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    Dwilly reacted to SWINfan in Team title   
    I thought MD got good if not great draws in all classes except 182.  That  doesn't mean they will win every match, but it is set p fairly for all of them with the possible exception of Freeman at 120.  Bettich in the Quarterfinal and Seltzer in the Semi if he gets past Bettich.  
    I don't think anyone is sleeping on him or anyone else.  Drawing Driver was the best possible draw for Ross because if he wins, it also prevented him from seeing Cottey on Saturday morning.  Another example is Blake Boarman got a great draw with Hayden Shepherd.  Not so much because Shepherd isn't good, but because it avoided a potential first round match with Logan Bailey and put Bailey and Drake Campbell, they only two he has lost to this year, on the opposite side of the bracket.

    The key is no matter what draw you get, you still gotta go out and win,
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    Dwilly reacted to Sutton047 in Team title   
    I wouldn’t sleep on Dylan Driver, kid is tough, technically sound, and strong. Nobody (myself included) thought Cottey would get beat, then Dylan beats one (Glithero SS#5/#14) of the two kids who’s beat Cottey in the past year to punch his ticket to state. Not to mention beating Ingalls (a highly underrated SS#8, twice) Hooper (SS#3/#12, who had beat him at least once, and beat Anthony 2 weeks in a row). Tough road, hungry kid, hoping he stays hungry.
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    Dwilly reacted to boomer in Beeks vs Hardcastle ticket round match   
    I didn't see the match other then the video but it seams everyone is going on the assumption that Beeks would have won the match. Either way Hardcastle was good enough to win the tournament. So if Beeks would have won that means that the 2nd best wrestler would have went home. This is another great example of needing wrestle backs. As far as wrestling after getting hit in the knee, it could defantly affect you in that match but after some ice and ibuprofen you could be good to go after that. Sucks either way for one that a good kid won't make it.
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    Dwilly reacted to bigballerb in Beeks vs Hardcastle ticket round match   
    I was going to keep my mouth shut about the topic. Here is our side. Whether or not Beeks hit the shot on the whistle or not, we thought during the time he was legitimately hurt. I think everyone can tell from the video the leg buckled. The trainer could not tell during the 1 min 30 seconds of injury time if something was wrong with the knee. We didn’t know that Aidan won the match till after the injury time was already out. I’m truly sorry for Josh that his career had to end like that. I wish it didn’t have to be like this and the match could of been wrestled. I was truly worried for my brothers leg at the time. After the match the trainer said nothing was torn in the knee and that he couldn’t hurt it anymore than it was. Sorry he didn’t show more “signs” of being hurt. We have the upmost respect for the beeks family and Southern Wells. Injury defaulting was definitely thought about and our decision to give it ago was not decided till the match before Aidan’s semifinals. I had my brothers back in whatever decision he made. 
    Brody Hardcastle 
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    Dwilly reacted to maligned in Semi State Upsets   
    I'm very sorry. I meant it completely ironically and sarcastically because I feel very frustrated about our rigid seeding system. But irony is an irresponsible emotion to communicate in print because it's often unclear like this time. I would never in a million years think that either one of those guys would seriously not give their all to win a match. Obviously, a semi-state title in and of itself is an amazing accomplishment--let alone the additional consideration for next weekend. I'm sorry I didn't consider my words and my approach more carefully in the way I wrote it. Thanks for pointing it out since others would have felt the same in reading it.
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    Dwilly reacted to FCFIGHTER170 in One Trip State Champion   
    That year all 4 170s from mooresville regional  made it through to state..I remember Trizton drew Vanhorn first 1 round of regionals losing 7-4.. that was 1 loaded regional. 
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    Dwilly reacted to Wrestlingfanatic in Justice Cash   
    This is Justice Cash and after losing 4 times at semi-state I am coming on here to share the story that I never was able to share after winning a state title... The dog tag in the picture has been in my shoe for every wrestling match since Amante Young's death... He was a brother to me and there was nothing I wanted to do more than win a state title for him and his memory. He died tragically in a car crash a few months after winning a state title in Michigan. For those who knew Amante you would know he was one of the sweetest, joyful, and kind hearted people you've ever met. He was always smiling and brought so much joy to others, he always had my back, and he always wanted to make himself better. His home life was never amazing but he still was always trying to make money to give gifts to his whole family during holidays and other occasions even knowing he wouldn't be getting any from his parents at times. He always wanted to help people and he never acted like he was bound to be unsuccessful because of his home life, he found ways to make himself better and others around him better. I could go on and on about how amazing Amante was as a person and a wrestler and about how much he meant to me and so many others, but here is the end and the end of my high school career. I would be so grateful if anyone who reads this would mention his name in my place after winning a state title this year because I have failed to make it there for him myself... Thank you...

