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    slice60 got a reaction from purdue02 in Article: #MondayMatness: Indianapolis Cathedral runs state title streak to three   
    Does Yorktown get an assist?
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    slice60 got a reaction from D Summar in 2020 Team champion preview   
    I hope you are right because that's the way IT SHOULD BE. The State Finals tournament starts Friday night & ALL Team Scoring should start then too.
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    slice60 got a reaction from base in 2020 Team champion preview   
    I hope you are right because that's the way IT SHOULD BE. The State Finals tournament starts Friday night & ALL Team Scoring should start then too.
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    slice60 reacted to base in 2020 Team champion preview   
    On another thread, Trackgopher confirmed that there will be scoring for the first round!  Not 100% sure it will include both advancement points AND activity points - but this will be a MAJOR wrinkle in the overall team scores.
    For those schools with difficult 2nd round matches where you may lose a wrestler - now they have an opportunity to score points in the Friday night matchup.
    I see this being a big boost for Crown Point - they have 5 #1 wrestlers coming in.  Although their 2nd round is very tough - their first round could net them a LOT of points especially if the activity points are counted. Each of the top teams now has 8 or 9 opportunities for another 4 points added to their team score.  This also will distance the teams bringing a lot of wrestlers from those with only a few good ones like Perry Meridian
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    slice60 reacted to base in 2020 Team champion preview   
    **ASSUMING** that they score the tournament the same as last year (no advancement or bonus points for Friday night) the team race should be very close although I have it as a 3-horse race between Mater Dei, Cathedral and Crown Point.  I think between those 3 it's anyone's tourney - bonus points, key matchups and some unexpected scorers could tilt the victory one way or another.
    Here is how the scoring works (again, using last year's formula).  Wrestlers score for Advancement points and Placement points. Those are predetermined:

    Additionally, wrestlers can add team points versus Activity scoring:

    Obviously it makes a HUGE difference whether the wrestler can make it to the finals versus the 3rd/4th place match, and so on.  Here are my predictions:
    1. Evansville Mater Dei -  9 wrestlers with several chances to make the finals. Some huge landmines though that could really effect the outcome!
    2. Indianapolis Cathedral - Some good early matchups means that they have a good chance to have a large number of wrestlers making it deep
    3. Crown Point - With Mendez leading the way, the Bulldogs have some hammers that could make a deep run. They have some huge matchups with Mater Dei
    Evansville Mater Dei
    Nine wrestlers starting out Friday night for EMD.  Close matchups for Egli, Baumann, Sollars and Parkinson - if they get all 9 through, look out! 113 Cole Ross likely to face Logan Frazier in his 2nd match.  If we wins that, a tough one against the Schoeff/Anthony winner.  I have Ross making the finals 120 Alec Freeman has a brutal route - Head to Head with Crown Point's Riley Bettich in the 2nd round, then has to beat Cathedral's Seltzer if he wants to reach the finals 126 Ashton Hayhurst - Has undefeated Dylan Stroud in the opening round. Can he get by him? If so, then battle-tested David Pierson in the 2nd round and Rioux in the 3rd. That's a lot to ask of a sophomore 132 Kane Egli - He's got a tough road, but guys like this senior can decide the team title. He faces Slivka from Roncalli in the 1st match.  If he gets to Saturday he will likely have Ian Heath before hitting Mendez. Making the final 4 would be big 138 Blake Boarman is the big dog in a difficult half-bracket. For his 3rd match will probably face either Logan Wagner or Floyd Central's Conway 145 Brody Baumann has winnable first 2 matches but they won't be easy. Jajuan Anderson from Warren Central will push the pace - and then AJ Poindexter will stand in the way of a top 4 finish 160 Eli Dickens - Based on this year's results he is the favorite - but the final 4 at 160 will be extremely entertaining and could go any combination. He would have a match versus Cathedral's Eliot Rodgers in his 3rd match to reach the finals. That's a HUGE swing match for team points 170 Gabe Sollars - Someone like Sollars could make a huge difference.  His first match is against Chesterton junior Gavin Layman.  Then he would face a likely head-to-head matchup against Cathedral's Tyler Wagner 182 Macartney Parkinson - has the toughest quarter bracket in the tournament. Opens up against #1 Joseph Walker then has Mason Winner in the 2nd round.  It's feast or famine for Mater Dei here  
    Indianapolis Cathedral
    Cathedral enters 8 wrestlers to the field Friday night. All of them have a shot to make it to Saturday, with some high scoring potential 106 Evan Dickey comes in as a 4th place finisher, but he does avoid the loaded other half-bracket. His Friday night match is against Isaac Ruble - if he can get by that, then his points will really be a help 120 Zeke Seltzer is the prohibitive favorite but it isn't a cake walk. He may see Bettich or Freeman in the 3rd round.  Still, it's likely big points here 138 Logan Bailey is a big swing in points, I think.  He has potential to reach the finals, but he has a match against Drake Campbell in the 2nd round that could be a scare 160 Elliot Rodgers has a good path until that final 4 where he faces Dickens who has beat him this season. Will experience win over latest results? 170 Tyler Wagner may face EMD's Gabe Sollars in his 2nd match - that's a big showdown.  Wagner could make a run to the finals 182 Johnny Parker - Unfortunately for Parker, he drew in to the death quarter bracket of Mason Winner then Parkinson/Walker.  Tough to see him winning the first round, let alone getting to the final 4 195 Jacob Huffman - he is an interesting one.  His first match is against Friedt, who is ranked higher but also lost to his Cathedral teammate Parker this season.  I don't have Huffman making it to Saturday, but he could surprise and get into that 5th-8th range. In that case, bonus points would be key 285 Holden Parsons - the senior Yorktown transfer has wrestled well this season and the 285 weight class is always unpredictable. I have him winning 2 matches before facing Dancy from Portage.  Parsons is very experienced and opposite the Key/Irick combo. If he can slow down the match and wrestle strategically against Dancy, he could be under the lights with some HUGE points  
    Crown Point
    Crown Point brings 8 wrestlers to the first round. I think their first round looks great, which means they will get 6 or possibly 7 into the scoring rounds. They are very young, but still could surprise some of the older wrestlers and make deep runs to make this a close race 106 Sammy Goin has only lost once all season. I would love his chances - but he got a tough, tough draw. He has Chundi in the 2nd round. That match may be a tossup. Can Goin get past Chundi and make it into the final 4 and possibly win it all?  Since there are so many young wrestlers here and the action is lightning-quick, 106 can be very unpredictable and the matches can turn quickly 113 Logan Frazier is another freshman. He has a stiff task, facing the experienced Cole Ross from EMD in the 2nd round.  I would give the edge to Ross, but I am not counting out these young bulldogs either 120 Riley Bettich has a ton of talent and the chance to take out a couple of head to head competitors.  He should have Alec Freeman in the 2nd round, then Zeke Seltzer in the 3rd 126 Stephen Roberson - we all know the 126 weight class is bonkers this year. There are no easy paths to the finals and Roberson will have to face Kysen Montgomery in the 2nd round, then the winner of Dalton/Lowery showdown in the 3rd round if he wants to see the finals. Possiblity of huge points, or very few points here. 132 Jesse Mendez - He'll have the target on his back this year. Hard to see anyone stopping him from winning it all and getting the 20 team points. So the question may be how many bonus points can he rack up to help out the team? 138 Nick Tattini - Don't have Tattini getting to Saturday.  If he can manage to get there, that's a huge boost for CP 145 Orlando Cruz - he also faces a murderer's row of wrestlers but he is capable of getting some points. He has Feichter in the 1st round, then likely Avon's Jaden Reynolds in the 2nd round before seeing undefeated Alec Viduya in the semis.  Any points here would be a big win 160 Noah Hollendonner is the #1 seed.  He should win his first, but then will have to try to break up the favored final 4 at this weight. He will see the winner of Noehre/Asbury. Look for Noah to be shooting for 5th-8th range and getting bonus points where he can  
    Honorable Mentions
    Brownsburg - Some great wrestlers with some brutal matchups.  Logan Miller at 106 should reach the semis.  Kysen Montgomery will have Roberson in 2nd round.  DRake Campbell has only lost once this season - can he knock off Logan Bailey in the 2nd round?  Peyton Asbury got a Friday night death draw versus Noehre, but he will not make it an easy out.  285 Dorian Keys is the returning champion - can he repeat against Irick in a likely rematch with Irick in the semifinals and bring home another title? Chesterton - Look for Ellis and Bates to score big points here. Torres is great but has Rioux in the 2nd round. Kaiser would have to beat Boarman in the 2nd round.  Tough roads to reach those big-point finals Perry Meridian - Only 3 wrestlers, but all of them have a legit shot to get to the finals. Cottey (113), Koontz (132) and Warren (182) can rack up mega points, but they are just hurt by lack of sheer numbers Roncalli - Similar to Perry.  The Lowery brothers only have 2 losses between them on the season. Both could make a nice run to the finals.  Viduya is on fire and he could be the 3rd Roncalli wrestler to reach the finals.  Slivka is talented but has a really tough first round matchup with Kane Egli.  If the other 3 can get to the finals and Slivka reaches the final 4 then we may see Roncalli creeping up the board Warren Central - 5 wrestlers here. Brice Coleman is undefeated and favored - he should score lots of points. David Pierson at 126 would be challenged at every step, but he has the potential and experience to make a deep run.  Jajuan Anderson, Damon McClain and Dennis Hubbard could score some points, but not enough  
    As always these are only my opinions. Good luck to all teams and wrestlers this weekend - hope that everyone wrestles their best match(es) ever and stays injury-free, in victory or defeat.
