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  1. Greg Wagner- Ft Wayne Snider wrestled for michigan was an all american
  2. So your saying that a team such as Indian Creek who placed 5th at sectional and were very close to winning the coaches trophy and if they would have won that they would deserve the team state championship? That is crazy...that doesnt make them the best team they just had 3 very good wrestlers not the best TEAM. Not taking anything away from IC, but they wouldnt have deserved a TEAM state championship. I wrestled in the individual state tournament 3 times and in the team state tournament 4 times and I would much rather wrestle at team state than individual state. You are with your team not jus
  3. I never said that Yorktown beat Bellmont by 30.....either way it will be much closer this time around should be fun to watch.
  4. Tim Myers wrestled for IU and is now an assistant at Bellmont.
  5. I would say Blanton over Binion or Goldman over Stevenson were much bigger upsets
  6. There are 3 spots for the first place pick at 125
  7. I have been coached by John since I was 4 years old. One of the most knowledgeable men ive ever met. A HUGE reason for the success of bellmont wrestling for all of these years. The Friedt family is in my thoughts and prayers.
  8. 11 champs from the Merrillville SS? Hmmmmmmm i wonder what area of the state your from... ??? ??? ???
  9. keuneke, faurote, mahlan, hankenson, baker, thatcher, and meyer.....i know schwartz, walburn and roe won for AC....not sure about SA
  10. Bellmont goes 7 for 7 in the ticket round....great job braves!!
  11. Echartea won his ticket round match...not sure of the score though
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