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  1. ISWA Women's State coming up quickly. EVERYONE get registered now. We are having the University of the Cumberlands Women's Team there to hold a clinic! This will be a great event!! Held with the Indy Nationals. Registration open for Pre-K through HS!! http://www.iswa.com/wp-content/uploads/2014-GIRLS-FOLKSTYLE-STATE-WEB.pdf
  2. strub1

    Do colleges recognize girl wrestlers?

    With women's college wrestling going NAIA next year, we look for more and more colleges to add women's wrestling. The last several years, it has been 1-2 per year adding, but it is more at the 2-3 per year rate. Events are starting to happen at the college level during the same weekends, which means there are plenty of teams to fill the multiple events. This is what I tell and 'preach' over and over to everyone that asks or has a a women involved in wrestling. I tell them that they need to get out there and wrestle as many women events as they can find. Getting the video together and contacting the coaches is great, but all of the coaches want to see them wrestling the big events!! They have no way to gauge them by watching them wrestler against boys, especially in weights above 113. Of course, those that are getting noticed by colleges are the HS age women wrestlers. The need to go to women's events in their state, Folkstyle nationals in OKC, FILA Nationals in Florida, and Cadet/Junior Nationals at Fargo. College women wrestling is Freestyle, so coaches want to see them wrestle Freestyle and Folkstyle. They want to see a long list of events on their resume. Placing at every event is not crucial, it is the time, effort, and drive to want to compete in all of these events that will set them apart and get them notice by college coaches. I am working with our most local college women's teams, Cumberlands and Campbellsville, to be here for the ISWA state events in 2014. You will get a one on one chance to talk to the women's coaches there in your home state. A new program is starting at Eastern Michigan University next year and that college coach is coming down to the War of the Roses women's tournament at East Central in March. Any questions, please ask. Darren Strub ISWA Women's Wrestling Director 513-375-4903
  3. strub1