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    slice60 reacted to Y2CJ41 in Article: State Finals #WAYL2   
    We have 16 wrestlers that enter Friday without a loss on their record. However, the other 208 wrestlers have a combined 935 losses between them. Most of the losses are to state level competitors. Here is a listing of all the losses for each wrestler at state this weekend.
    Note: If you know any of the missing or incorrect results please notify me.
    Random Stats
    Most losses to state qualifiers
    Braden Haines, Isaiah Ponce- 10
    Stefan Vitello, Damon McClain, Jacob Johnson- 8
    Johnny Cortez, Dylan Driver, AJ Dull, Dennis Hubbard- 7
    Most wins over state qualifiers
    Graham Calhoun- 11
    Logan Frazier- 10
    Aiden Warren, Sam Goin, Alex Cottey, Zeke Seltzer, Dorian Keys- 9
    Elliott Rodgers, William Fiechter, Isaac Ruble, Brock Ellis- 8
    Non-State Qualifiers with the most wins over state qualifiers
    Tyler Conley, Yehezquel DeVault- 6
    Aundre Beatty, Jajuan Dale, Josh Howell, Matt Neff, Ryan Sheets- 4
    Brock Hueber, Chad McLean, Jack Hargan, Ryan Purvis- 3
    Undefeated Wrestlers
    106 Bryce Lowery
    120 Zeke Seltzer
    126 Dylan Stroud
    145 Brock Ellis, Alec Viduya
    152 Brice Coleman, Logan Boe, Garrett Stuckman
    160 Isiah Levitz
    170 Graham Calhoun
    195 Jacob Laplace, Silas Allred
    220 Drew Webster, Cale Gray
    285 Dorian Keys, Logan Swallow
    Who are your losses to?
    *- State Qualifier
    (Losses/ State Qualifier Losses/ State Qualifier Wins)
    Bryce Lowery(0/0/6)
    Isaac Ruble(1/1/8): Sam Goin*
    Sam Goin(1/1/9): Logan Miller*
    Logan Miller(2/0/4): Ben Aranda(IL), Caden Horwath(MI)
    Jeff Bailey(2/2/5): Johnny Cortez*, Sam Goin*
    Anthony Martin(3/2/1): ???, Hayden Brady*, Isaac Ruble*
    Suhas Chundi(3/3/2): Bryce Lowery*, Logan Miller*, Sam Goin*
    Cash Turner(4/3/1): Isaac Ruble*, Jason Heasten, Kyler West*, Suhas Chundi*
    Josh Johnson(5/3/2): Bryce Lowery(3)*, Keaton Morton, Nathan Smith
    Keegan Malott(5/5/0): Anthony Martin*, Hayden Brady(2)*, Isaac Ruble(2)*
    Hayden Brady(5/4/4): Isaac Ruble(3)*, Logan Stuckman, Sam Goin*
    Coy Hammack(5/3/0): Blake Zirkelbach, Cash Turner*, Kyler West*, Logan Miller*, Reed Egli
    Kyler West(6/2/2): Bryce Lowery*, Logan Miller*, Logan Sutton(2), Reed Egli, Trayce Eckman(KY)
    Evan Dickey(7/6/1): Bryce Lowery*, Cooper Shore(OH), Hayden Brady*, Josh Johnson(2)*, Sam Goin*, Suhas Chundi*
    Trevor Triana(9/6/1): ???(2), Emmanuel Ellis, Isaac Ruble*, Jeff Bailey(4)*, Johnny Cortez*
    Johnny Cortez(10/7/2): ???, Doug Waters*, Emmanuel Ellis, Evan Dickey*, Karter Guzman(IL), Sam Goin(4)*, Trevor Triana*
    Alex Cottey(1/0/9): Kody Glithero
    Lane Gilbert(1/1/2): Cole Ross*
    Logan Frazier(2/2/10): Alex Cottey*, Brac Hooper*
    Aidan Sprague(2/1/4): Preston Teusch, Trey Sturgill*
    Cole Ross(2/2/5): Alex Cottey*, Lane Gilbert*
    Elijah Anthony(3/3/2): Alex Cottey*, Brac Hooper(2)*
    Trey Sturgill(3/1/2): Elijah Anthony*, Ryan Purvis, Trevor Schammert
    Cheaney Schoeff(4/3/4): Cole Ross(2)*, Lane Gilbert*, Mason Yarbrough(OH)
    Ethan Reiley(5/4/0): Aidan Sprague(2)*, Colton Weimer(2)*, Drayk Kallenberger(OH)
    Brac Hooper(5/4/7): Alex Cottey(3)*, Dylan Driver*, Logan Carrender
    Colton Weimer(7/3/2): Aidan Sprague*, Hyatt Yeager, Justin Brantley, Karson Everett, Nam Doan*, Nick Olson, Trey Sturgill*
    Nam Doan(7/5/4): Alex Cottey*, Logan Frazier*, Logan Frazier(2)*, Ryan Purvis(2)
    Doug Waters(9/5/5): Anthony Streib(IL), Chad Bellis(IL), Hyatt Yeager, Logan Frazier*, Nam Doan(3)*, Stefan Vitello*, Trevor Schammert
    Stefan Vitello(10/8/1): ???, Aidan Sprague*, Anthony Bahl, Doug Waters(4)*, Logan Frazier(3)*
    Dylan Driver(10/7/2): Alex Cottey*, Blake Wolf, Brac Hooper(3)*, Braden Haines*, Elijah Anthony*, Griffin Ingalls(2), Logan Frazier*
    Braden Haines(16/10/1): Aiden Smith(MI), Alex Cottey*, Brac Hooper*, Cheaney Schoeff(4)*, Cody Goebel(WI), Cole Ross(2)*, Dylan Driver*, Kaden Chinavare(MI), Logan Frazier*, Marquarias Wilburn, Ramsy Mutschler(MI), Tommy Porter(IL)
    Zeke Seltzer(0/0/9)
    Dominic Heath(1/0/2): Ben Miller
    Giovanni Diaz(1/1/5): Riley Bettich*
    Alec Freeman(2/2/5): Zeke Seltzer(2)*
    Carson Eldred(2/2/4): Zeke Seltzer(2)*
    Delaney Ruhlman(3/2/3): Alec Freeman*, Brady Ester, Riley Bettich*
    Sam Scott(3/2/2): Alec Freeman*, Delaney Ruhlman*, Jacob Simone
    John Robinson(3/3/1): Carson Eldred*, Christian White*, Dominic Heath*
    Ethan Higgins(3/2/0): Jett Boots*, John Robinson*, Preston Teusch
    Riley Bettich(4/4/6): Giovanni Diaz(3)*, Zeke Seltzer*
    Cole Solomy(4/4/1): Giovanni Diaz*, Jeff Bailey*, Riley Bettich(2)*
    Christian White(4/2/2): Carlton Perry(2), Zeke Seltzer(2)*
    Jett Boots(4/1/1): Ben Miller, Deandrea Darden(OH), Dominic Heath*, Harper Dedman
    Malik Hall(5/4/0): Cole Solomy*, Giovanni Diaz*, Riley Bettich(2)*, Ty Haskins
    Anthony Hughes(8/6/0): Antonio Jefferson, Carson Eldred*, Christian White*, Delaney Ruhlman(2)*, Kody Glithero, Zeke Seltzer(2)*
    Aydan Amento(10/6/0): ???(3), Alec Freeman(3)*, Carson Eldred*, Chris Newman, Sam Scott(2)*
    Dylan Stroud(0/0/2)
    Raymond Rioux(1/0/9): Kyren Butler(OH)
    Landon Bertsch(1/1/1): Dylan Stroud*
    Stephen Roberson(2/0/7): Jake Rundell(IL), Zach Strueder
    Ben Dalton(2/2/1): Kysen Montgomery(2)*
    Brayden Lowery(2/1/6): Gavinn Alstott, Raymond Rioux*
    Jace Alexander(2/2/3): Aidan Torres(2)*
    Payne Blackburn(3/1/1): Cameron Allen, Dominic Litchfield, Dylan Stroud*
    Camren Toole(3/2/0): ???, Brayden Lowery*, Willie Dennison*
