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Status Updates posted by IndianaMat

  1. This is a testing account, making sure everyone can see stuff

  2. Checking out the new website

  3. Good start to recruiting for @iuwrestling1 with Tommy Cash, Garrett Pepple, Gabe Koontz, 3x MI SC Devin Skatzka, & Fargo Champ Elijah Oliver

  4. RT @wabashwrestling: Here we go fans take a look at what our Freshman have to say about their experience at Wabash so far. https://t.co/…

  5. WHAT?!? He can't be ranked that low! Yes he is! Check out the rankings before they get stale http://t.co/RS3FVgZ5FB http://t.co/Qcb4vpOWCH

  6. I missed @neiltyson in Fort Wayne, booo, we could have talked wrestling.

  7. What goes better with your morning coffee than a side of rankings? Get them here http://t.co/RS3FVgZ5FB #Rankings #800lbGorilla

  8. RT @AndyHrovat: Retweet for a chance to win a world team coaches polo/warm up pants. Winners announced this evening. @USAWrestling http://t…

  9. The rankings are here, the rankings are here! Get them at this link http://t.co/NTrm4D4zKY http://t.co/pa6WwsSbjY

  10. RT @PurdueWrestling: Honestly, who wouldn't want to compete for @tonyersland after seeing this clip? #BoilerUp http://t.co/utjhMOGsKj

  11. Our preseason rankings are out, check them out along with team rankings, regional previews, and top seniors. http://t.co/RS3FVgZ5FB

  12. RT @weimtime1: @IndianaMat One of the 1st shirts ever made! Still going strong...but I need an update 2 match!!! #TBT #800lbGorilla http://…

  13. RT @RUWrestling: Less than 24 hours until #RUWR wrestle-offs! Come out to the CAG tomorrow at 10 a.m. The event is open to the public. http…

  14. Good reading for a Saturday morning, do you have yours yet? http://t.co/q9Zx9a47Yg

  15. Heading to Penn to give @magicman_psu a few pointers

  16. I posted 49 photos on Facebook in the album "David Taylor Camp at Penn" http://t.co/TvrDepenSY

  17. RT @lane1028: What does 2014 MS State Champ do on his way to practice? He catches up on some light reading! @IndianaMat http://t.co/r2spmoF…

  18. RT @wabashwrestling: Since Halloween is this week we had to give you a little Halloween edition of Takedown Tuesday. Enjoy! https://t.co/b…


    #WrestlingWednesday in honor of college wrestling starting this weekend, check out @intechwrestling's… http://t.co/mokTM34jCP


  20. RT @pankostrength: #PSS speed training for wrestling...if its not part of the program, it needs to be! #CARNIVORE http://t.co/B8NytnHIvd

  21. The best in Indiana are heading to Greensboro can't wait to watch all the studs compete! #Super32


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