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  1. The original post of this thread has been up for a week. A clear example of censorship. I think the Freestyle is for chumps should be taken tongue in cheek but you might want to ask. The responses I have read from parents and coaches seem like well thought out points on why Fargo, contrary to the original poster's point, might not be the best use of their resources. Nothing less or nothing more.
  2. You can respond to your stakeholders or you can try to turn this into a pissing contest. Here is a hint....this issue is not about me, it is about the ISWA and their policies. I will stay focused on holding the leadership accountable to those policies. 2 events....No exceptions.
  3. Figure of speech. Ive know for some time there are no polls for NIC COY and All Conference as you claimed. You were full of baloney the whole time. For what reason, I have no idea.
  4. They are all professionals, I trust them.
  5. Nothing passive about it. I aggressively have asked about the findings from the waiver gate investigation. Weak sauce. Your stakeholders deserve answers.
  6. Your attempt at a personal jab deflects from the issue of non-contact, Which, according to indyt, is a non-issue. I am happy to hear there will be no contact between high school coaches and the athletes during moratorium.
  7. I would hate to see anyone get dinged for inappropriate contact. Going to Ken Chertow's world class olympic champ camp is different than Fargo camp. Unless of course there are no high school coaches that attend the fargo camp. I think there are always high school coaches that goto fargo, not sure about the camp. How is waivergate coming along. Over a week now. Got anything to report to your stakeholders or are you too busy racking your brain looking up clever names to call me.
  8. As long as there is no contact between the high school coach and their athlete the is no problem. Just being on a travel team, camp or at an event is not the issue. Contact is the issue.
  9. Would a head coach being in the same room as his athlete be considered a violation?
  10. No polls for either POY or all conference at the first two Google links. If you could provide the actual link where you find the POY and/or All Conference poll for the NIC or any conference for that matter, I would appreciate it.
  11. The civic duty would be following the rules in the first place.
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