    Willie Dennison(3/3/1): Carson Eldred*, David Pierson*, Jace Alexander*
    David Pierson(3/3/2): Brayden Lowery(3)*
    Beau Humphrey(4/2/0): Alex Slates, Collin Ruemler, Landon Bertsch*, Payne Blackburn*
    Aidan Torres(5/5/3): Stephen Roberson(5)*
    Ashton Hayhurst(7/6/1): Ben Dalton*, Brayden Lowery(2)*, Josue Dawson(OH), Kysen Montgomery*, Raymond Rioux(2)*
    Kysen Montgomery(8/6/3): David Pierson*, Jake Rundell(IL), Mason Shrader(MI), Raymond Rioux(4)*, Stephen Roberson*
    Brendon Mark(9/6/0): Aidan Torres*, Ashton Hayhurst*, Conner Kleinberg(OH), Gavinn Alstott, Jace Alexander(2)*, Luke Gonzalez, Raymond Rioux*, Stephen Roberson*
    Jesse Mendez(1/0/9): Nico bolivar
    Hayden Watson(1/1/6): Jesse Mendez*
    Ian Heath(1/1/5): Hunter Cottingham*
    Hunter Cottingham(2/1/6): Aundre Beatty, Reakus Shelton*
    Matt Koontz(3/2/6): Aundre Beatty, Logan Wagner*, Luke Goodwin*
    Jared Brown(4/3/0): Andrew Wilson, Hunter Cottingham*, Luke Goodwin*, Sam Slivka*
    Brody Arthur(5/4/0): Hunter Cottingham(3)*, Ian Heath*, Lane Deckard
    Connor Holt(5/3/3): ???, Hayden Watson(2)*, Kane Egli*, Tyler Conley
    Luke Goodwin(5/4/3): Aiden Bunce, Matt Koontz(2)*, Sam Slivka(2)*
    Kane Egli(5/3/1): David Davis(OH), Hayden Watson*, Matt Koontz*, Max Boaz(OH), Raymond Rioux*
    Reakus Shelton(7/5/4): Cameron Mason, Christian Pfeiffer-Laguerre, Ian Heath(4)*, Vince Sparrow*
    Vince Sparrow(7/4/3): Jesse Mendez(2)*, Mason Kleinberg(OH), Reakus Shelton(2)*, Tyler Conley(2)
    Bradley Conrad(7/4/4): ???(2), Gabe Adams(KY), Jesse Mendez(3)*, Sam Slivka*
    Sam Slivka(7/3/4): Andrew Wilson, Aundre Beatty, Conner Alcala*, Gabe Adams(KY), Luke Goodwin*, Matt Koontz*, Tyler Conley
    Conner Alcala(8/5/1): ???, Connor Holt(3)*, Hayden Watson(2)*, Thomas Deck(KY), Tyler Conley
    Isaiah Ponce(12/10/0): Aidan Hansen(IL), Bradley Conrad(4)*, Dillon Carlson(IL), Jesse Mendez(3)*, Reakus Shelton*, Vince Sparrow(2)*
    Drake Campbell(1/1/6): Logan Wagner*
    J Conway(2/2/1): Blake Boarman*, Drake Campbell*
    Logan Bailey(2/2/4): Blake Boarman*, Logan Wagner*
    Eli Hickman(2/2/3): Ethan Kaiser*, Hunter Cottingham*
    Kyle Lawson(3/3/4): Elijah Chacon*, Matt Koontz*, Tyson Nisley*
    Blake Boarman(3/3/3): Drake Campbell(2)*, Logan Bailey*
    Logan Wagner(3/3/6): Brendan Mattingly*, Gabe Sollars*, Logan Bailey*
    Brendan Mattingly(5/5/3): Drake Campbell*, Hayden Watson*, Logan Bailey*, Logan Wagner*, Orlando Cruz*
    Ethan Kaiser(5/2/2): Bryce Shelton(IL), Cody Goodwin, Jay Orman, Nick Tattini*, Tyson Nisley*
    Elijah Chacon(5/1/3): ???(2), Kyle Lawson*, Ryan Sheets, Sebastien Bryant
    Hayden Shepherd(5/2/1): ???, Eli Hickman*, Elijah Chacon*, Jevian Ross, Sebastien Bryant
    Tyson Nisley(5/5/5): Eli Hickman*, Logan Wagner*, Matt Koontz*, Orlando Cruz(2)*
    Dylan Dorman(6/3/0): Aundre Beatty, Brendan Mattingly*, Jeivan Ross, Logan Bailey*, Logan Wagner*, Sebastian Bryant
    Landon Boe(7/5/0): ???, Blake Boarman*, Brendan Mattingly*, Drake Campbell(2)*, J Conway*, Tyler Conley
    Lane Burns(8/4/0): Conner Douglass(OH), Elijah Chacon*, Hayden Shepherd*, Isaac Hawkins, Josue Sotero, Kyle Lawson(2)*, Sevaugh Carter(OH)
    Nick Tattini(10/5/1): Anthony Rivera(2), Droshawn Lewis, Eli Hickman*, Ethan Kaiser*, Jack Krause, Jake Damron, Kyle Lawson*, Tyson Nisley(2)*
    Brock Ellis(0/0/8)
    Alec Viduya(0/0/6)
    Jacob Maldonado(1/1/1): Brock Ellis*
    Aj Poindexter(2/2/2): Jacob Maldonado*, Orlando Cruz*
    William Fiechter(2/2/8): AJ Poindexter*, Evan Ulrick*
    Jaden Reynolds(4/3/5): Alec Viduya*, Brody Baumann*, Dustin Morgillo(OH), Reece Luhmann*
    Brody Baumann(4/3/2): ???, Alec Viduya*, Jaden Reynolds(2)*
    Jajuan Anderson(4/3/6): Alec Viduya*, Chris Wilkerson, Jaden Reynolds*, Reece Luhmann*
    Alex Currie(5/4/4): Tyler Vredeveld, William Fiechter(4)*
    Orlando Cruz(6/5/5): Brock Ellis(5)*, Joshua Ogunsanya(IL)
    Reece Luhmann(6/5/4): Alec Viduya*, Jajuan Anderson(3)*, Jake Shafer*, Nick Cicciarelli
    Riley Rust(7/5/2): Brody Baumann*, Ethan Nash*, Jaden Reynolds*, Jake Shafer(2)*, Justice Cash, Kailan Keith
    Aj Dull(8/7/0): Alex Currie(3)*, Gabe Steyer(OH), Jorden Douglass*, William Fiechter(3)*
    Jake Shafer(9/6/3): AJ Poindexter*, Alec Viduya*, Jajuan Anderson(2)*, Justice Cash, Noah Baker, Reece Luhmann(2)*, Seth Willems
    Evan Ulrick(11/4/1): Alec Viduya*, Alex Currie*, Brock Ellis*, Chris Wilkerson, Garrett Manley, Garrett Stewart, Jajuan Anderson*, Kailan Keith, Mark Everman, Ryan Sheets(2)
    Ethan Nash(11/4/1): Conner Gilles, Garrett Stewart, Jaden Reynolds*, Nick Cicciarelli, Ralph Thompson(MI), Riley Rust(2)*, Shane Braunecker, Simeon Norton, Tristan Martin, Tyson Nisley*
    Logan Boe(0/0/3)
    Brice Coleman(0/0/4)
    Garrett Stuckman(0/0/2)
    Jordan Fulks(1/1/1): Logan Boe*
    Bryer Hall(1/1/3): Brice Coleman*
    Jonathan Kervin(2/1/1): Logan Boe*, Payne Carr(KY)
    Aidan Hardcastle(2/1/2): Ethan Mason*, Ryan Sheets
    Ethan Mason(2/1/2): ???, Aidan Hardcastle*
    Cody Mccune(2/2/3): Brice Coleman*, Ethan Mason*
    Shane Bates(2/1/1): Bryer Hall*, Kade Law
    Jorden Douglass(4/2/1): David Davis(IL), Shane Braunecker, Shawn Hollis*, Tyler Turley*
    Shawn Hollis(4/3/4): ???, Garrett Stuckman*, Tyler Turley(2)*
    Eli Hilger(5/5/0): Aidan Hardcastle*, Cody McCune(3)*, Shawn Hollis*
    Anthony Walker(7/3/0): ???, Jonathan Kervin*, Jordan Fulks*, Logan Boe*, Moses Hamm, Noah Baker, Scottie Saylor
    Tyler Turley(7/5/3): ???, Brock Ellis*, Garrett Stuckman*, Kade Law, Orlando Cruz*, Shawn Hollis(2)*
