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  1. wrestlinghog

    Indiana Teams at Disney Duals

    I got this from the rules book AAU site: 4. All American a. For an athlete to be considered an AAU Wrestling All American he or she must finish in the Top Six (6) at either the AAU Folkstyle World Championships or the AAU Grand Nationals. All American honors are awarded to those who win Gold or Silver Medals at the AAU Junior Olympic Games and the AAU Scholastic Duals. All American honors awarded at the Scholastic Duals and the AAU Junior Olympic Games will include an All American patch. The Community Final results page is not totally accurate. I didn't check all results, but my son told me that a kid listed as Gold had lost a match and a kid listed as Silver had lost a few. I went back thru each days results, and the kid listed gold did lose one and the other kid listed as Silver went 6-6. I sent an e-mail to the AAU and they adjusted those two. But when I looked at my son's team again, I found three more kids listed as Silver; One kid lost 3 and the other two kids lost 2 each. So the only way to get it all corrected is to go thru each wrestlers daily results and match it to the medal they have them listed at, then send an e-mail to the AAU with the correct results.
  2. wrestlinghog


    Borderwars has individual tournaments all summer and right up to the start of the high school season. Most are in Michigan. Look it up at www.borderwarswrestling.com .
  3. wrestlinghog

    ISWA & HYWAY Tournament

    Border Wars goes all summer, all the way to the start of next season. The Border War Nationals was on 11-7-2009.
  4. wrestlinghog

    folkstyle results

    If you want to see all the Final Brackets, ( with all the results), go to www.trackwrestling.com . You will see a listing of tournaments, hit next 50 until you get to 201-250, scroll down to ISWA Folkstyle State Finals, click on it, then click enter tournament, it will give all the brackets with all the results. The completed tournaments will always be after the future tournaments, so this location 201-250 will not be the same as more tournaments are added.
  5. wrestlinghog

    Penn RTC?

    Penn RTC started March 3, and is every Thursday 6-7:30 P.M. .
  6. wrestlinghog

    2010 Cadet/Junior Folkstyle State

    Schoolboy/girl-Cadet-Junior Folkstyle State Finals March 13-14, 2010 Huntington North High School. More info at www.iswa.com
  7. wrestlinghog


    Starting next Thursday March 4 at Penn High School 6-7:30
  8. wrestlinghog

    Pick tonights champions..........

    Phillips Beck Nelson Wright Tsirtsis Norton Porras Roach Corpe McMurray Duckworth Atwood Cleveland Travis
  9. wrestlinghog

    My pick-ems score so far.

    I only got 50% of 171lbs.
  10. wrestlinghog

    My pick-ems score so far.

    yeah, I think mine adds up to 25 also.
  11. wrestlinghog

    My pick-ems score so far.

    103lbs - 70points 112lbs - 60points 119lbs - 60points 125lbs - 80points 130lbs - 50points 135lbs - 60points 140lbs - 60points 145lbs - 70points 152lbs - 60points 160lbs - 60points 171lbs - 40points 189lbs - 70points 215lbs - 50points 285lbs - 80points
  12. wrestlinghog

    Indiana State Finals Results page

    Did Duckworth wrestle yet?
  13. wrestlinghog

    Indiana State Finals Results page

    Actually I had Quiroz over Lefever, then Willis over Quiroz.
  14. wrestlinghog

    Indiana State Finals Results page

    Not really an upset Lefever was 2seed , Quiroz was 3seed.
  15. wrestlinghog

    Indiana State Finals Results page

    did Richey win?

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