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Everything posted by ILUV2PIN


    Walkout songs for state finals?

    I am all for this! I think it would be pretty awesome to see what kids would pick to come out to and would certainly entertain us during the intros. If high school baseball players can do it, why not high school wrestlers?!?

    Not eating

    He probably meant starchy carbs like potatoes, rice, pasta, or bread.
  3. Cumberlands is going to keep owning the NAIA 125lb weight class for the next few years. 😎
  4. I hate IU everything but can't help think that Angel is racking up some big dogs in his first recruiting class! Good for the Hoosiers! But as always, GO BLUE!

    Best looking coaching staff in the state

    C'mon Poppe, that last picture of Mason does not show his current hair style, or lack thereof. 😁

    Colton Cummings

    Ummmmm I think he wants to know how one of Indiana's best wrestlers is doing at the next level? Didn't realize a point was trying to be made here.....

    class wrestling

    Ok. Case closed.

    On this day 1985-Big Match

    RIP to the "Coach!" Can't forget how defend against double chicken wings!

    Best Weight Ever?

    I have a bias because of my brother. But 106 in 2012 & 106 in 2013 were pretty stacked weight classes when you consider how many state titles those guys ended up winning. Plus a bunch of those guys are still kicking butt and competing in college.
  10. ILUV2PIN

    Define OW

    Still over here waiting for the finals matches to be on a random draw. Poor big boys don't have nearly the amount of people watching when 11:00 pm on a Saturday rolls around.....
  11. ILUV2PIN

    Year round wrestling hurting the sport?

    I only have one knock on year round wrestling. Leadership skills are lost through the process (FOR THE MOST PART). It is the fact that year-round wrestling integrates a singular mindset into that wrestler, meaning they only care about their performance and not too much about their teammates' performance. Dedicating all of the hard work in the off season to their own skills sort of creates a mindset of "ONLY ME & MY WRESTLING MATTERS!" I feel that this then limits the leadership skills of these wrestlers who should be able to lead their teams during the season. I've seen this first hand at many of the programs I've been involved with. It isn't a huge or terrible deal that these guys aren't necessarily the best leaders of their teams, I just kind of get let down when the best wrestlers in the room only care about themselves and not the overall betterment of the squad.
  12. ILUV2PIN

    IndianaMat Poster Hall of Fame

    What ever happened to Ancient Elder?
  13. ILUV2PIN

    IndianaMat Poster Hall of Fame

    You're def on that list Fabio.. I know you're gonna have yourself a busy state weekend both for your team and Indianamat duties!
  14. ILUV2PIN

    IndianaMat Poster Hall of Fame

    I would say anyone from the boards who gets front row media seats saved for them during state weekend should be in the HoF. Those people tend to be the most important and vital for this website.
  15. Would be very surprised if Garrett didn't end up winning the tourney.
  16. Agreed! West Point creating a nice little pipeline there in Yorktown.
  17. ILUV2PIN

    Extra training Forbidden?

    Let's be real with ourselves here, Coach Tonte and the other highly successful teacher/coaches are the exception, not the rule. I keep thinking of all the non-powerhouse schools that produced state champs. I'm almost certain that those kids who ended up being state champs at their mediocre program had stellar off-season/academy coaching which helped catapult them to success. I think it could go either way. Think of it this way; a kid who has Michael Jordan as their coach will have no need to go to anyone else for coaching, since you have the BEST at hand. BUT those who don't have Michael Jordan as their coach have to go elsewhere to get better.
  18. Trent, Just want to give a big thank you for everything you have done for wrestling in the state of Indiana, as well as allowing me to begin my own coaching career. The three seasons I spent coaching at Yorktown were a great experience where I truly learned how to be an effective coach and mentor in this great sport. Congrats on a great career and I'll be seeing you at Semi-State in February! Logan Lee
  19. Wow, didn't fully realize BB is that loaded this year! Crazy stuff when you think about teams past. Crown Point's 09' team was straight up stacked from what I remember. Not much happening at the next level with that group though, save for Tsirtsis's natty title.
  20. ILUV2PIN

    Football vs Wrestling....risk/reward

    On a side note: one thing that ticks me off are those wrestling coaches who wish for their school's varsity football team to lose in the playoffs so that they can get their wrestlers back. I've always viewed that as selfish and out of good character.
  21. ILUV2PIN

    Coyte Cooper TEDx Talk

    Anyone know what his PhD is in?
  22. I've had this conversation a few times with some very knowledgable wrestling people. I guess I'm just curious to know how good of a chance Riley Lefever would have to be a stud at the Division-I level of wrestling? We all know he has an awesome set of skills for a bigger wrestler and dominates at his level. But I'm curious to know how well his current skill set would translate to the D-I level. Obviously this is all hypothetical, but I would love some insight from my fellow wrestling fans.
  23. ILUV2PIN

    Darrion Caldwell?

    Good. I hope he wins the title this year at 149. After the match with Metcalf, he is by far my favorite college wrestler to follow and watch. That is, if I ever get to watch him wrestle.

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