    Tyler Jones(7/5/0): ???, Brice Coleman(2)*, Bryer Hall*, Elliott Rodgers*, Shane Bates*, Zach Hoyt
    Isiah Levitz(0/0/6)
    Cooper Noehre(2/2/4): Elliott Rodgers(2)*
    Jackson Pettigrew(2/2/2): Clayton Fielden*, Isiah Levitz*
    Tytus Morrisett(2/2/1): Jackson Pettigrew*, Jed Perry*
    Eli Dickens(2/0/4): Brett McIntosh(OH)(2)
    Andrew Roth(2/2/1): Bryer Hall*, Elliott Rodgers*
    Jed Perry(2/2/2): Cooper Noehre*, Isiah Levitz*
    Elliott Rodgers(3/3/8): Eli Dickens(2)*, Isiah Levitz*
    Noah Hollendonner(4/0/7): Bradley Gillum(IL), Jajuan Dale, Joe Chapman(IL), Luke Davis
    Jacob Linky(4/2/2): Isiah Levitz*, Jacob Kreager, Jajuan Dale, Noah Hollendonner*
    Sam Schroeder(5/5/0): Isiah Levitz*, Peyton Asbury*, Robert Deters(2)*, Sam Morrill*
    Sam Morrill(5/3/2): Eli Dickens*, Elliott Rodgers(2)*, Jajuan Dale, Kamden Goering
    Peyton Asbury(6/3/2): Bradley Gillum(IL), Eli Dickens*, Noah Hollendonner*, Sam Morrill*, Scott Fitts, Stoney Buell(MI)
    Aj Steenbeke(7/4/1): Elliott Rodgers*, Jacob Linky*, Kamden Goering), Luke Davis, Noah Hollendonner(2)*, Stacey Terry(IL)
    Nick Winland(8/6/0): AJ Steenbeke*, Isiah Levitz*, Jacob Linky*, Kaden Randazzo(IL), Kamare Dunlap, Noah Hollendonner(3)*
    Damon Mcclain(8/8/0): Andrew Roth*, Braden Welch*, Cooper Noehre(3)*, Elliott Rodgers*, Peyton Asbury*, Tyler Wagner*
    Graham Calhoun(0/0/11)
    Robert Deters(1/1/7): Tristan Ruhlman*
    Clayton Fielden(1/1/5): Tristan Ruhlman*
    Brodie Porter(2/2/1): Clayton Lundy*, Jed Perry*
    Bradley Harrington(3/3/3): Hayden Filipovich*, Tyler Wagner(2)*
    Tristan Ruhlman(3/3/4): Gabe Sollars(2)*, Graham Calhoun*
    Jacob Duncan(3/3/0): Brodie Porter*, Clayton Fielden*, Tytus Morrisett*
    Gabe Davin(4/3/2): Bradley Harrington(2)*, Jajuan Dale, Robert Deters*
    Braden Welch(4/3/4): Cody Timmerman*, Graham Calhoun(2)*, Hadyn Danals(OH)
    Gabe Sollars(5/4/6): ???, Robert Deters(3)*, Tyler Wagner*
    Tyler Wagner(5/5/7): Braden Welch*, Bradley Harrington*, Clayton Fielden*, Gabe Sollars*, Gavin Layman*
    Gavin Layman(6/3/2): Clayton Fielden*, Graham Calhoun(2)*, Matt Neff(3)
    Marcus Malson(6/2/0): Gabe Davin*, Seth Ortel, Tyler Wagner*, Tytus Ragle, Van Skinner(2)
    Clayton Lundy(6/5/1): Clayton Fielden*, Graham Calhoun(3)*, Matt Neff, Tyler Wagner*
    Jalen Ward(7/6/0): Braden Welch*, Gabe Sollars*, Robert Deters*, Tristan Ruhlman(2)*, Ty Welliever, Tyler Wagner*
    Cody Timmerman(10/6/1): Abel Verbeek, Braden Welch*, Gabe Davin*, Gabe Sollars*, Gavin Layman*, Graham Calhoun(2)*, Jacob Simpson, Ronin Hammond, Will Coffield(OH)
    Mason Winner(1/1/4): Jake Lone*
    Macartney Parkinson(2/1/5): ???, Joseph Walker*
    Jake Lone(2/2/5): Graham Calhoun*, Joseph Walker*
    Colin Kwiatkowski(2/2/1): Khris Walton(2)*
    Connor Barket(2/2/1): Khris Walton*, Zian Constable*
    Joseph Walker(2/2/5): Colin Kwiatkowski*, Connor Barket*
    Aiden Warren(3/2/9): Ahijah Sandifer, Joseph Walker*, MaCartney Parkinson*
    Drake Buchanan(3/3/1): Caden Friedt*, Jake Lone*, MaCartney Parkinson*
    Brendan Mcpike(3/3/0): MaCartney Parkinson*, Noah White(2)*
    Kole Viel(4/2/0): Aiden Warren*, Colton Quantz(OH), Johnny Parker*, Noah Duke(KY)
    Khris Walton(4/3/4): Jake Lone*, Johnny Parker*, Noah White*, Ray Arebalo(IL)
    Hayden Filipovich(4/3/2): Aiden Warren(3)*, Brach Carrington
    Zian Constable(5/5/2): Aiden Warren*, Caden Friedt*, Jacob LaPlace*, Khris Walton*, Mason Winner*
    Noah White(6/6/5): Aiden Warren(2)*, Drake Buchanan*, Jake Lone*, Johnny Parker*, Joseph Walker*
    Johnny Parker(6/6/4): Aiden Warren*, Hayden Filipovich*, Joseph Walker*, MaCartney Parkinson*, Noah White(2)*
    Sam Walker(9/6/0): Blake Rowe, Caden Friedt*, Christian Summersett, Jackson Pettigrew*, Jake Lone*, Mason Winner(2)*, Tytan Grote(OH), Zian Constable*
    Jacob Laplace(0/0/7)
    Silas Allred(0/0/5)
    Eli Pack(2/2/4): Jacob LaPlace(2)*
    Mckinley Kemper(2/1/2): ???, Phoenix Rodgers*
    Phoenix Rodgers(2/1/2): Luke Kemper, McKinley Kemper*
    Jd Farrell(2/2/3): Silas Allred(2)*
    Kyler Funk(2/2/4): Silas Allred(2)*
    Matt Lepper(3/2/2): Ben Kahl, Caden Friedt*, Jacob LaPlace*
    Caden Friedt(4/4/4): Aiden Warren*, Johnny Parker*, Kyler Funk*, Mason Winner*
    Harris Eason(4/4/1): Eli Pack(2)*, Isaiah Street*, McKinley Kemper*
    Ibrahim Khaoucha(6/3/0): Brock Hueber, Jacob LaPlace*, Jaden Miller(2), Kyler Funk*, Matt Lepper*
    Richard Clevenger(7/5/0): Braden Rodriguez, Jacob Huffman(2)*, Jacob Platt, JD Farrell*, Kyler Funk*, Luke Bakeis*
    Luke Bakeis(8/4/2): ???, Diego Garcia, Jack Hargan(2), Jacob LaPlace*, Jason Streck*, JD Farrell*, Kyler Funk*
    Isaiah Street(9/3/1): Daemyen Middlebrooks(IL), Harris Eason*, Jack Hargan, Jacob Arengo(OH), Jacob Hough(MI), JD Farrell*, Phoenix Rodgers*, Ryan Krimpelbein(WI), Tucker Ikens(IL)
    Gage Demarco(9/4/1): Brock Hueber, Chad Cowart(IL), Deshawn Young*, Eli Pack*, Jevonte Williams, Luke Bakeis*, Matt Lepper*, Nico Lopez(IL), Shea Jackson
    Jacob Huffman(11/5/2): Brock Hueber, Commander Jenkins, Eli Pack*, Gage Demarco*, Jacob LaPlace*, Keon Sullivan(2), MaCartney Parkinson*, Owen Amburgy(OH)(2), Silas Allred*
    Drew Webster(0/0/3)
    Cale Gray(0/0/2)
    Evan Bates(1/1/4): Andres Larios*
    Nathan Willman(1/1/3): Will Stewart*
    Fred Durben(1/1/3): Tristen Martz*
    Deshawn Young(2/2/3): Drew Webster*, Micah Dodson*
    Micah Dodson(2/1/5): Josh Howell, Nathan Willman*
    Jason Streck(3/3/2): Evan Bates(2)*, William Crider*
    Tristen Martz(4/2/1): Alex Hernandez, Cale Gray*, Drew Webster*, Parker Smitley
    Blaine Pierce(4/2/1): Drew Webster*, Evan Shafer, Josh Howell, William Crider*
