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  1. mat fiend

    Best Career

    Had some pretty respectful and well know Ohio wrestlers with me spectating this weekend and they were dumbfounded by our Friday night win or go home. And making the semis guaranteeing top 4 they also didn't understand. I'd have to agree that we need wrestle-backs!
  2. mat fiend

    Best Weight Ever?

    Miller was at 113 that year
  3. mat fiend

    Ricky Furrar MMA

    Idk where people come off saying he's cocky. I worked out with Ricky and grappled with h and he showed no signs of being arrogant. Best of luck Ricky
  4. Does anyone know if the finals can be viewed on line tomorrow for the people who dont have the big ten network?
  5. mat fiend

    2010 Al Smith Pick'em Contest

    Well fellas and fellaettes it is time yet again to see how pathetic you are at pick'em games against me. Try to outpick me and fail, PLEASE. be multiplied by 10. Dont get mad when i pone u at this
  6. mat fiend


    I HATED forfiets in high school u bust your butt in the off season and then u gotta beat the scale which sometimes was a nightmare and then u walk out there and then u get mentally ready for the match and it was all for nothing
  7. mat fiend

    2010-2011 rule changes

    idk bout jumping on someones back but i used to push the knees with my feet but i would have boots in and would kick them out and let him stand up then take them to there back.
  8. mat fiend

    Life after senior year

    i know there ant really a replacement for the competition of it but im stoked to start coaching
  9. mat fiend

    Last poll Dead Moves?

    gotta love that duck
  10. mat fiend

    Life after senior year

    dont it suck that its already over. 4 years just flew didnt it
  11. mat fiend

    State Finals Nicknames

    Jimmy "fearless" Larowe
  12. mat fiend

    Body Slam

    i thought the ref called a slam only if the person who is the slamming did not go to a knee before his opponent touchyed the mat.
  13. mat fiend

    little brooks

    its basically air humping people
  14. mat fiend

    little brooks

    actually he got in trouble party boying people in school its really stupid but o well he is out for 2 meets
  15. mat fiend

    Most missed food during wrestling season

    my mothers beef and noddles

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