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    Dwilly reacted to Mattyb in Jesse Mendez Loss   
    If I remember right, he bumped up a weight to try to win one for his team. Because... that’s what true champs do. He put his career undefeated record on the line for his team. Came up just short. That’s why the kid is even more awesome! 
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    Dwilly reacted to blueandgold in Semi state brackets   
    Dalton/Alstott EV 126
    Goodwin/Wilson NC 132
    Bailey/Ross NC 138
    Hall/Freije NC 152
    Dickens/Fuqua EV 160
    Ruhlman/Carrington EV 170
    Deters/Sego EV 170
    Farrell/Brooks NC 195
    Webster/Guhl NC 220
    Wow... These are brutal.
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    Dwilly reacted to Y2CJ41 in IndianaMat Semi-State Bracket WITH rankings   
    That should be fixed, 152 had one champ twice.
    Try downloading again
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    Dwilly got a reaction from Brey in IndianaMat Semi-State Bracket WITH rankings   
    Coleman twice in NC
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    Dwilly reacted to GrecoCoach in Dirty or Smart Coach?   
    Aren't both teams "dodging" the competition, just in different ways?
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    Dwilly reacted to JMILL in Mooresville regional projections   
    Tough wrestling all day long is my prediction
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    Dwilly reacted to UncleJimmy in Nice moment   
    Not sure if it will play but can be googled  if not...
    Good on Coach Harper @crosstownrivals and the entire penn program. Glad my son went thru the program. Special appearance by ref Troy! 
    LOL...why is there a pic of @Y2CJ41 in the Penn wrestling room (about 30 second mark)? I shall have that taken down next time I'm there...
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    Dwilly reacted to MarianWrestling in Next Level   
    New number one at 141 in the NAIA from Indiana. Just saying 
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    Dwilly reacted to UncleJimmy in Next Level   
    This is an intriguing thread and one I’ve pondered as well with a kid in college and seeing a lot of IN dudes all over. 
    This is just personal opinion and speculation..
    A lot of these guys have been at it a long time and have attained a high level of success. College isn’t so easy. Almost every match is semi state level or better against teams and opponents you/they might not expect. If u take a couple losses you start to doubt yourself..and when you start to doubt you also start to question everything..is the time worth it? Is it as important as it was? Is my passion still there? 
    Another big factor in my opinion is coaching. Not if the college coach is good or bad but just different! Most of these kids have had the same coach and achieved success with the same academy or high school coach in their corner for anywhere from 4-10 years!! Suddenly you have someone totally new..and different in approach/style/personality. So if you factor that in along with the less success or questions of themselves that also plays a role in the mental game. 
    Lastly, but just as important, injury!! With every match seemingly semi state level or greater, the wear and tear on the body is increased and as the young body ages it also changes and doesn’t heal like it used to! 
    Im proud of all the IN dudes I see grinding it out at all collegiate levels. It ain’t easy and it is vastly different in college. 
    Thanks @blueandgold for raising the issue. Heck, it’s different as a parent so I can only imagine how these athletes feel!! 
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    Dwilly reacted to JMILL in Your HS weight class vs Old guy weight class   
    By way of this math...……. I have lots of kids and multiple marriages, don't tell the wife !!!
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    Dwilly reacted to M109R in Team State: Upsets, Notable Matches, etc...   
    Kids transferring to better programs happens a lot in public schools as well. 
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    Dwilly reacted to CFleshman in Churubusco   
    What a day for this unseeded team taking 5th place. Now 10-7 on the year. With  losses to 1A Champ North Posey 1A  4th Place Prairie Heights. 2A Champ Bellmont 2A runner up Garrett  2A 4th place Columbia  City and 3A Carroll. Our strength of schedule helped us today. Great job boys. 
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    Dwilly reacted to Y2CJ41 in Team State: Upsets, Notable Matches, etc...   
    After removing teams with less than 7 entries at sectional Cathedral was the 95th biggest team in the state based on enrollment. The cutoff was 93 schools.
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    Dwilly reacted to Sig40 in 4x Al Smith Champs   
    Even though Alex is a huge reason why Jesse has been successful, Jesse would never leave Crown Point. The coaching staff at CP is amazing. 
    The only scenario where he leaves CP early is if he decides to go to the OTC his senior year, but it sounds like he wants to try and win state with his teammates. Plus his mom and me would like to keep him around a few more years. 
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    Dwilly reacted to Riley McClurg in Mater Dei Holiday Classic - Results & Discussion   
    I know, right? I can’t stand that guy. 
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    Dwilly reacted to djpierson9 in Elementary Wrestling Club   
    The ISWA has a wrestling clubs listed by county - https://www.iswa.com/page/show/3228710-find-a-club-in-your-area
    These are the clubs/ contacts in your local area, but there may be some other ones that are conveniently located.

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    Dwilly reacted to Mattyb in Early dark horse   
    Lol... I personally do not. That would be another person that lives with me when he comes home from school. 
    You would have to ask him about that. But you probably never would because more than likely you would get hurt. Smh.. 🤦‍♂️ 
    But my son was never a dark horse. Cole isn’t either. IMO
    D1 wrestlers eat trolls! 
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    Dwilly reacted to wrestlinglife94 in Help make a difference in alot of peoples lives   
    Hello my name is Andre Richards, I am in the process of getting a location together to start teaching indianapolis inner city kids basics of wrestling, will be having the IPS schools passing fliers soon when location is secure,  will be needing  donations of basic items singlets, head gear, and shoes. Dont have to be pretty at all. Also any schools with old beat up mats they could  get rid of please message  me at 3175291188, or email at richardsfamily215@gmail.com. thank you wrestling family.
    Looking to getting these kids away from stealing and guns to snap downs and head locks.  Please help me with my vision.
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