    Will Stewart(4/2/2): ???, Macray Robinson, Micah Dodson*, Nathan Willman*
    William Crider(4/3/4): Andrew Irick*, Braydon Erb*, Evan Bates*, Jonathan Williams
    Jonathan Thomas(5/2/2): Chad McLean, Evan Bates*, Jason Streck*, Yehezquel DeVault(2)
    Grant Warmuth(7/4/0): ???(3), Cale Gray*, Fred Durben(3)*
    Haakon Van Beynen(10/4/1): Alexander Hernandez, Blaine Pierce*, Dakota Arvin, Deshawn Young*, Jeff McClure, Jonathan Thomas*, Josh Howell, Leighton Jones, Micah Dodson*, Scott Monteleone(KY)
    Reese Condon(11/6/0): ???, Aataeveon Jordan, Deshawn Young*, Haakon Van Beynen*, Josh Howell, Leighton Jones, Macray Robinson, Micah Dodson(2)*, Nathan Willman*, Will Stewart*
    Dorian Keys(0/0/9)
    Logan Swallow(0/0/2)
    Andrew Irick(1/1/6): Dorian Keys*
    Damari Dancy(2/0/5): Dustin Olmstead(IL), Yehezquel DeVault
    Reeve Muncie(3/2/2): Chad McLean, Holden Parsons*, Logan Swallow*
    Braydon Erb(3/3/2): Andrew Irick*, Dennis Hubbard*, Reeve Muncie*
    Holden Parsons(4/2/5): Andrew Irick*, Damari Dancy*, Ethan Alderson, Yehezquel DeVault
    Sam Perez(5/2/5): Adam Warren, Damari Dancy(2)*, Daniel Thompson, Mason Toth
    Robbie Gentry(5/3/5): Antone Alexander*, Dorian Keys(2)*, Matthew Munoz, Race Stewart
    Ke`Tre Dickens(6/5/1): Dorian Keys(3)*, Jacob Johnson*, James Ralph, Robbie Gentry*
    Antone Alexander(6/5/2): Andrew Irick(2)*, Dennis Hubbard(2)*, Dorian Keys*, Race Stewart
    Andres Larios(6/5/2): Jorge Martinez, Sam Perez(5)*
    Andrew Himes(7/5/0): Andres Larios*, Blake Herr, Damari Dancy*, Jonathan Thomas*, Jose Rosales*, William Crider*, Yehezquel DeVault
    Jose Rosales(8/3/1): Blake Herr, Braydon Erb*, Chad McLean, Jacob Sommer, John Hinen, Logan Swallow*, William Crider*, Yehezquel DeVault
    Jacob Johnson(9/8/1): Damari Dancy*, Dorian Keys*, Holden Parsons*, Ke`Tre Dickens*, Matt Munoz, Robbie Gentry(4)*
    Dennis Hubbard(9/7/3): Andrew Irick*, Antone Alexander*, Cade Campbell(2), Dorian Keys*, Holden Parsons(3)*, Reeve Muncie*

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    slice60 reacted to GrecoCoach in My first Indiana Post-Season Experience   
    That is an NFHS rule that varsity consolation matches are 1-2-2.  The IHSAA might be able to make an exception, but they rarely stray too far from the NFHS.  
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    slice60 got a reaction from AJ in My first Indiana Post-Season Experience   
    I would also like to see 6-minute Consolation matches at every stage of the tournament. It's so important to win that 3rd/4th place match in order to set yourself up for potential success the following week (ie. avoiding that 4 vs 1 matchup). Too many of those matches have a scoreless 1-minute 1st period. 
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    slice60 got a reaction from AdamsCoBuschhh in Tough sectional brackets   
    113 at Southport may qualify as the most unusual bracket. 10 team field.
    #1 seed Cottey (Perry) 27-0 State ranked 1 
    #2 seed Glithero (Roncalli) 21-4 State ranked 15
    #3 seed 0-15 freshman
    #4 seed 0-12 freshman
    6 Forfeits
    Somebody's gonna get their hand raised for the 1st time in the 3rd place match. And maybe one of them can pull off a shocker in the Regional & punch their ticket to Semi-State with just 1 win.
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    slice60 got a reaction from SIwrestling in Tough sectional brackets   
    113 at Southport may qualify as the most unusual bracket. 10 team field.
    #1 seed Cottey (Perry) 27-0 State ranked 1 
    #2 seed Glithero (Roncalli) 21-4 State ranked 15
    #3 seed 0-15 freshman
    #4 seed 0-12 freshman
    6 Forfeits
    Somebody's gonna get their hand raised for the 1st time in the 3rd place match. And maybe one of them can pull off a shocker in the Regional & punch their ticket to Semi-State with just 1 win.
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    slice60 got a reaction from nkraus in Tough sectional brackets   
    113 at Southport may qualify as the most unusual bracket. 10 team field.
    #1 seed Cottey (Perry) 27-0 State ranked 1 
    #2 seed Glithero (Roncalli) 21-4 State ranked 15
    #3 seed 0-15 freshman
    #4 seed 0-12 freshman
    6 Forfeits
    Somebody's gonna get their hand raised for the 1st time in the 3rd place match. And maybe one of them can pull off a shocker in the Regional & punch their ticket to Semi-State with just 1 win.
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    slice60 got a reaction from IU89 in Tough sectional brackets   
    113 at Southport may qualify as the most unusual bracket. 10 team field.
    #1 seed Cottey (Perry) 27-0 State ranked 1 
    #2 seed Glithero (Roncalli) 21-4 State ranked 15
    #3 seed 0-15 freshman
    #4 seed 0-12 freshman
    6 Forfeits
    Somebody's gonna get their hand raised for the 1st time in the 3rd place match. And maybe one of them can pull off a shocker in the Regional & punch their ticket to Semi-State with just 1 win.
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    slice60 got a reaction from base in Tough sectional brackets   
    113 at Southport may qualify as the most unusual bracket. 10 team field.
    #1 seed Cottey (Perry) 27-0 State ranked 1 
    #2 seed Glithero (Roncalli) 21-4 State ranked 15
    #3 seed 0-15 freshman
    #4 seed 0-12 freshman
    6 Forfeits
    Somebody's gonna get their hand raised for the 1st time in the 3rd place match. And maybe one of them can pull off a shocker in the Regional & punch their ticket to Semi-State with just 1 win.
