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  1. Maybe MD was a lil bit over rated huh? i mean i think over all new castle was defiantly toughest this year. don't think MD can hang with Perry or CP this year they are just to solid all around and have the big guns.
  2. dont rele understand how ferrell is ahead of venizia bc he has already beat him this year.
  3. Price Tech falled phillps in freestyle at the perry turny and he also beat him another time in freestyle
  4. don't understand your 112 price convincingly handled sparks and newkrik last week it was pretty bad in the finals
  5. this is bc i think that 112 was a way harder weightclass then 103 and getting 5th at that is more credible then getting 2nd at 103 in my opinion. I mean Todd is a 2 time state Qualifier and a placer when he is going up against the best kids he has always been in the tough class so that probable why he is ahead.
  6. u can just go to sectional brackets on indianamat
  7. what are the rankings of all the kids in each of the weight classes do u kno?
  8. i just wen to it couldn't find it only could find last years one
  9. Ya but did Cutlers face look like he was in pain? NO he looked like his pride was injured not his leg and he knew that he wasn't going to be able to lead his team to a victory so he might as well sit the game out
  10. cutler is a joke he is so soft too he went out the whole second half and he was walking fine
  11. NorthWest's 215 is real tough he pinned Benard from Cathedral at city can't believe he isnt ranked im pretty sure he is undefeated.
  12. Just wanted to say thanks for trying hard in that game. Its ok that the Packers are going to the Super Bowl i mean we all knew it was going to happen. And maybe you should just keep waiting what another year to get another Super Bowl bc the PACK is getting it this year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. ya neither of them are any good and chicago is where QB's go to end their career
  14. 31 for 36, 366 yards 3 passing TD's and one Running i think Aaron Rodgers has the bears under control for sure. and the PACKERS ARE GOING TO THE SUPERBOWL BABY!!!!!
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