    College commitment

    Great!! The more programs the better for every women wrestler, especially when they are getting closer and closer to Indiana. Hope to get an IN college interested in starting a women's program in the next couple years!! Hope to have Makayla wrestle in as many women's events as possible this year. The OKC will have her wrestling side by side with the college women next March. Darren Strub, IN Women's Director
  4. All, The preseason rankings for the 2013-14 women's college season are out. Two IN women rank very high: Sarah Hildebrandt from Penn HS and now at King College is ranked #1 at 123 lbs. Demi Strub from East Central HS and now at Oklahoma City University is ranked #3 at 155 lbs. Gibby Paxton is a freshman at the University of the Cumberlands (109 lbs.?) and missed an early ranking, but will be ranked later in the season. The complete rankings and team rankings story is here on themat.com: http://themat.com/section.php?section_id=3&page=showarticle&ArticleID=27034
  5. EAST CENTRAL FOLKSTYLE OPEN & WOMEN’S FOLKSTYLE OPEN Sunday, March 3, 2013 LOCATION East Central High School 1 Trojan Place, St. Leon IN 47012 From I-74 (East or West) Go South on State Road 1, Right at Schuman Road, Right into High School. Enter at Field house Door #17 by the Softball Field ***This tournament is an Official Ohio Tournament of Champions Qualifier*** CONTACT Darren Strub Phone: 513-375-4903—Email: darrenstru@aol.com SANCTION - RULES - ELIGIBILITY Round Robin Bracketing to be used. All wrestlers will get 3-6 matches. See page preceding tournament ads for additional info. ENTRY FEE $12.00 per wrestler for Folkstyle Open ($10 Pre-Reg on Trackwrestling) $25.00 per wrestler for Women’s Open* ($20 Pre-Reg on Trackwrestling) *Women may enter both tournaments at same cost, contact Darren Strub if registering same women wrestler through Trackwrestling for both tourneys. AGE DIVISIONS Folkstyle Open: PEE-WEE— JUNIOR Women’s Open: All Age Divisions PRE-REGISTRATION, REGISTRATION & WEIGH-INS ***Pre-Register through Trackwrestling through Saturday 3/2 12noon ET*** Contact Darren Strub for Registration & Weigh-In forms and information. EMAIL: Send email forms by 12 Noon Saturday, March 2nd ON-SITE: Sunday morning 3/3 from 7:00 to 8:30 a.m. Team Check–ins and Skin checks 7-8:30 Registration closes at 8:15am (Folkstyle Open), 9am (Women’s Open) TOURNAMENT START TIME 10:00 a.m. EST—All age groups and Women’s Open AWARDS Folkstyle Open: Medals for 1st—2nd—3rd places & Ribbons for 4th—5th—6th Women’s Open: Medals to the Top 4 places in each bracket SPECTATOR FEE $5.00-Adult, $3.00-Children, $10.00-Family ADDITIONAL INFORMATION Cooler Fee: $5.00 Concessions available Jim’s Wrestling Supply will be on-site offering equipment for sale. Out-of-State Wrestlers Welcome An additional $2.00 fee will be charged for all USA Wrestling cards purchased at event. Hotels in Area (Batesville IN-15 minutes west & Harrison OH-15 minutes east) You may bring Soccer Style Chairs & Blankets (Camping Area on Far Side of Fieldhouse)
  6. Get in contact with me at iswawmnsdirector@aol.com and we will search for a local club where your daughter can start wrestling.
  7. The best thing to do is to start wrestling in Women's event whenever and wherever you can find them. I would particularly make a strong effort to attend every national women's tournament from MS through HS. By being there, improving, getting your name out there, all will get colleges to start looking at your women wrestlers for scholarships. Colleges want women that have shown a pattern of attending all of the events. You do not have to be the best to get recognized, they are looking for really good students, wrestlers that will work hard, and wrestlers that will fit in their program and most importantly stay in their program. The money and time you spend will be rewarded by a good scholarship at a quality private university or college. You can contact me anytime for information or questions @ iswawmnsdirector@aol.com or 513-375-4903 Have them start now by attending the Women's Tourney at St. Leon, IN (East Central HS) on March 3rd!! Contact me or look here on Indianamat.com or on Facebook at Team Indiana Girls Wrestling. We are taking a group to OKC late next month and will have HS and MS women wrestlers going. I will getting out information in the next few days about all the upcoming womens events!!
  8. Treat them as any other wrestler. They will need hair covers. The ones that go over their hair and under the headgear tend to come off really easily. The ones that go over the headgear and attach through the straps stay on much better. Under Armor type shirts are good for under singlets, the high cut sleeve are the best type. They should have goals to wrestle against other women in women's only tournaments. There are two ISWA women's state tourneys (2/3, 5/5) and another Open women's only tourney at East Central on 3/3. I would suggest having them go to the 2/3 tourney and get information and an education for women's wrestling. As far as weigh-ins, they need to have a women trainer or parent weigh them in usually after all of the boys go, but sometimes beforehand. Let me know if you have anymore questions and you, them, or their parents can contact me at iswawmnsdirector@aol.com
  9. strub1

