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  1. davecloud

    Kyle Cornwell of Elwood commits to

    Very happy for Kyle, his family and Coach Fred Short. A big moment for Elwood Panther Wrestling. Kyle has done a lot to raise the profile of wrestling in Madison County. Coach Escobedo is getting a good one. Dave Cloud Pendleton Heights Arabians
  2. Just a reminder: Jim's Wrestling Supply will have the traveling store at Pendleton Heights on Wednesday, November 7 starting around 5:00 pm and closing out around 8:00 pm. Jim carries a great line of products and anything he doesn't have with him he will get to you quickly via post. You won't find a better guy and his prices are very fair. Due to construction, you will need to enter by the Ag Hall doors. Coming in off Highway 38, as you come up the east side of the parking lot (the road that runs by the football field) you will see the doors on your right. Turn right at the first hallway to head towards the wrestling room. Bill will be set up in that hallway.
  3. Just saw that Dave Errett is a member of the National Wrestling Hall of Fame Class of 2019 Inductee as a Meritorious Official. Congratulations to Dave. A well-earned recognition of an outstanding career on the mat as one of the USA's top officials. Dave Cloud Arabian Wrestling
  4. davecloud

    RIP Frankton Coach Otis Cress

    A good man who did a good job with the resources he had. The men of his program are a living testament to how he coached and mentored them. Rest in Peace, Otis. Dave Cloud--Arabian Wrestling
  5. davecloud

    Jared Williams

    Thanks, Jared for your contribution to the sport. I wish you all the best and hope to see you at meets in the future. Dave Cloud
  6. Great Leadership Academy this past Saturday. Thanks to all the dedicated coaches who gave up a Saturday to make their programs, and the sport itself, better. Special thanks to all the great people at the NWCA who made this possible. Mike, Bud, Jim, Pat, George and everyone else in Manheim, PA, your commitment to helping the sport is unparalleled. Coach Crowell, thank you so much for making the long trip to Indiana from Nazareth, PA to put on the program. Your generosity with your time and knowledge is much appreciated. Huge gratitude to The United States Marines, title sponsor of the NWCA Leadership Academy. Encourage all of you to invite the Marines into your wrestling room to work with your teams. I look forward to having Gunny Bradley in to work with the Arabians. Our local sponsor, Jim's Wrestling Supply, as always, showed their commitment to Indiana wrestling. Thank you Ben and Bill Nicely!!! We hope to do this again next year. Please spread the word so we can build the anticipation for an even bigger crowd next time. Dave Cloud
  7. If you have not yet registered for the Leadership Academy at Pendleton Heights on May 12th, you can do so using the links in this thread. You will definitely need to get the 360 evaluation done and try to get through as much of the workbook as possible. Assistants can just do the 360 evaluation and share the workbook with the head coach. Looking forward to a great day with Coach Crowell. Call me if you have any questions. Dave Cloud 765-610-8150
  8. We are coming up on 50 signups for the NWCA Leadership Academy on Saturday, May 12 at Pendleton Heights. The largest Academy to date is 52. Indiana can beat it. Your assistant coaches can come and share your notebook. We do need them to do the 360 evaluation which should take less than an hour. The more of your assistants that are there, the more people you will have in on your vision for improving your program. The links are in the Spring clinic post below. Assistants must register for the clinic. Dave
  9. Received this e-mail from Terry Steiner: Terry Steiner <TSteiner@USAWrestling.org> Can you get your network to vote for Wrestle Like A Girl? Wrestle Like A Girl is a finalist for the Veteran Small Business Award. We could win up to $15,000! Please click here and vote ARMY!!! : http://go.streetshares.com/streetshares-foundation-veteran-small-business-award-vote-form Voting ends at midnight April 30th (TONIGHT) and please share with your network! CURRENT STANDINGS: 1st Place: NAVY 1000 VOTES 2nd Place: MARINE CORPS 957 VOTES 3rd Place: ARMY 746 VOTES 4th Place: COAST GUARD 350 VOTES 5th Place: AIR FORCE 312 VOTES Lead the Charge... Embrace the Battle ... Expect Success!!! Terry Steiner USA Wrestling's Women's National Team Coach Email: tsteiner@usawrestling.org Direct: 719.265.3681 Fax: 719.598.9440 Cell: 719.339.3449
  10. davecloud

    Spring Clinic- Logan Stieber!

    Please join us at Pendleton Heights on Saturday, May 12 for the NWCA Leadership Academy. The Academy is FREE to NWCA members and is presented by NWCA National Coach of the Year Dave Crowell of Nazareth High School in Nazareth, PA. Right click and open the links below in a new window: To join NWCA, if not already a member: http://www.nwcaonline.com/membership/become-nwca-member/ To register for the NWCA Leadership Academy: https://www.surveygizmo.com/s3/4313061/2018-Scholastic-Coach-Leadership-Academy-Registration
  11. davecloud

    Spring Clinic- Logan Stieber!

    Make a weekend of it and attend the NWCA Leadership Academy at Pendleton Heights on May 12. Dave Cloud Link to register for Academy: https://www.surveygizmo.com/s3/4313061/2018-Scholastic-Coach-Leadership-Academy-Registration LInk to join NWCA--Academy is FREE for NWCA members: http://www.nwcaonline.com/membership/become-nwca-member/
  12. If you haven't received the registration form from the IHSWCA, the NWCA, your AD or anyone else, please let me know (dcloud@smcsc.com) and I will get it to you. Wrestlers: Ask your coach if he is going!! This Academy is designed to help coaches grow their programs and make them a more important part of the school and community culture. Dave Cloud-Indiana Rep. NWCA
  13. Congratulations to Brailen. Glad to see he will be taking that sweet inside trip to Crawfordsville!
  14. davecloud

    David Delph of Frankton commits to

    Congratulations to David. Great kid! Glad we will get to see him wrestle around here. AU, Taylor, Hanover, IWU...are you listening?!?! How about a sport that adds 20-30 students to your relatively small student count?
  15. davecloud

    South Florida High School has two Phys. Ed. positions

    Just spoke to Coach Q. South Broward will also have openings in English, Math, Social Studies and Science. One Phys Ed. position has already been filled. Team was 15-2 last year and has everyone back this coming season.

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