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  1. Congratulations to the IHSWCA officers and exec. director for one of our best clinics ever! Mark Manning is a rapid fire technique machine. Attendance was great: We smashed the NWCA Scholastic Leadership Academy attendance record with 85 coaches Friday. Coach Pete Jacobson did his usual amazing job and the input from the coaches was great. Even us grizzled veterans came away with some things to add to our programs and our younger coaches were hit with some great ideas to build their programs. Season starts soon, let's do our part to grow wrestling and recruit some more kids into our programs. If every high school program in the country recruited just THREE new kids into their program the 30,000 decline in participation would be reversed. None of us can do all of of it but all of us can do some of it. Thanks to SLA Director Bud Hennebaul for giving us a great clinician. Thanks to Major Pegram and the US Marines who are our generous and dedicated sponsors and thanks to NWCA Executive Director Mike Moyer for making the trip out to join us for this important event. INVITE THE UNITED STATES MARINES INTO YOUR WRESTLING ROOM!!! They will put on a day of conditioning and team building for you and tailor it to what you want your team to get out of it. Their financial support is what makes the SLAs possi ble. Best wishes to all for a great season and I will see you on the road to Bankers Life! Dave
  2. Your first step, and I mean this sincerely, is to attend the Scholastic Leadership Academy as part of the IHSWCA Fall Clinic. Coach Pete Jacobsen will cover a range of topics designed to help build your program, deal with parents and make wrestling special in your school. Pete turned around a program and made it into a power in New York. You will come away from this event as a better coach.
  3. Eastern Hancock has a head coach opening. Contact: EASTERN HANCOCK ATHLETICS AARON SPAULDING Athletic Director/ Head Boy's Basketball Coach 10320 E. 250 N. Charlottesville, IN 46117 Work: (317) 467-0095 Ext. 250 Mobile: (317) 402-2999 Fax; (317) 936-5050 Email: aspaulding@easternhancock.org Website: www.ehathletics.org
  4. Just saw an e-mail for the Head Coaching position at Eastern Hancock High School. Contact: EASTERN HANCOCK ATHLETICS AARON SPAULDING Athletic Director/ Head Boy's Basketball Coach 10320 E. 250 N. Charlottesville, IN 46117 Work: (317) 467-0095 Ext. 250 Mobile: (317) 402-2999 Fax; (317) 936-5050 Email: aspaulding@easternhancock.org Website: www.ehathletics.org
  5. Our clinician for the NWCA Scholastic Leadership Academy is Pete Jacobson of Edgewood High School in Scarsdale, NY. Coach Jacobson runs one of the best programs in New York. Pete is a former Cornell wrestler, a member of the New York Fire Department and the founder of Winsmarter.com, a website full of amazing free materials to help you be a better coach, communicator and leader. You will come out of the Scholastic Leadership Academy a better coach.
  6. Very sorry to hear about Mike's passing. He was great to be around and like Jimmy T said, there was no one who did more to help kids who had nothing else in their lives. Staggering to think how many kids were given a future because of Mike's love for them. Miss you Mike.
  7. Anderson High School has an assistant wrestling coaching position open. There is also a teaching position in Special Education. The Indians program is on the rise and has a lot of promising athletes. They compete in the North Central Conference and the Elwood Sectional. Contact coach Sean Clark at: seclark@acsc.net.
  8. Apologies if I have missed a post on this already on the board. As you already know, Coach Rex Peckinpaugh has announced his retirement as head coach of the New Castle Trojans. I will not attempt to summarize his statement since it, like everything Rex does, was so well done. Check it out on Facebook. Rex thought long and hard about his decision and I am confident he has done the best thing, like always. Reading the posts from past Trojan wrestlers and friends of the program was like taking a walk back through time. Seeing the names with the posts sparked a lot of fond memories (except for when we wrestled them). Rex has been a leader and influential voice in Indiana high school wrestling so long that it is difficult to remember when he wasn't a force or to envision a future without him in that role. The good news is that Rex has no intention of disappearing. I'm sure we will see him at events and continue to enjoy his company. Thanks, Rex for all you have done to raise the profile of the sport in Indiana. The stats are truly amazing: Over 1000 dual meet wins, a win streak of over 100, dozens and dozens of state finalists, team runners-up in some epic matches and helping to host an awesome Semi-State, freestyle tournaments and Middle School State. But more than that, thanks for being such a great friend, rival and role model for how to treat athletes. There simply are no better people in the sport than the New Castle Wrestling Family. Dave Cloud
  9. Franklin Community High School and the Franklin Wrestling Club have announced the retirement of Coach Bob Hasseman from the head coaching position for the Grizzly Cubs. Bob's time as head coach has brought great success for FCHS: His teams won 18 IHSAA Sectional, 11 Regional, 8 Semi-State, 18 County and 17 Conference team titles. The Grizzly Cubs were 2014 IHSAA runners-up and won the 2014 Coaches Association team title. Five Grizzly Cubs claimed individual titles during his tenure, along with numerous other place winners. In addition, Coach Hass was a dedicated freestyle official and the driving force behind the Franklin Wrestling Club. More importantly, Bob has been a great representative for our sport. He built his program the right way and his kids always wrestled with a lot of grit. They won with class (a lot) and lost with dignity. Coach has been a great coaching colleague to many. I am very appreciative of his friendship and will miss seeing him in the corner. I wish Bob and his wife a wonderful retirement and all the things he had to put aside for all these years. This doesn't even take into account putting up with Chris Lynch all those years! Bob, your efforts have made Indiana High School Wrestling better. Thanks!