    Indiana Girl's High School State 2013

    Registration Now Open. If you are going, register early to encourage others to sign up. This will be a a very good event!! If you have think you will make IHSAA Semi-State, let me know. You will be able to wrestle in this event!! 2013 is a submission year for the IHSWCA to the IHSAA. We will use our growing attendance at this tourney to request women's weight classes at IHSAA State!! We must have YOU and EVERY women wrestling in HS to attend!!!
  10. Coach Miracle - Any updates on the Ashland University program? How did the questionnaire response go?
  11. Bump to Top - New Schedule for 2013
  12. Informational changes from USA Wrestling: Women?s Singlet Requirement: For any state, regional, national, or international competitions held within the United States female competitors must wear a women?s cut singlet.
  13. Women wrestlers in Indiana have an uphill battle in Middle School and especially High School as their male counterparts start to mature. I want everyone to find any women wrestlers and post them HERE!! Name, School, and Weight Class. So, we can bring them in and show them what's possible on a state, collegiate, national, and international level in Women's Wrestling. We all want them all to stick with the sport and give them every opportunity to succeed.
  14. We have a great opportunity for our HS women wrestlers coming up quickly!! The NUWAY Southwest Kickoff, aka The Freak Show, is November 2-4. Coach Lee Miracle is looking for those that want to fly to Las Vegas with Kayla and him to participate in a great women's event. There are already 75 women registered. Many wrestle CIF in California, with others from all over the country. Take a look at the website and get in touch with me, Coach Strub, or Coach Miracle ASAP!! http://www.nuwayvegas.com/index.html
  15. Some big changes coming to Girl's High School State in 2013! It will be the day after IHSAA Regionals on Feb. 3rd. It will be held in conjunction with the Indy Nationals at the Indiana Convention Center in downtown Indy. We'll be on two mats with finals matches on themat.tv. Also notice the trimmed down age and weight classes for this event. We are also going to have specific women's only state championships medals for the event. Finally, come as a club or with you high school wrestlers and make a team of 3 or more to compete for the first ever Girl's High School Team Championship. A trophy will be awarded to the top team!! The Information sheet that will be distributed is below. 2013 GIRL?S STATE FINALS FOLKSTYLE -- GIRL?S HIGH SCHOOL STATE FINALS & GIRL?S MIDDLE SCHOOL & GRADE SCHOOL STATE FINALS February 3rd , 2013 ? Indiana Convention Center 100 S. Capitol Avenue, Indianapolis, IN 46225 **Held in Conjunction with the Indy Nationals** Schedule: Weigh-ins 8:00-9:00am, Warm-Ups 11:00am-12 noon, Wrestling starts at 12noon. Pre-Registration: Entry Fee is $35.00 (credit/debit card only) at www.trackwrestling.com. Pre-Registration closes on Thursday, January 31st at 11:59pm. High School Team Competition: Team trophy presented to the top scoring team. A women?s team must be comprised of 3 or more wrestlers from the same club or HS to be considered. Girl?s matches on Mats 2 & 3 with final matches live streaming video on THEMAT.TV! FREESTYLE -- GIRL?S FREESTYLE STATE FINALS (All Age Divisions) May 5th , 2013 ? Avon High School 7575 East County Road 150 South, Avon, IN 46123 Schedule: Weigh-Ins 7:30-8:00am, Warm-Ups 10:00-11:00am, Wrestling starts at 11:00am. Pre-Registration: Entry Fee is $35.00 (credit/debit card only) at www.trackwrestling.com. Pre-Registration closes on Thursday, May 2nd at 11:59pm. The following applies to both events ? Folkstyle and Freestyle Girls? State WEIGHT CLASSES (For All ISWA Girl?s State Finals): High School (9-12) ? 100 108 116 124 132 143 155 185 Middle School (5-8) ? 65 73 80 90 100 110 125 150 Grade School (PreK-4) ? 40 45 50 56 63 71 83 100 Note: Middle School (7-8 grade only) may enter High School Division. They must have a parent/guardian sign an age waiver at the weigh-ins. They cannot enter two divisions. Walk-Ins: Permitted at Weigh-Ins, however cost for walk-ins is $70.00 (cash only). USA Wrestling Competitor?s Card: A current card is required to participate. Cards are $30, will be available to purchase on site. Temporary cards are available for lost/forgotten cards. Spectator Event Pass: $10, can be purchased in advance (freestyle only). 10 & under free. Skin Checks: Certified Athletic Trainers will be on site to conduct skin checks during weigh-ins. All decisions regarding participation, will be final! (For details see Sports Medicine Information). Qualification: Prior qualification is NOT required to participate in either tournament. **All ISWA State Competitions are open to Indiana residents only! Awards: Custom Women?s-Only Awards presented to the Top 4 place in each weight. 1st place finishers will also receive a Championship T-Shirt. Pairing: Folkstyle ? Line Bracketing Freestyle ? Vertical Pairing Info: Check out iswa.com, Team Indiana Girls Wrestling on Facebook, & Indianamat.com

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