I just wanted to like it more. Still I would support virtually any movie about wrestling. I think anyone involved with wrestling during the Schultz/DuPont days might find the story more fascinating than I did. However you come to the movie the whole thing was a tragedy nonetheless . I did see Hammer on Netflix and enjoyed that very much. I suppose its like comparing Rocky with Schindler's List as to how you feel when the movie is over.
  14. There is a nice college D2/ D3 super dual at Manchester College this weekend. Don't have the line up but went last year and saw some nice wrestling.
  15. Pariano isn't afraid to pull a redshirt midway through a season. Did that with Berkowtz a couple of years ago and I am sorry i can't remember his name from Crown Point. A 184 to fill in a Heavy. I don't think it was a career enhancer for him. I am a Northwestern fan but I hate to see a redshirt pulled midway in a season.
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