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  1. For what it's worth, when I signed my son up on Trackwrestling it did ask me to pick the 2 qualifying events he attended. There was a drop down list of tournaments and I grabbed a snapshot of the list. Here is what I had to choose from: Team Jeff Ironman 3/20-21/15 Mooresville Freestyle Open 3/21/15 Columbia City Freestyle 3/21/15 Penn FS Rumble Classic 3/28/15 Boonville Ironman Classic 3/28/15 Perry Meridian FS Open 4/10-11/15 Carmel FS Duals Festival 4/10-12-15 Seymour Cadet/JR FS Duals 4/11/15 Duneland FS HS Duals 4/11/15 Delta FS Open 4/11/15 Princeton Tiger Ironman 4/17-18
  2. I don't believe many thought a waiver was in the works. Tell that to Mr Mills who stated in an earlier post that he sent an email to the ISWA on March 8th about a waiver and never got a reply. Regardless if it was in the works or not, you don't communicate it out on April 29th. If this had gone out in early March this thread doesn't exist.
  3. Well said and I think you summed it up perfectly. It's not about whether you agree or disagree with the rule itself but rather how it's being handled. I too feel bad for the parents that had to make sacrifices to ensure their wrestler got their 2 tournaments in only to find out they could have gotten a waiver and still got in. This waiver should have been in effect from the beginning and since it wasn't they should have left it as is.
  4. A local paper wrote published this article a couple of weeks ago as DJ was back in the area due to the unfortunate death of his father. I thought many would enjoy reading this so I thought I would share it. Posted: Wednesday, February 4, 2015 10:31 pm Service despite challenges PETE SWANSON Sports EditorTri-State Media Purple Heart honoree D.J. Radnovich works past dyslexia, injuries In third grade he was diagnosed with dyslexia, a developmental reading disorder that according to Wikipedia is the most common learning difficulty, one that makes reading and comprehension diffic
  5. DJ did pin all 4 opponents in the State Finals. In fact, he pinned all but 1 opponent (semi-state I believe) that year. His performance in the State Finals was one of the most impressive I've ever seen. I'm not sure any of the 4 matches lasted longer than the 1st period.
  6. Maurer Coughlin Levi Miller (North Posey) Baxter Annakin (Castle) Nolan Weidner (Evansvile Mater Dei) Logan Dilbeck (Gibson Southern) Carson Willis (Evansville Central) Will Egli (Evansville Mater Dei) Christian Pellacer (Gibson Southern) Alex Johnson (Evansville Mater Dei) Nick Lee (Evansville Mater Dei) Kyle Todrank (Gibson Southern) Joe Lee (Evansville Mater Dei) Austin Ramsey (Castle) Patrick Schnell (Castle) Chance Williams (Evansville Memorial) Isaiah Kemper (Evansville Central) Jacob Farmer (Castle) Cordell Miller (Heritage Hills) Noah Huelsing (Evansville Memorial)
  7. I believe Hart won 3-2 in the first meeting (at the Memorial duals) and then got a win by pin this past weekend. Not 100% certain on those but figured someone would know for sure. I know Wilderman has wrestled some tough kids so should be a good match up. Either way, with Kyles in there 3 very good wrestlers in that class.
  8. Surprised Central's Caleb Hart isn't given any consideration at 220. The semi between him and Wilderman should be a good one. Not sure if they wrestled during the regular season but with recent wins over Choate from Mt. Vernon I would think Hart could make a run for the title.
  9. I knew both losses were to Weiss and forgot that Weiss was a year ahead of him. Those guys had some great battles in HS.
  10. I'm pretty sure Drake Stein lost both the Sectional and Regional championship matches his Senior year and won State.
  11. I don't believe they have wrestled this year. I know Jasper beat Princeton 72-9 this Tuesday but I'm pretty sure the paper said Karges received a forfeit at 145.
  12. Karges from Princeton will have something to say about who wins at 145.
  13. Does anyone know what teams will be in the Jasper Invitational this Saturday?
  14. You're quite welcome TripleB. I saw these posts and thought this might help. I'm not from Princeton but I read about their results in the local paper. Karges has always been a solid wrestler and it sounds like he had a slow start to the season after dealing with a football injury so I think he'll get better as the season goes on.
  15. According to the local paper, Karges beat Zach Batts 9-4 at the Memorial duals this past weekend.
  16. Being from Southern Indiana I have to laugh at the implication that EMD "gets" all the best wrestlers from the area. They typically always have the best wrestlers because of their program and the parents, grandparents, etc. that grew up through it and their kids and grandkids are now going through the program. I give huge kudos to EMD for voluntarily bumping up to the largest class to compete at state. I'd like to see the Indy football powerhouses of Cathedral or Chatard do the same in football if they weren't forced to play up a class due to the success factor.
  17. It's official now. Blake Maurer is the new head coach at Gibson Southern and Matt Coughlin is the Assistant Coach. Outstanding hires!!
  18. I'm going to guess Blake Rueger from Reitz who lost to Farmer in the ticket round.
  19. I believe the final was 4-2. I recall there being a close takedown late in the third period for the Castle kid but they were out of bounds and he didn't get it.
  20. Is there a reason you don't have Jedidiah Cox (31-1) from Sullivan making it out of this Regional? I've seen him wrestle this year and he's very good. I'd assume he's a legit threat to win this Regional. Just an observation as I don't have a dog in this fight but just remember seeing him wrestle this year and expected him to do well in the post season.
  21. Didn't see the last couple of matches but here's what I recall from the finals. Champs 106: Brown © 113: Baehl (GS) 120: Welch © 126: Coomer ( (pretty sure he won) 132: Allen ( 138: McDaniels ( 145: Singleton (GS) 152: Not certain...I think HH won 160: Oser (HH) 170: Warren © 182: Konerding (HH) 195: Halbig (P) 220: ?? 285: ??
  22. I would guess Heritage Hills or Castle.
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