  10. FCFighter 170--So many people worked so hard to get streets cleared and power back on. It was truly amazing to see the speed with which the clean up proceeded. Thanks for your help! Dave
  11. Pennsylvania has been pushing for a reduction since I was on the NFHS rules committee years ago. While it is a relatively large state with large metro areas like Philly and Pittsburgh, the middle portion of the state is very rural with lots of small towns and schools. I disagree strongly with the desire to cut weights but that is a big reason why PA pushes for a reduction.
  12. As many of you know, my hometown of Pendleton was hit by a tornado this week. In spite of the tremendous damage there were no fatalities and only one injury which was, thankfully, not life threatening. While I love my hometown, the community I am referring to in the title is the Indiana Wrestling community. I have received numerous calls from wrestling coaches checking on my family's welfare and offering assistance. Coach Duncan and some of his Frankton Eagle wrestlers came down to help in the cleanup this week. I am profoundly grateful to have as rivals such friends who took the time to reach out. Our town will recover and be better than before, albeit without as many trees. The wrestling community will always be a source of strength and pride for me, like it is for all of you. Thank you all for your caring and concern. Local charities are accepting donations but if you are of a mind to contribute may I humbly recommend the Red Cross in your community. They were on the scene almost immediately after the storm and set up a relief center at the high school. I encountered another Red Cross team today during my visit to a site where some of our wrestlers will be working tomorrow to assist a local wrestling family. The RC volunteers assured me they would be in town until they help everyone get back on their feet.
  13. Thanks Nick and Maligned for contributing to the conversation. Like the bowling tournament idea. We have three elementary schools so I am looking for a way to reach out to them to get the sixth graders into the middle school program. Nick: Steal away. Almost surely stole all of them myself!!
  14. For sure, being a lay coach makes it more difficult to reach the kids. So let's hear from some our lay coaches who have good numbers. How do you reach kids? I send an e-mail to every sixth grade boy to get them info on joining football and wrestling. The school sends my approved e-mail for me. My middle school principal even had mailing labels printed so I can send every kid a letter, too.
  15. Congratulations, Cody. Proud to have competed against you the last four years. Coach Cloud Arabian Wrestling
  16. Agree with Joe. Cutting weight classes won't solve the problem. I know it is difficult, time consuming, often frustrating and not what we should have to do as coaches, in a perfect world. In a perfect world 50 to 60 kids would show up every year after putting in a vigorous off-season of hard work. But that's not the world we live in. I try to talk to at least one kid each day who is not in my program about going out for wrestling. We normally have close to 50 wrestlers, sometimes more, to start the season. Some of them drop out since we have a larger number of newbies but we normally end up well over 40 on the roster by Sectional. Barry Humble got huge numbers at Adams Central. It was then a very small school. It will never be easy to get large numbers but it is worth the effort. Let's point this discussion in a new direction. Let's hear from the coaches with solid numbers what you do to build the program. 1) As I said in my post, try to talk to at least one kid per day from the start of school until season starts (over 50 days) and from the end of the season until the end of school (about another 55). Often I will speak to the same kid several times but with all those contacts it is hard not to get at least a few extra recruits each season. 2) Coaching another sport can help. I coached high school football for over 30 years and then moved to middle school four years ago (love the shorter season that ends before Fall break!). Our middle school numbers have jumped since I get to pump the sport every day (Wow, that was a great tackle. I bet you would have a mean double leg.) 3) We have a bowling party every year after County tournament. I get a cheap trophy with a wrestler and a bowling pin on it. 4) I make sure to get the cut lists from freshman and middle school basketball teams. We also encourage middle school basketball players to come out after the season (got IHSAA fifth and sixth place finishers that way). 5) I send a letter to every eighth grade wrestler welcoming them to our summer program, encouraging them to play a fall sport and try to meet up with them at the start of their freshman year. Next season I am sending a recruiting e-mail to the student e-mail account of ever Why incoming freshman student (girls and boys). 6) Get your kids exposure whenever possible. We name a Wrestler of the Meet on announcements (thanks Q!), nominate them for school programs (we have two on the Student Athletic Council), make sure to get your kids Academic All-State recognition. I make sure to fill out the recommendation forms for National Honor Society for each wrestler nominated. The Marines now have an academic certificate for wrestlers. There are more but I want to hear what you guys are doing. If you ever get a chance, talk to Danny Struck about building a program. His numbers are amazing and he builds a true sense of belonging for his kids. We don't need to get to 50 on the roster to succeed. If you currently have 15 and get to 20 that is big. Add one or two a year and you will have a sizable roster pretty quickly. Let's stop waiting for our ship to come in and swim out to it! The article uploaded below is about what teams do to build camaraderie. recruiting article.docx
  17. Congratulations to Alara! She has been a great representative for our sport in Indiana.
  18. Congrats to Drake and the Mt. Vernon Marauder program. Great kid. Proud to have coached against him.
  19. Ya-Sin has only played six years of organized football. Wonder where he comes by such amazing athleticism...maybe it is those two high school state wrestling championships he won in Georgia. Rock, stop in to see the IHSAA Wrestling Finals in February.
