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  1. nitetrain24

    RTC at NorthWood HS

    NorthWood RTC Guest Clinician: Josh Hardman; https://sports.wabash.edu/coaches.aspx?rc=462&path=wrestling Monday; April 15 6:00-7:30PM NWHS Wrestling room Enter door 5 and head downstairs. Locker room on the left, wrestling room on your right
  2. nitetrain24

    RTC at NorthWood HS

    This Monday April 15; 6-730pm Welcome Guest Clinician - Josh Hardman; Wabash College!
  3. nitetrain24

    RTC at NorthWood HS

    We resume tomorrow (Monday 4/8) 6-730pm! Guest clinician Jesse Espinoza. Be there!
  4. nitetrain24

    RTC at NorthWood HS

    Due to construction during spring break we will not be in session this Monday the 1st. We will resume on Monday April 8.
  5. nitetrain24

    RTC at NorthWood HS

    RTC at NorthWood HS! On Monday’s beginning March 25th! 6-7:30pm. First clinician is Dennis Lewis; state runner up, 2x state champ, MAC champ, 3x NCAA qualifier, Indiana wrestling HOF as athlete and coach! Enter door 5 and head down stairs to wrestling room.
  6. nitetrain24

    CoachIng Positions

    NorthWood is looking to complete their staff with highly motivated assistant coaches! Positions available within HS, MS, and youth programs. Currently there are several teaching postings within the corporation as well. Please contact HC Nate Andrews with interest.... nandrews@wanee.org
  7. nitetrain24

    Finally, It is DONE! **Schedules and Results**

    This is awesome. Thanks for your time!
  8. nitetrain24

    Lapel @ Tri-West Invite

    1 Lapel 33 - Speedway 41 2 Lapel 41 - South Putnam 30 3 Lapel 31 - Tri West 39 4 Lapel 42 - Guerin Catholic 30 5 Lapel 39 - Scecina 27
  9. nitetrain24

    Lapel vs. Eastern Hancock

    103 - Casey Upperman (L) FF 112 - Ben George (L) (18-5) Major Decision, Brandon Ray (EH) 119 - Jacob Riley (L) FF 125 - Nathan Kell (EH) (16-4) Major Decision, Drew Stecher (L) 130 - Double FF 135 - Parker Pickett (L) (0:51) Fall, Hunter Knopp (EH) 140 - Cameron Jones (L) FF 145 - BJ Davidson (EH) (6-4) Decision, Kyle Nardi (L) 152 - Jeff Lovetinsky (L) (11-3) Major Decision, Sam Pfaff (EH) 160 - Preston Pickett (L) Fall (3:15) against Ethan Smith (EH) 171 - Tommy Inholt (L) Fall (3:38) CJ Collis (EH) 189 - Kaleb Spruell (L) (9-5) decision, Josh Ramage (EH) 215 - Chandler Bowen (L) Fall (0:24) Zack King (EH) 285- Ryan Newman (L) wins by a forfeit Lapel 59 - Eastern Hancock 7
  10. nitetrain24

    The Best Wrestler in the History of YOUR school

    Don't forget that Trevor Andrews (NorthWood) was among them as well. (6th-93)(2nd-94)
  11. nitetrain24

    Lawrence North Wildcat RTC Thursday March 4th 5:30

    I mean USA cards
  12. nitetrain24

    Lawrence North Wildcat RTC Thursday March 4th 5:30

    Do they need ISWA cards?
  13. nitetrain24

    Hamilton Heights Sectional

    What are the final team scores for all 12 teams?
  14. nitetrain24

    Weight loss question?

    So it resets each week?
  15. nitetrain24

    Weight loss question?

    I'd love to know the answer to this question!

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