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  1. Had some pretty respectful and well know Ohio wrestlers with me spectating this weekend and they were dumbfounded by our Friday night win or go home. And making the semis guaranteeing top 4 they also didn't understand. I'd have to agree that we need wrestle-backs!
  2. Wyatt Robinson is not wrestling this year for DeKalb
  3. Where I was sitting for the finals I saw Mike Goebel and another gentleman doing a live broadcast of the finals, both holding Fox Sports Nation microphones. Where can I view that broadcast?
  4. Connor Knapp tore his meniscus friday night in a match with a tough Bethel who pinned Lee from brownsburg. (Connors only loss of the season) Despite this, Connor still managed to get the fall with a minute left in the third period losing 3-4. Saturday morning in the quarters connor won 13-0 and in the semis lost to Vaughn 5-3. Until this point he told no one of the injury including coaches, teammates, or family. Once he revealed what had happened and with the complete extent of the injury unknown, he forfeited his 3rd place match. With his quarter finals win he passed East Nobles state champion from 2009 Taylor March's 163 wins record. Over his career only two of his losses came to wrestlers who were never in a state finals match or a state champion. 4x qualifier and a 3x placer (4th,3rd,and 4th) and every year his weight class had a #1 nationally ranked wrestler or the Most outstanding wrestler at Fargo. He embraced the grind and never ran or dodged a tough weight class.
  5. If anyone backs out. I call first dibs
  6. I like what you did with though words there lol
  7. My momma just decided to she's going last night. So now Im going to have to pay some kids 20 bucks a piece to save seats or I'm going to have to buy some suite tickets.
  8. Im just extremely excited to get to watch the action this weekend. Its like 2 days of pure excitement
  9. I know this is a long shot but my mother recently decided she wanted to come to the state tournament and I really do not want to have to see her run and fight for a seat. Anyone have a few suite tickets that they would like to sell please let me know. Thank you
  10. So besides Y2, does anyone else have their youngerlings to take their coats and wait for hours upon hours at the field house for the finals to get decent seating??
  11. Your going to sleep like a baby friday night if you have more than 2 wrestlers in the tournament
  12. Lets hear some anticipated dark horses that could bust through the bracket this weekend. Not potential State champ upsets per say just kids that are unknown but won't be for long.
  13. A healthy wrestler with a healthy diet makes a happy wrestler. In turn will make them feel better when they are on the mat
  14. John Herron pinned Jake weimer in 1:52 170
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