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  1. I believe that bracket is actually correct it is just arranged different than other brackets. Brown is the 1 seed from the Castle sectional and Mohler is the 2 seed.
  2. Track has this incorrect. Bethel wins by pin.
  3. Lee defeated Coy 8-5 @ 2015 Scholastic Duals.
  4. #3 Wade Ripple MV 6-1 over #2 Cory Klem. Not a major upset but did avenge his only loss of the season. Congrats Wade!
  5. http://s200.trackwrestling.com/tw/predefinedtournaments/MainFrame.jsp?newSession=false&loadBalanced=true&sport=wrestling&TIM=1454176911221&pageName=&ie=true&frameSize=500 Try that
  6. Its showing up on my computer. Its listed as Evansville Central
  7. I believe they have another round of consolations to go to decide the 3rd place match unless Track is that far behind.
  8. Thank you maligned for explaining the seeding process for this event. I just thought that for the money these teams are paying that the committee could take the extra 15 minutes to seed the remaining 4 teams so there is no way for people to debate over a teams bracket placement or put the beer and wings down for a second and take in to consideration other factors such as geography and opponents teams have already faced when looking at your 4 unseeded teams to at least try and make the experience worth while for the kids involved. Cause at the end of the day isn't that what this is all supposed to be about, high school kids and growing the sport? As for my hashtags making me appear bitter, I appreciate your concern. Let me assure you that I am not a father, mother, brother or sister of any kid involved in this program. My only ties to it are that I attended the school and continue to follow the team because I enjoy the sport. I just hate to see a group of boys that have come up through the youth program together have a "teammate" put himself above the team. Plenty of wrestlers have come through this state with college and olympic goals and they didn't put themselves above their team and coaches. Would MV win the Team State title with that one extra wrestler? Probably not. But having that caliber of a wrestler standing beside them, fighting with them everyday during the season might just give some of those kids a little extra motivation to keep pushing to get better as a team. Thats what high school sports is supposed to be about.
  9. I guess you can say Mount Vernon got Konrathed. Without their top stud, all star, all American, college/olympic bound (yet hasn't won state) they get no love in the south. Yes, he was a major piece in what made that team but I've got to wonder if they would have been given more consideration or a better draw had he been a part of the team. Would they have been moved to a different bracket to face teams that they haven't already seen this season had they had their "champ"? Now MV gets to pay their $175 team fee and well over $1400 in hotel costs to travel over 5 hours to wrestle two teams that they've already wrestled, one which they could travel 30 minutes to wrestle and waste 2 pts on their team schedule for the season. As an unseeded team you would think that they could at least be placed into a bracket with teams that they haven't already faced. #daddysboy #quitter
  10. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B99kk8BWi5ZUbnh3ZzZaX2g5aFU/view?pli=1
  11. Not sure on particulars, was just told that he was out and Lang from MV was now the 4 seed.
  12. Or was everyone quick to believe every rumor they heard?
  13. Mt. Vernon leads Jasper 198.5 to 176.5 going into finals. Mt. Vernon has 11 in the finals. Gorman, Crissup, Konrath, Keller, Bethel, Keller, Whoberry, Harms, DeKemper, Choate, Ripple are in the finals.
  14. I wonder if MD will put Clem or Embry in at 132 and bump N. Lee to 138 and J. Lee to 145?
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