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    slice60 got a reaction from PMFAN in Tough sectional brackets   
    113 at Southport may qualify as the most unusual bracket. 10 team field.
    #1 seed Cottey (Perry) 27-0 State ranked 1 
    #2 seed Glithero (Roncalli) 21-4 State ranked 15
    #3 seed 0-15 freshman
    #4 seed 0-12 freshman
    6 Forfeits
    Somebody's gonna get their hand raised for the 1st time in the 3rd place match. And maybe one of them can pull off a shocker in the Regional & punch their ticket to Semi-State with just 1 win.
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    slice60 got a reaction from piscis1956 in Tough sectional brackets   
    113 at Southport may qualify as the most unusual bracket. 10 team field.
    #1 seed Cottey (Perry) 27-0 State ranked 1 
    #2 seed Glithero (Roncalli) 21-4 State ranked 15
    #3 seed 0-15 freshman
    #4 seed 0-12 freshman
    6 Forfeits
    Somebody's gonna get their hand raised for the 1st time in the 3rd place match. And maybe one of them can pull off a shocker in the Regional & punch their ticket to Semi-State with just 1 win.
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    slice60 got a reaction from Gasman in Rules question   
    Crowd was booing because they showed the replay & it sure looked intentional. Brewer ducked & the crown of his head went directly into his opponent's face with a lot of force. The ref immediately awarded 1 penalty point & I don't recall much of an argument from his coaches.
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    slice60 reacted to base in 2019 IHSAA Finals - Team points race   
    Would be really nice if IHSAA would
    Determine team scoring rules Publish team scoring rules Stick to the rules
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    slice60 reacted to Gasman in Rules question   
    Ha! You’re probably right the gas is getting to me, but I have a couple  of problems with your post:
    1. You’re right I don’t know exactly what he was thinking but in a jury of his peers he was booed significantly after the incident. This would lead me to conclude that many people including a referee that has to have years of wrestling experience to ref in that arena to agree that it was intentional. BTW you admitted fault in your arguement by saying that intentional head butts should be and did get penalized. 
    2. I did not diagnose anything. I said that the action had the potential to do those things. What I do know is that it lead to a nose bleed that was extremely hard to stop by trained professionals.
    3. Brewer is not a “kid” he is of adult age and could fight in the military right now if he wanted to. Donahue is a kid, he still has to ride a bicycle to go anywhere he wants to. 
    just an FYI I am a completely unbiased fan that wants the best for Indiana wrestling. I honestly don’t care who wins I was simply asking a rules question, but you responded with such vitriol as if I attacked you. 
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    slice60 reacted to munges in Rules question   
    Talk about wow!!! I would say he said "intentional" as there was penalty given. I too wondered the same question as gasman. Take a deep breath and enjoy life.
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    slice60 reacted to SWINfan in 2019 IHSAA Finals - Team points race   
    If anything, there needs to be the same scoring system consistently year to year.  It should be printed and public for all to see.  But the lack of first round scoring is ludicrous.  Not sure how things might be different if the first round was scored.  Haven't looked back
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    slice60 reacted to SWINfan in 2019 IHSAA Finals - Team points race   
    Mosconi = Major and Fall
    Slivka - Decision and Fall
    Friday night not scored as evidenced by Walendzak having one point for a guaranteed 8th place, but no advancement points.
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    slice60 reacted to Loki27 in 2019 IHSAA Finals - Team points race   
    And how does Masconi have 19 points with 1 fall 1 major and 1 reg. dec while Slivka only has 18 points with 2 falls and a dec?  I’m just trying to figure our the scoring as well.
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    slice60 reacted to RaiderColfax in 2019 IHSAA Finals - Team points race   
    Jacked up scoring is an understatement. A team could have two champs and place no one else will be higher then a team who places all 14 8th place. Seems legit right?
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    slice60 got a reaction from base in New Castle Semi-State altercation   
    This thread could have been about me. Lol. Somehow I found myself surrounded by very supportive Carmel moms during the 1st 2 rounds. But I kept my mouth shut while silently rooted for their opponents to prevail.
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    slice60 reacted to Dingo Brigade in 2019 New Castle semistate preview and predictions   
    ****This article is the hard work of a central Indiana coach who would prefer not to reveal his or her identity 
    It might be one of the toughest overall Semi State’s I have ever seen with an average of nearly 6 ranked wrestlers in every weight class.  In almost every quarter-bracket a State ranked or Semi State ranked opponent will be having their seasons ended prematurely. Further, the IHSAA Team Title very well may come down to the first two rounds of the New Castle Semi State with 7 potential matchups between Cathedral and Warren Central. The semistate also features the highest nationally ranked wrestler in Indiana in Silas Allred of Shenandoah. 
    State Ranked Wrestlers
    #1 Alex Cottey PM
    #4 Suhas Chundi Carmel
    #7 Carleton Perry WC
    #9 Elijah Anthony Frankfort
    #10 Logan Carrender LN
    #15 Kody Glithero Roncalli
    #18 Sam Crousore HSE
    Semi-State Ranked Wrestlers
    #7 Evan Dickey Cathedral
    #8 Isaiah Otto South Dearborn  
    Potential Matchups 
    #9 Elijah Anthony vs #8ss Isaiah Otto First Round with #10 Logan Carrender looming in the ticket round.  Anthony entered his freshman campaign undefeated going into sectionals losing to #4 Chundi twice headed into Semi state.  Carrender is red hot after winning the Pendleton Regional. 
    #7 Carleton Perry vs #7ss Evan Dickey Cathedral first round with #18 Sam Crousore looking to be the first 4 over 1 of the tournament.  Perry pinned Dickey earlier in the year, but Cathedral is known for stepping up their game come tournament time.  Will Dickey be 2019 Andrew Wilson/Elliot Rodgers?He is one of the smaller 106s I've seen in a long time, but his technique is picture perfect.  
    #4 Suhas Chundi versus #15 Kody Glithero in the ticket round.  Chundi has a 5-2 win earlier in the season but Roncalli is riding high after 6 champs at the brutal Perry Meridian Regional.  At least 3 ranked guys going home early here.  
    #1 Cottey vs winner of #9 Anthony/#10 Carrender Semis
    #4 Chundi vs #7 Perry semis
    1st Round Picks
    Cottey over Flowers
    Condo over Pritchett
    Carrender over Bullock
    Anthony over Otto
    Crousore over Necessary
    Perry over Dickey
    Chundi over Busch
    Glithero over Williams
    Tickets Punched in Order
    Cottey, Chundi, Perry, Carrender 
    Alpha Dog
    Alex Cottey 
    State Ranked Wrestlers
    #2 Zeke Seltzer Cathedral 
    #3 David Pierson WC 
    #14 Jake Simone HSE 
    #15 Christian White New Pal 
    #18 Antonio Jefferson LC
    Semi-State Ranked Wrestlers
    #5 Andrew Haggerty PM
    #6 Anthony Hughes LN
    #8 Brac Hooper Carmel
    Potential Matchups 
    #15 Christian White vs #8ss Brac Hooper followed by potentially our second 4 over 1 with #6ss Hughes.  White has the experience and the name to get through this quarter bracket, but don’t expect Hooper or Hughes to lay down for him. 
    #3 David Pierson vs #18 Antonio Jefferson.  A rematch from the Marion County finals in the ticket round.  It was a very tight match until the third period when Pierson got on top and secured the win.   
    #3 Pierson vs #14 Simone semi-finals in a rematch of the 2018 ticket round.
    1st Round Picks
    Seltzer over Ramsey
    Haggerty over Driver
    Hughes over Gordon
    White over Hooper
    Simone over Wilson
    Johnson over Galusha
    Pierson over Bautista
    Jefferson over Seal
    Tickets Punched in Order
    Seltzer, Pierson, Simone, White 
    Alpha Dogs
    Zeke Seltzer and David Pierson 
    State Ranked Wrestlers
    #4 Breyden Lowery Roncalli
    #5 Carson Eldred Westfield
    #10 Chris Stewart WC 
    Semi-State Ranked Wrestlers
    #4 Harrison Hadley Lapel
    #5 Carson Johnson Mount Vernon
    #6 Traye Owens New Castle
    #7 Parker Mosley NM
    #8 Logan Galbraith NC
    Potential Matchups 
    #4ss Hadley vs #6ss Owens first round.  A battle of seniors including Hadley trying to return to state for the second year.  The winner of this matchup gets to do battle with #10 Chris Stewart in the ticket round. Hadley did what he needed to advance at the Pendleton regional, but he'll need to bring his A game to get to the Ticket round this year.
