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  1. East Chicago Central has an opening for head coach after Ricardo Garcia resigned to move to another school last week.
  2. Correct. It was always a great event. The Times is down to about five full-timers in sports, only two of which are solely reporters. The Times also walked away from covering all Illinois schools except the Thornton Fractional schools. The Sun-Times would be an outside shot, mainly because they own the Post-Tribune and now technically cover both sides of the border. A non-newspaper might be the best bet still. Maybe RWA or someone can set it up. Obviously more easily said than done.
  3. WHAT-IFS: Griffith -- Reitz and the Champagnes Lowell -- Cummings, Tucker, Hughes Merrillville -- Covaciu, B Steveson, G Steveson, Streck #BrinksTruck
  4. Oops. That's why I don't gamble. Congrats on a great day and a runaway team title by Warren Central.
  5. The 152 finals are about to start, and you will see a title tic-tac-toe out of the ECSS.
  6. Awesome, awesome match. There are about 12,000 of us who can say we were there, and it was worth all the hype. In a small and big scope, it was a hell of a ride for CJ_Red.
  7. The second Samuels (from Lawrence North, not The Old Testament) has a nice list of accomplishments, but he might have to wait a year to add IHSAA champ to that list. Shawn wats this now, he wants it fast, and he wants people to stick around to see it.
  8. The vacuum cleaner vs all the sequins and glitter that fell off the warmup pants during introductions.
  9. Reitz's sole loss of the 2014 state title campaign was to Hildy as well. Ought to be a great one nonetheless.
  10. Ten from ECSS in finals. Nine of those are Region kids.
  11. Power Half. Saw him on the southwest side of town getting a "Power Half" neck tat.
  12. GREAT thread, 60 degrees in Da Region today, a feel-good Friday indeed. Good luck to all corners of the state tonight and tomorrow. Let's let the hardware fall where it may.
  13. Also for Merrillville (lost Big 12 shootout 56-38 in regional to Penn) the younger Streck (SQ @220) beat out some upperclassmen to start at RT all season. Shawn is the school's all-time leader in sacks. Covaciu was a kicker as a freshman, too. Penn 195 Vakalahi also played RB.
  14. Very solid predictions. Only major changes I'd have at a glance are Gibbs winning 182 and Highland's Garcia taking runner-up at 220. Torres-De La Pena Part IV should be the gem of the day by far.
  15. For sectionals, EC can fit three mats across WITH the lower-bowl basketball bleachers all the way out. The nationally ranked seating capacity is listed at around 8,300, so even if all the hoops bleachers were pushed all the way in (I'm guessing they just push one side in so as to maintain the PA/press tables) and 4-6 mats laid out, we're still talking much more capacity than LC or Merrillville at full no-mat/basketball strength. Fire Marshall Bill will have no beef here. Agree with indianmorg that it's not the Bahamas in terms of desirable entertainment/shopping spots, especially hotels (nor
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