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  1. Those dvd's are of the finals. The point I was trying to make was of a highlight video of Friday and Saturday. A video that would not only promote the tournament, but also allows people to look back on. Every year Minnesota puts together an awesome video of their state tournament. Not only does that video show the most memorable moments of that specific state finals, it also promotes their state.
  2. Also consider the size of the schools, the number of students around central Indiana, and the northwestern portion of the state. The majority of schools that go to the New Castle semi-state and Merrillville semi-state have larger student bodies which in itself presents the opportunity and possibility to have more wrestlers. When you have the numbers that those schools have, you have a larger selection of kids who could be successful. For as many smaller schools that the Fort Wayne Semi-State has, it holds its own fairly well.
  3. A lot of other states have highlight videos of their state finals; what would it take to make this possible for Indiana?
  4. Inspiring and touching story about Peru senior Jacob Eckerley.
  5. I wouldnt say Kokomo is the favoritel, even when they had their kids in the line up they still didn't look all that tough. At Peru's super 8 Kokomo barely won against Oakhill and Angola when Peu lost maybe 8 matches in the two duals against them combined, Peru didn't match up well against Kokomo and I don't see Coach Hobbs letting that happen next time they wrestle
  6. They are loading correctly now
  7. I dont understand what the problem is we've looked on 4 laptops and 2 of them have them right and 2 of them still list 126
  8. No; the rankings for 26 are also listed at 20, so basically i guess they dont exist anymore?
  9. 100% just looked again they are one in the same
  10. I think 120 has 126's rankings
  11. Tonight, Friday February 4th Trine hosts Manchester at 7 p.m.
  12. I have a black pair that might have been worn 10x's that are signed by Joe Williams, Mo Lowal, Brandon Slay, Eric Guerrero, Rulon, And Cael that I'd sell if your looking to buy a pair of them
  13. Gotta go with the Asic 54's then the original rulon's or Sydney 200's
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