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  1. There is a huge difference beating someone at semistate 10-3 when your team has already won. He could easily put up at tech fall for dear ol Cathedral. Nothing is guaranteed, but I would rather be in Cathedral's shoes than CP's shoes.
  2. Mendez probably wins by fall. Zeke probably wins by tech. Very difficult for Cathedral to lose.
  3. Max points for Crown Point is 98.5. I am not sold on Hollendonner winning. Zeke will tech fall. Worst case senario is Cathedral by 1.
  4. With Crown Point going 3-1 in consolation, Cathedral is your 2020 state champ.
  5. How many points for a finals win? 4?
  6. The 2 matches that EMD needed to win, they lost to crown point.
  7. I have no dog in this fight. But is that not what happened? Head referee clearly signaled 2 reversal.
  8. How many points are scored in consolations? I think crown point goes 4-4.
  9. Wagner scored a reversal as time ran out. Referees met and changed call to an escape. Went to overtime and Fielden scored a takedown
  10. How do you give a point for escape? Either it is a reversal or time ran out. Fielden had his bands and headgear off, he knew he lost. In addition, both takedowns were out of bounds.
  11. Like Cathedral or hate Cathedral, they got screwed at 170. McGinley may get team point taken for arguing.
  12. Parkinson situation was huge. Probably cost EMD 18 points. EMD is to far behind now. Cathedral looks like they are in control.
  13. Crown Point single handedly eliminated EMD.
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