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    Dwilly got a reaction from EliteAthleticClub in E.A.C. HS & 12U Dual Tournament October   
    Sent you an email
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    Dwilly reacted to Mattyb in New home for State   
    We are blessed to have the majority of major events here in central Indiana. So driving to Evansville or Fort Wayne does not bother me. It’s only fair. Again, just my opinion. 
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    Dwilly reacted to MattM in Jesse Mendez Wrestling at Flo’s Who’s #1 event.   
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    Dwilly reacted to Y2CJ41 in Fargo   
    Mendez isn't wrestling, he's preparing for Wolds at the end of the month.
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    Dwilly reacted to Mattyb in Jesse Mendez   
    This is so true. Also... does anybody know what he would like to study? Knowing his family, I can almost guarantee that his academics will play a huge part in his decision. I’m not sure about his grades but I can almost promise you that his dad and mom don’t play! I bet you he picks a school that has excellence in his academic interests. He’s a kid that gets it and can have a great conversation at a young age. I think many times (as wrestling people) we over look that. Super impressive. 
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    Dwilly reacted to Y2CJ41 in Andrew Donahue   
    Much more affordable at $52K a year
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    Dwilly reacted to Wade McClurg in Academic All State Stats by Semi State   
    Roncalli had 9 total wrestlers named academic all state.   5 of those wrestlers were semi state qualifiers too.  
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    Dwilly reacted to Kyle Ayersman in Kyle Todrank   
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    Dwilly reacted to Kyle Ayersman in Kyle Todrank   
    He did reverse Nolf and he was wrestling up two weight classes, give the kid a break. It was not meant as a taunt, again he was just trying to have fun with the sport (talked to him personally). Also, as someone stated already, he shook hands and was not disrespectful at all.
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    Dwilly reacted to MackG in Did not look like Viduya was pinned....   
    Again. Not taking anything from Asa... but if anything, that pic proves that the ref was not in position to see if Viduya’s left shoulder/scapula is down, and it suggests that his left side was, in fact, not down.  
    Further, the still photo accurately represents the amount of time the ref took to count what was supposed to be a two count. Basically, he took no time at all  because he never verified that both sides were down and there was exactly one second between the time that Viduya was in the position that the pin was called in and the mat was smacked.  In that second, the ref went from being on his feet to smacking the mat.  One second.  The rule is a two count.
    Yes, filthy, filthy cradle.  But there is no rule that says if somebody hits a filthy cradle on you that you are automatically pinned.
    Wrestling Scholar, we absolutely should be discussing this.  Because the whole point is that kids who work hard all season to make the finals should be protected from errant officiating by a Review Official at the head table.  
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    Dwilly reacted to Mattyb in Carson Brewer   
    Cool story about those two (Ray and Carson). They started wrestling together in kindergarten under Lee Harris at Avon wrestling club. They both were really really bad! I don't think that either won a single match for a year maybe two. The Riouxs and my family went to tournaments every weekend and we would all leave before lunch. A couple years in we decided to give a kid that was starting an academy out of his parents two car garage a shot. His pets would run across the mat from time to time and when he opened the garage door the wrestling would end up on the asphalt driveway from time to time. That kid was Mr. Ryan Parrish and that is where the Contenders Wrestling Academy started. Since those days we have traveled the county with the Riouxs. Logging countless miles taking and giving lumps. I even coached Ray and his brothers in football. To say that those two go way back is an understatement. What you saw there was legit love for a brother that has walked in the same shoes as him as long as he can remember. My family and I legit feel that much love for Ray and his family. I am sure that the reaction for Asa was similar. Those boys, the Conleys,and the Reynolds have been through so much together. They are all very close. 
    With all of that said, he did not mean to offend the tradionalist. He was not showing up Donahue. Im pretty sure that he spent most of his post match interview saying how tough he was. I assure you has expressed to me how much respect he has for young Andrew and thinks that he is going to be really special (we all do). He legit was on the floor getting announced with a handful of his good friends and was just acting like a kid. I really didn't know that he had a sandwich in his pocket until he winked at me and patted his pocket. At that time a started to shake my head no. Then I thought… he is a kid he wants to have fun and be silly (again... sorry if that offends anyone that thinks the face off should be formal). I just shook my head and hoped that nobody took it the wrong way. As soon as One Proud started this thread, I shared his comments with Carson (something I never do as he knows little about this board). He smiled and said, "tell that man thank you! that's exactly what I was going for"! So glad that he got to share his sandwich love with three kids that mean a lot to him also. So.. if hes known for a sandwich and not wrestling, he will be fine with that. I assure that he takes just as much pride in being a lighthearted good friend as he does being a champ. 
    With all of that said... Thank you so much to all of the coaches, parents, team leaders, and friends that have been a part of his journey with him. I assure you that he a Jordan are going to go to Ohio and make Indiana wrestling proud. 
