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    Brey reacted to Beef Stew in Folkstyle State hurt by Corona?   
    Word is State is gonna be moved to TheCompoundIndy. 
    Joe Rogan will be commentating. 
    It will be on FX. 
    And they are bringing in a team of hammers straight from Wuhan, China. 
    It’s gonna be a doosey, folks. 
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    Brey got a reaction from Jcjcjc in Longest Pin at State   
    Not to hijack post but I remember in 1990 Doug Rigney Decatur Central had a tech fall over Rusty Head Mater Dei in overtime. It was pretty late in the 1-1-1 format of overtime. 
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    Brey reacted to wrestleback4life in Best to Never Win State   
    Gil Journey
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    Brey got a reaction from Zombiedust in Officials   
    This is probably why young people do not go into officiating. Well done!
    Bryan Bailey
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    Brey got a reaction from lemercad in Officials   
    This is probably why young people do not go into officiating. Well done!
    Bryan Bailey
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    Brey got a reaction from sslaymon in Officials   
    This is probably why young people do not go into officiating. Well done!
    Bryan Bailey
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    Brey got a reaction from piscis1956 in Officials   
    This is probably why young people do not go into officiating. Well done!
    Bryan Bailey
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    Brey got a reaction from nkraus in Officials   
    This is probably why young people do not go into officiating. Well done!
    Bryan Bailey
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    Brey reacted to Dwilly in IndianaMat Semi-State Bracket WITH rankings   
    Coleman twice in NC
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    Brey reacted to Fighting Irish WC in Indiana Outlaws: 3hr Practice Sunday 2/2 at Cathedral HS   
    9am Sunday 2/2. All are welcome,$10 drop in fee.  Have wrestlers coming from all over the state. It will be a good room.  Send a direct message if you have any questions. 
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    Brey reacted to MackG in Team State: Upsets, Notable Matches, etc...   
    Thanks Navy. We all lost about 25 IQ points from your original post. 
    Very much appreciated!!
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    Brey reacted to takemtothemat in Team State: Upsets, Notable Matches, etc...   
    Reading some of these post, It's obvious that jealousy motivates stupidity.
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    Brey got a reaction from Juggernaut in Weight certification   
    Generally, I hate to see any negative posts about our sport. However, I have heard alarming news (parents from the team)that a HS coach had access to change the “alpha weights” (IHSAA certification)and did so for his kids. First of all, why do coaches have access to this? (I thought it was an AD thing). Secondly, if our system is foolproof why does this happen?  In late 80’s and early 90’s our sport suffered losses due to improper weight management. I hope this isn’t true but needs to be addressed if it occurred. Please enlighten me with knowledge about this. 
    Bryan Bailey
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    Brey reacted to bluemonster in Team State Draw Show   
    Cathedral has earned the top spot. It’s very close between the top 4 teams so saying they get a pass is comical. Cathedral hasn’t been challenged nor has EMD. I would have seeded CHS 1 and EMD 2 same as they seeded it. Good work Indianamat crew!
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    Brey reacted to bluemonster in Weight certification   
    I’m not sure who he is that your referring to but if Mr. Bailey gets on her to address a problem rest assure it’s a PROBLEM. 
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    Brey reacted to graham in Al Smith   
    Congratulations to Cathedral on the big win this weekend at Al Smith!  🏆
    Go Irish!!! 
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    Brey reacted to jetwrestling in Indiana Outlaws at Adams Central   
    Coach Bailey is running Outlaw practices at Adams Central High School. 
    Practices are every Thursday 6-7:30pm in the HS wrestling room.
    Enter the fieldhouse entrance, turn right  and room is first door.
    Punch cards available or a drop in fee of you want to try it out. 
    Follow Indiana Outlaws Wrestling Club on Facebook for more info. 
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    Brey reacted to Mattyb in Brock Bobzein   
    Brock is an OG Outlaw. @Brey
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    Brey reacted to IndianaWrestlingGuy in Cooper Noehre v Elliott Rodgers - MISSED FALL   
    What a match! Still buzzing from that one. Cooper was awesome. 3 OT matches in one season with great offense?!? Crazy!  
    Golden Ace was 🔥 last night! 
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    Brey reacted to guillotine in Congrats   
    Congratulations to Cathedral on a job well done.  
    Congrats Asa on 3. Good luck at IU and to all the others that have signed to go there.
    Congrats to the 14 state champs.
    Congrats to the parents that raised these kids to be well spoken, good young men.  It was impressive to hear all the champs carry theirselves with confidence and gratitude.
    How about that national anthem!  No kneeling!  Respect for the sport and our great country.
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    Brey reacted to Perseverance in semi state draws   
    Sounds more to me like you’re probably unaware of the process.  Matches are paired using a formula between the 4 Regionals and their placements.  I realize at times it may seem like certain kids receive better draws than others.....and honestly, they have.  But it’s not because there is someone overseeing matters that ensures certain kids get an easier path, while others get the hard road.  That’s why working hard and trying to secure a #1 seed is so important.
    I noticed you had just joined the site a couple weeks ago.  So my response to you is based on helping you better understand the process a bit.  And giving you the benefit of the doubt, that you’re not trying to create strife with a rival school.  Because I can attest to the fact that the individuals I personally know from SD......spill their guts year round to be the best version of themselves possible, and deserve all the success and good fortune that comes their way.
    Hope this gives you some clarity. 
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    Brey reacted to Raven27 in Walkout songs for state finals?   
    We do it at our home meets as well.  I also added some stoppage music that got vetoed by my principal.
    Blood Time - Bleeding out Imagine Dragons
    Blood Time-Bad Blood - Taylor Swift
    Injury Time - No Air - Jordin Sparks
    I thought it was comical my AD and Principal didn't feel the same.
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    Brey got a reaction from awood2 in Favorite wrestling moment ever!   
    . It was 1991 and Nelson won over Terry. Pretty much sealed the deal for Mishawaka! Awesome match. I remember it like it was yesterday.
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    Brey reacted to WrestlingSlam42 in Brayden Littell   
    I guess i missed it. He transferred back to center grove mid season?
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    Brey got a reaction from grecoref in Thank You Coach Tom Knotts   
    Congrats to Coach Knotts! One of the pioneers of Indiana wrestling on national scene. I have tons of respect for him. I wish you nothing but success in the future! Thanks for all you did for me personally and Indiana wrestling! We all owe you.
    Bryan Bailey
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