    #8ss Galbraith, #7ss Moseley and Nick Morton will all bang it out to try and earn a spot at Bankers Life.  These kids could wrestle 10 different times with a different winner each time.
    #4 Lowery vs #5 Eldred Semis.  This one should be a battle between two highly decorated grapplers.  
    1st Round Picks
    Eldred over Donlan
    Dennison over Otto
    Lowery over Parodi
    Johnson over Condo
    Owens over Hadley
    Stewart over Gunn
    Galbraith over Euson
    Moseley over Morton
    Tickets Punched in Order
    Lowery, Stewart, Eldred, Galbraith
    Alpha Dog
    Brayden Lowery 
    State Ranked Wrestlers
    #6 Lukasz Walendzak Cathedral 
    #7 Logan Wagner Zionsville 
    #8 Cameron Toole Lebanon 
    #9 Chase Wilkerson Mount Vernon 
    #11 Jevian Ross Warren Central
    #18 Grant Stapleton Lawrenceburg 
    Semi-State Ranked Wrestlers
    #6 Dalton Huffman
    #7 Sam Slivka
    Potential Matchups 
    #6 Walendzak vs #8 Toole first round.  A top eight ranked kid will be knocked out in the first round of semi state.  Winner has undefeated #18 Stapleton in the ticket round.  I would normally go with the experience of Walendzak here but he has taken losses two weeks in a row to kids ranked worse than him. 
    #7ss Slivka vs Jared Brown should be good.  Brown had Mattingly dead in the water last year in the ticket round and got pinned while winning by double digits.  Don’t expect him to go down easily after beating Walendzak last week. 
    #9 Wilkerson vs #11 Ross in a rematch from North Montgomery Holiday Classic.  Ross got the fall in their dual in December.  Should be a good one. 
    #2 Wagner vs #9Wilkerson/#11 Ross Semi Finals.  Wagner has put together a great sophomore campaign, but I suspect this semi finals will be a great matchup. 
    1st Round Picks
    Stapleton over Franco
    Toole over Walendzak
    Slivka over Fuller
    Brown over Lloyd
    Wilkerson over Langeman
    Ross over Frazier
    Wagner over Huffman
    McKee over Lonneman
    Tickets Punched in Order
    Toole, Brown, Ross, Wagner
    Alpha Dog
    Logan Wagner
    State Ranked Wrestlers
    #2 Alex Viduya Roncalli
    #5 Logan Bailey Cathedral
    #13 Seth Johnson NM
    Semi-State Ranked Wrestlers
    #5 Aundre Beatty WC
    #8 Sebastian Bryant North Central
    Potential Matchups 
    #5 Bailey vs #5ss Beatty.  A rematch from early December.  Bailey’s experience and win definitely weigh heavily here, however, Beatty is a dangerous wrestler that shouldn’t be overlooked.
    #13 Johnson vs #2 Viduya Semis with #5 Bailey in finals.  If it is Viduya in the finals against Bailey it will be a rematch from a January dual where Viduya won 9-2.  Don’t expect the margin to be that high again as Bailey will be prepared for the rematch.
    1st Round Picks
    Brown over Naselroad
    Merkel over Defreese
    Bailey over Vredeveld
    Beatty over Lauy
    Viduya over Ramsey
    Wilkerson over Boggs
    Johnson over Collier
    Bryant over Walston
    Tickets Punched in Order
    Merkel, Bailey, Viduya, Johnson
    Alpha Dog
    Alec Viduya
    138—Nasty weight class where two returning state qualifiers have each other first round.
    State Ranked Wrestlers
    #2 Tyce Freije Roncalli
    #5 Gabe Phillips Centerville
    #9 Gabe Smith PM
    #12 Jarred Rowlett WC
    #13 Kyle Holman Carmel
    #16 Andrew Wilson Cathedral
    #17 Chris Wilkerson Mount Vernon
    Semi-State Ranked Wrestlers
    #6 Adam Negangard East Central
    #8 Reece Luhmann HSE
    Potential Matchups 
    #9 Gabe Smith vs #13 Kyle Holman in the ticket round.  These two did not see each other at team state but one top ranked kid will be ending their careers a week earlier than expected. 
    #12 Jarred Rowlett vs #16 Andrew Wilson.  Two returning IHSAA State Qualifiers a year ago battle it out in the first round.  Rowlett came out on top in a decision back in December and looks to end his career on the floor of Bankers life.  Wilson is looking for that magic he found a year ago to help his team win another team title. 
    #5 Phillips vs #12 Rowlett/#16 Wilson Ticket Round.  No rest for either returning qualifier with undefeated Phillips waiting in the wings.  A SSQ a year ago before injury ended his season is looking to punch his first ticket over someone looking for their second ticket.   
    1st Round Picks
    Wilkerson over Goodwin
    Lauy over Walsh
    Freije over Johnson-Sparks
    Luhmann over Negangard
    Holman over Crouch
    Smith over Pettiford
    Phillips over Poynter
    Rowlett over Wilson
    Tickets Punched in Order
    Wilkerson, Freije, Smith, Rowlett
    Alpha Dog
    Tyce Freije
    State Ranked Wrestlers
    #2 Bryer Hall South Dearborn 
    #4 Aiden Warren PM 
    #5 Antwaun Graves WC 
    #9 Jeff Dunasky Guerin Catholic 
    #20 Terrell Leavell LC
    Semi-State Ranked Wrestlers
    #8 Joe Theriot Carmel
    Potential Matchups 
    #5 Graves vs #9 Dunasky.  This one should be good as Dunasky knocked of Frejie a few weeks ago at the conference tournament that was still held during the “snow storm” week where everyone else canceled.  Graves is a returning medalist looking to get back on the podium.  Graves is a four time SSQ at 145. 
    #2 Hall vs #20 Leavell.  Leavell is battle tested and has been here before and is looking for his first trip to the Bank.   
    #3 Mosconi vs #4 Warren Semis in an overtime rematch
    #2 Hall vs #5 Graves Semis in a rematch from a 4-3 decision in January.
    1st Round Picks
    Theriot over Alford
    Warren over Wilburn
    Mosconi over Newlin
    Wright over Wolf
    Graves over Miles
    Dunasky over Lindemood
    Hall over Smith
    Leavell over Bates
    Tickets Punched in Order
    Warren, Mosconi, Graves, Hall
    Alpha Dog
    Maybe Hall but really whoever has the best day.  Graves beat Mosconi, Mosconi beat Warren, Warren beat Graves at Marion County and Graves pinned Warren at Regionals. 
    152—Potential state finals match in the ticket round 
    State Ranked Wrestlers
    #2 Elliot Rodgers Cathedral
    #3 Cooper Noehre Greenfield
    #4 Brice Coleman WC
    #9 Sammy Fair PM
    #13 Tytus Ragle New Castle
    #14 Easton Williamson Lebanon
    Semi-State Ranked Wrestlers
    #7 Andrew Roberts Lawrenceburg
    #8 Maxwell Hayes Mount Vernon
    Potential Matchups 
    #2 Rodgers vs #4 Coleman.  About as big of an argument for wrestlebacks as I’ve seen.  This match could easily be under the lights at Bankers Life next week but is instead going to be wrestled in the ticket round.  Someone who should be on the podium next week will be watching from the stands.
    #3 Noehre vs #13 Ragle vs #14 Williamson/#8ss Hayes.  A very tough quarter bracket where two top 16 kids will be staying home after strong seasons.