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    Dwilly reacted to H.B. in Carson Brewer   
    What is with Indiana and them being against kids having a little fun? It’s a sandwich. It’s not him taking away from his opponent at all by eating it. It didn’t affect the outcome of the match in any way. Trent Hidlay literally ate a hoagie after Who’s #1 and it was celebrated as a great celebration by a great wrestler. The kids here can’t do anything spontaneous or out of the ordinary without being called classless. Chad Red got criticized for dancing after winning, same with Deondre. I can only imagine how much excitement runs through someone after winning a state championship or even being in the match.  Brewer ate a sandwich during the face off most likely because he was hungry. It didn’t hurt anyone. They’re kids. Let them have fun. Not everyone has to have these stale facial expressions. We should want some spontaneity.
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    Dwilly reacted to Bigyusm in Cooper Noehre v Elliott Rodgers - MISSED FALL   
    If that was missed what was the Cervantes on Dickens ? Much more blatant in my opinion. 
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    Dwilly reacted to RaiderColfax in Carson Brewer   
    I’ll never understand boos to a kid. A KID! Sure boo the coaches or staff. But not a kid. It was an unintentional headbutt. There is no need to boo any kid in high school.
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    Dwilly reacted to FCFIGHTER170 in Carson Brewer   
    the boos speak to how ridiculous those ppl are putting down a hs kid and don't reflect on how most feel about Carson.. He didn't deserve that treatment even though he can handle it.
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    Dwilly reacted to davecloud in Coach Peckinpaugh's Awesome Poem   
    A great time at the Hall of Fame induction ceremony today (kudos to HoF direct Scott Schwarz and the IHSWCA executive staff).) Great to hear the stories about the inductees and what they have done to build our great sport. I will be forever indebted to all those who helped me along the way. Special thanks to Coach Rex Peckinpaugh for his touching induction speech for me. Rex shared a poem he wrote about the rivalry and enduring friendships between coaches and I wanted to share it with all of you.Thanks, Rex, I love you, brother.
    I look across the mat
    And I see a friend
    I see a man who has toiled like I
    And never gives up until the end
    I see a man who is a leader
    One that I certainly have admired
    I see a guy who I know keeps going
    Even at times when he is oh so tired
    I see a man who I want to beat
    But one I love just the same
    A man I have struggled against
    In this crazy coaching game
    I see a friend I have cried with
    One I have laughed with as well
    A man who I know if I needed him
    Would always answer the bell
    I see a friend over there
    In that corner across the way
    I see a brother I have fought with
    But one I will love till my dying day.
                                   --Rex Peckinpaugh      2/2019
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    Dwilly reacted to JoeCoffey in 0 points allowed in the state tournament   
    Agreed, and he scored 49 points. It wasn’t like he grounded out 3-0 wins.  
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    Dwilly reacted to piscis1956 in Did not look like Viduya was pinned....   
    Again, I don’t know the ref or how he calls pins.  But to be blunt, if any ref calls a pin in high school without waiting for two full continuous seconds, then he is, quite frankly, breaking the rules he is being paid to enforce.  Consistently wrong is still wrong.
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    Dwilly reacted to Loki27 in Did not look like Viduya was pinned....   
    You have two state champions battling for a state title and you call a very questionable and very fast pin fall (IMO). Ruined what could’ve been an epic match. Fans lost that one.
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    Dwilly reacted to MackG in Did not look like Viduya was pinned....   
    When I asked “was the ref in position?”... I meant did he see the scapulas on the mat for two seconds?   Which is the rule. 
    Watching the video on Track....  :49 cradle is in position the pin was called in and the ref is up on his feet... by the time :48 hits the clock he is smacking the mat.  Assuming he had full view even if he saw it when he was up on his feet, it still couldn’t have been a two count.
    And when they release, you can see vidyua’s left shoulder was on top of garcia’s chest. 
    This is the type of call that needs to be reviewed, imho
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    Dwilly reacted to Silence Dogood in Did not look like Viduya was pinned....   
    Garcia almost pinned himself on the roll through. 
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    Dwilly reacted to Indysportsfan in Moran vs. Seltzer   
    You need to bet $185 to make $100 with Moran.  A $100 bet pays you $175 with Seltzer.
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    Dwilly reacted to Indysportsfan in semi state draws   
    State ranked kids they will probably face to advance to BLF
    106 — vs #9, then #5
    120 — vs #5
    132 — vs #2
    145 — vs #20
    152 — vs unranked, Good draw
    220 — vs #16, then #4
    So you consider that a good draw for the South Dearborn wrestlers?  Wow.
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    Dwilly reacted to Indysportsfan in Semi-State Bracket Links   
    Would agree that KT is wrestling well and could be ranked higher.  I thought when you made the statement you were actually using the rankings and not an opinion....I digress and will go back to just spitting our reports for the enjoyment of people on the website.
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    Dwilly reacted to Mattyb in Ticket Round MATCHES!   
    Hate to see Watson vs Alstott those are two of my favorite kids. Both work super hard. Hate it! 
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