  20. It is my privilege to congratulate the men who have been named as Indiana's National Wrestling Coaches Association Head Coach of the Year and Assistant Coach of the Year. Head Coach of the Year Tony Currie of Adams Central High School has continued to build the great wrestling tradition for the Jets. Now in his 15th year of coaching at the school, first as a volunteer, then assistant and now head coach, Tony has continued to build Adams Central Wrestling. The Jets won the IHSWCA Team State Duals this past season. The team compiled a 23-3 record and claimed the team titles at both the IHSAA Sectional and Regional tournaments. Coach Curie is also a founding coach of the wrestling little league for youth wrestlers in his area. Assistant Coach of the Year Joe Somerville has been a member of the Jeffersonville Red Devils program for 15 years. Along with his duties as assistant coach at the high school, the History and English teacher is also the head coach for the Jeff Youth Club and serves as club treasurer. In addition, Joe is tournament director for the Jeff Holiday tournament and the Sectional and Regional. Jeffersonville had a freshman class of 25 wrestlers this past season and was able to field full Varsity, 2nd varsity and C-team squads. The Red Devils were IHSAA Sectional champions and Regional runners-up this past season. Congratulations to both of these men for the success they have brought to their programs and all they do to build our great sport! Dave Cloud-Indiana Representative NWCA
  21. Westforkwhite: Some great ideas! Thanks for contributing. I will look to implement a couple of those for next season.
  22. A constant recruiting effort benefits our program directly by making forfeits less likely, giving us future wrestlers in training and having larger crowds. But perhaps most importantly, if you believe in what wrestling stands for, why wouldn't you want the maximum number of students to benefit from being a part of the sport? You never know where or how someone may benefit the sport. A former wrestler of ours, who never made the varsity, became the coach of a state championship middle school team in Illinois. He loves the sport and passes on the lessons he learned as a wrestler to his wrestlers. I couldn't be prouder of him. With that being said, I would like to hear what coaches are having success with in recruiting kids into their programs. I have listed three we do to start the conversation. 1) After 30 years of coaching high school football, and recruiting like mad the whole time, I moved to our middle school football program three years ago. One of my assistant coaches there is on my middle school wrestling coaching staff. We use every opportunity to recruit kids into the program. A player that I started recruiting as a seventh grader finally went out for the team as an eighth grader. He fell in love with the sport and this year as a freshman went 10-5 as a varsity fill-in, earned a letter and established himself as a very promising member of the lineup for next season. 2) I work to have a good relationship with our high school and middle school basketball coaches. We've had a few kids who got cut in high school come out. Watch out for those kids who quit basketball after their freshman year! We got a heavyweight who played basketball as a freshman but didn't go out as a sophomore. He came out for wrestling knowing almost nothing about wrestling but was a state qualifier as a junior and placed sixth as a senior. We had another heavyweight who came out after quitting basketball as a freshman (I spoke to the basketball coach first to make sure it was not going to be a problem). He was a Regional champion and 2X Semi-State qualifier. I speak to the boys middle school coach each year and ask him to refer the boys who get cut to wrestling. We also encourage the middle school basketball players to come out for wrestling for the last month or so of the wrestling season after basketball is over. We got a fifth place 215 lb.state placer that way when he chose to wrestle instead of play basketball in high school. 3) Do something special for a match. Last season we partnered with Chad Masters to televise our match with the Marauders. Josh Holden of Greenfield and Courtney Duncan of Frankton graciously agreed to do the play-by-play and color (the only objection the TV station offered when I asked them was that they didn't have anyone who knew wrestling to call the match) for the broadcast. We had the best home dual meet crowd ever. Next season Coach Holden and I are broadcasting our dual meet from Hoosier Gym. I have seen other schools do the match on a theater stage (great job Floyd Central!). Randy Qualitza did a varsity match before a varsity basketball game decades ago. Be creative. Could it flop? Sure. Who cares. Let your kids know you are trying things to make your meets an event. It will always be a slog for most programs to get kids in large numbers in but I believe it is worth it. What works for you?
  23. Congratulations on the new program. Looks like you have put a lot of thought into preparing for the first year. Arabian Wrestling welcomes you to the Indiana wrestling family. Dave Cloud
  24. Fred Short has retired at Elwood. Great job coach. Hard shoes to fill.
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