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  1. LNHS140

    TEC or PIN

    yes.....i was thinking the same thing XD
  2. LNHS140

    The Best of WrestlingGods

    Coach Weimer is an Underrated coach. When people talk about good coaches around the state everyone seems to forget about him. That is a fatal move too. When you forget about him, then him comes out of no where with his stress balls that he always has and pegs yah in the face with it. ;D
  3. LNHS140

    More Fargo Photos Online

    I swear, Wrestling has the best action pictures. You just look at some of these pictures and you just can't help but get hype for the coming season.
  4. LNHS140

    state champs 09-10

    that would be a really good match. i think Brandon and T-Shirt are about equal in strength, it'll be who wants it more, the Potentental 4-X state champ or the Senior in his last year.
  5. LNHS140


    what weight classes are these guys going?
  6. LNHS140

    Cadet Duals--Greco

    sorry you guys couldn't say i went 6-0.
  7. LNHS140

    Open Room at LN

    I know that Coach Weimer usally does it. but im gunna do this just in case he doesn't get around to it with the new kid that he had. but yeah. There is going to be an OPEN ROOM at LN tommrrow(Thursday May 14th). If everyone shows up like last time its going to be an awesome OPEN ROOM as always with a lot of good wrestling and wrestlers. [move]Lawrence North Wrestling, Its What We Do Kid.[/move]
  8. LNHS140

    Tonight Open Room @ LN 5:30

    Open Room was very fun. A lot of good wrestling and a whole bunch of sweat. I mean A LOT of sweat.

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