    1st Round Picks
    Rodgers over Williams
    Coleman over Sunding
    Davin over Goodner
    Fair over Roberts
    Otto over Atkins
    Dunn over Mangus
    Noehre over Ragle
    Hayes over Williamson
    Tickets Punched in Order
     (Coleman/Rodgers), Fair, Dunn, Noehre
    Alpha Dog
    State Ranked Wrestlers
    #2 Jordan Slivka Cathedral
    #3 Brooks Davis PM
    #9 Ronan Hiner HSE
    #10 Aaron Taylor WC
    #12 Jake Lowe NM
    #14 Bradley Harrington North Central
    #18 Hayden Lohrey Shenandoah
    Semi-State Ranked Wrestlers
    #7 Andrew Roth Lawrenceburg
    #8 Garrett Sharp Carmel
    Potential Matchups 
    Rebein vs #14 Harrington vs Lowe.  An interesting group where 4 of the total 12 losses come from #10 Aaron Taylor.  Rebein is a hammer on top with his wing and could surprise both of the ranked wrestlers here. 
    #2 Slivka vs #10 Taylor.  Another Cathedral and Warren matchup.  Taylor has had an up and down year winning the Marion County tournament but definitely has the attributes to pull the upset.  Slivka is, of course, a monster...
    Winner gets #9 Hiner who has a win over Taylor at the John Hurrle.  Two top 10 wrestlers seasons will end in this quarter bracket alone. 
    #2 vs #3 in the semis with Slivka and Davis 
    1st Round Picks
    Lowe over Bushey
    Rebein over Harrington
    Lohrey over Morgan
    Miller over Moore
    Slivka over Taylor
    Hiner over Roth
    Davis over Williams
    Rohrig over Sharp
    Tickets Punched in Order
    Rebein, Miller, Slivka, Davis 
    Alpha Dog
    Jordan Slivka 
    State Ranked Wrestlers
    #3 Cody Klettheimer Frankton
    #5 Elijah Mahan Roncalli
    #8 Tucker Coffman Union County
    #10 Logan Hart Carmel 
    #11 Kyle Saez Westfield
    #13 Josh Lowe NM
    #17 Drake Kendrex Mount Vernon 
    #20 Tyler Wagner Cathedral
    Potential Matchups 
    #11 Saez vs #20 Wagner.  Wagner has had a very strong season even if it was done quietly with his #20 ranking.  He has several very good wins and will be looking to help his team win a IHSAA state title. 
    #3 Mahan vs # 17 Kendrex.  A lot of tough draws for Mount Vernon with Kendrex doing battle with returning medalist Mahan for a ticket to state.
     #8 Coffman vs #13 Lowe.  The second of the medalists battling another ranked opponent for a spot at the bank with Coffman being the returning 4th place finisher.
    #3 Klettheimer vs #10 Hart.  Hart dropping down from 182 a year ago versus the returning 7th place finisher in Kleittheimer.
    1st Round Picks
    Saez over McClain
    Wagner over Noble
    Mahan over Reynolds
    Kendrex over Calderon
    Coffman over Rice
    Lowe over Battista
    Klettheimer over Massey
    Hart over Baker
    Tickets Punched in Order
    Saez, Mahan, Coffman, Klettheimer 
    Alpha Dog
    Cody Klettheimer 
    State Ranked Wrestlers
    #8 Cameron Bacon Carmel
    #12 Jalen Morgan Elwood
    #14 JD Farrell Fishers
    #19 Devontay Moore North Central
    Semi-State Ranked Wrestlers
    #4 Clayton Todd Pendleton Heights
    #5 PJ Sterrett Mount Vernon
    #8 Jake Combs Hagerstown
    Potential Matchups 
    #4ss Todd vs #14 Farrell first round 
    #8ss Combs vs #5ss Sterrett ticket round 
    #8 Bacon vs #19 Moore in a rematch of the MIC finals first round 
    #8 Bacon vs #12 Morgan Semis with Bacon down a weight class from a year ago and Morgan trying to make it a round further and be on the podium at the Bank. This should be a good one. 
    1st Round Picks
    Filipovich over Black
    Farrell over Todd
    Combs over Stanley
    Sterrett over VanDeventer
    Bacon over Moore
    Dycus Over Vaughn
    Morgan over Woodall
    Viel over Goodall
    Tickets Punched in Order
    Farrell, Sterrett, Bacon, Morgan
    Alpha Dog
    Jalen Morgan
    State Ranked Wrestlers
    #1 Silas Allred Shenandoah
    #9 KJ Roudebush Tipton
    #12 Austin Lane PM
    #13 Tremor Bynum PH
    #15 Jack Heldt Carmel
    Semi-State Ranked Wrestlers
    #7 Gavin Keesee Franklin Central
    #8 Nathan Bishop WC
    Potential Matchups 
    #15 Heldt vs #9 Roudebush ticket round.  One of these seniors will be staying home next weekend when the other could very easily be on the podium. Roudebush is some kind of athlete. Winner will see #12 Austin Lane in the semis. 
    All eyes will be on the Cornhusker commit #1 Silas Allred, a prohibitive favorite.
    1st Round Picks
    Heldt over Beard
    Roudebush over Shafer
    Lane over Maish
    Mills over Pierce
    Bynum over Krummen
    Keesee over Medlen
    Allred over Garcia
    Bishop over Shew
    Tickets Punched in Order
    Roudebush, Lane, Bynum, Allred
    Alpha Dog
    Silas Allred
    State Ranked Wrestlers
    #3 Andrew Irick HSE
    #4 Kyle Cornwell Elwood
    #8 Drew Webster NM
    #15 Deshawn Young Franklin Central
    #16 Haakon Van Beynen Carmel
    #20 David Guhl Cathedral
    Semi-State Ranked Wrestlers
    #6 Cade Campbell PH
    #7 Carlos Mitchell WC
    Potential Matchups 
    #4 Cornwell vs #16 Van Beynen ticket round.  The Carmel phenom will have his hands full with Cornwell looking to finish #1 after losing his ranking at the North Mont Holiday Classic. Cornwell is ranked nationally in some publications.
    #7ss Mitchell vs #20 Guhl.  In Mitchell's first tournament after winning a 6A IHSAA Football Title, he took losses to both Guhl and Williams of Avon.  He avenged the Williams loss and is looking to help knock another Cathedral contender out of the series.  
    Winner has the privilege of wrestling #3 Irick who took a rubber match loss to #8 Webster.  Irick comes from a long line of bad men from HSE, and is ranked nationally. 
    #8 Webster vs #15 Young/Brown.  Young is very athletic and has gone back and forth with Mitchell from Warren.  He is also the Marion County Champion and is looking to punch a ticket to state.  Brown is no slouch and just beat #20 Guhl last week and Mitchell at the MIC. 
    Browning/Burton/#6ss Campbell is an interesting quarter bracket where anyone can come out with the golden ticket.
    1st Round Picks
    Cornwell over Mcclure
    Van Beynen over Dick
    Mitchell over Guhl
    Irick over Pandoli
    Webster over Badger
    Young over Brown
    Browning over Arvin
    Campbell over Burton
    Tickets Punched in Order
    Cornwell, Irick, Webster, Campbell
    Alpha Dog
    Drew Webster 
    State Ranked Wrestlers
    #1 Jamichael Watts North Central
    #9 Dennis Hubbard WC
    #10 John Harris Roncalli
    #12 Antone Alexander Franklin Central
    #17 Crae Kunkelman HSE
    Semi-State Ranked Wrestlers
    #6 Jonathan Williams Carmel
    #7 Zack McQueen Connersville
    #8 Josh Berger Northeastern 
    Potential matchups: 
    #10 Harris vs #7ss McQueen
    #17 Kunkelman vs #12 Alexander.  A tough draw with Kunkelman getting third each week at sectionals and regionals against a tough FC Alexander who finds a way to win.
    #9 Hubbard vs #6ss Williams.  A MIC rematch of an earlier contest where Hubbard got an early fall.  Look for the Greyhound to try and take this match back.
    Winner gets #1 Watts in the ticket round.  Hubbard lost a 1-0 match to Watts at the Marion County.  A top 10 kid will be watching state rather than wrestling.
    1st Round Picks: 
    Harris over McDaniel
    McQueen over Evans
    Keller over Jones
    Berger over Wertz
    Aherns over Stephens
    Kunkelman over Alexander
    Watts over Adams
    Hubbard over Williams 
    Tickets Punched in Order
    Harris, Keller, Kunkelman, Watts
    Alpha Dog
    Jamichael Watts
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