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  1. Congratulations to Aundre and the Warren Central Warrior Program. Marian is getting a stud.
  2. Great to see our Big Ten schools in the hunt for more of the elite wrestlers. Coach Escobedo and Coach Ersland are doing it right!
  3. Performance Nutrition Coach Erin Sparrold will present Fueling Your Wrestlers tonight at 7:30 pm. You can register on the NWCAonline.com website or on the link on the NWCA Twitter account. Erin has presented at the NWCA Convention and she is outstanding. She will also present again on May 24 with Women are Not Small Men: Fueling Strategies for Female Wrestlers. You can also ask questions. This program is sponsored by the USMC and the NWCA. Hope to "see" you there tonight!
  4. Coaches--I just spoke to Nate Naasz at NWCA. The Academic and Leadership/Character programs are officially run by the USMC. The NWCA compiles the information and sends it to the Marines for them to get the certificates. The program normally involves a U.S. Marine coming to the recipient's school to present the certificates. Since the Covid-19 lock down made that impossible I think the program was delayed. Nate has sent out the Scholar certificates (let me know if you have not received yours).Nate said he had contacted Col. Fallon who is in charge of recruiting in this area of the country. He has not heard back yet and will be speaking to him tonight and will ask again about the Leadership & Character certificates with hope of getting the issue resolved tonight. Sorry for the delay in getting these to you.
  5. Congratulations to all of our Indiana high school wrestlers named NWCA/USMC Leadership & Character All-Americans. You can check out the names at the link below. The National Wrestling Coaches Association is proud to partner with the United States Marine Corps to recognize achievement in academics (Scholar All-Americans) and leadership & character. We had a good number of Indiana wrestlers who were named Leadership & Character All-Americans this year. Next year I hope we can greatly increase the number of Scholar and Leadership & Character All-Americans from Indiana. I encourage you to make this Leadership & Character award a special recognition for those truly outstanding members of your team. If you look at the criteria (below), the award is meant to represent the very best of your program. Congratulations to all of these wrestlers. http://www.nwcaonline.com/awards/nwca_usmc_leadership_character_aa_award/
  6. Proud of what Mark is doing there at Ancilla. Great opportunity for those kids who need to strengthen their academic foundation before heading on to a four-year to finish their careers. This is Indiana's ONLY junior college wrestling program. Go Chargers!
  7. Due to continuing uncertainty about reopening of state economies and travel constraints, the 2020 NWCA Convention scheduled will be conducted as a virtual program. The price has been lowered to $150. The convention will have all of the high quality presentations you have come to expect if you have attended previous conventions. There will be presentations for college coaches, high school coaches, officials and retired coaches. The exhibitors' trade show will also go virtual. The convention will run from July 29-31. Go to NWCAonline.com to get more information. If you have never attended a convention, this is a great chance to see what it is like from the comfort of your own home.
  8. Congratulations to the Indiana high school wrestlers who were recognized as 2020 NWCA/U.S. Marines Scholar All-Americans! The National Wrestling Coaches Association is proud to partner with the United States Marine Corps to recognize outstanding scholar athletes in the scholastic wrestling community. The requirements are a 3.5/4 or higher G.P.A. and earning a varsity letter winner. It is a privilege to recognize these Hoosier scholastic wrestlers. Hopefully we can get a much larger number of our athletes recognized next season. Dave Cloud NWCA Representative The Indiana wrestlers: Name School Jacob Kreager Ft. Wayne Snider High School Brady Ester Ft . Wayne Snider High School Cameron Garcia Ft. Wayne Snider High School Hayden Tippmann Ft. Wayne Snider High School Jared Mitchell Ft. Wayne Snider High School Seth Lawson Frankton High School Sarah Dix Pendleton Heights High School Cade Patton Southridge High School Samuel Schroeder Southridge High School
  9. Reducing opportunities for athletes is not the answer. What happens if this doesn't work? Do we drop to 12 weights...11? How about going the Olympic route and just have 6 weights? While forfeits can happen at large or small schools, it would seem the problem is most severe at smaller schools. Why not have a smaller number of weights for smaller schools? I looked at the NFHS participation statistics for 2018-2019 and 2009-2010. During that span the average wrestling roster size fell by about 8%. During that same time span the average 11-player high school football roster size fell by 9%. Has anyone heard a proposal to reduce from 11 players to 10 on the field? Instead, 6- (+77%) and 8-player (+26%) football programs have grown tremendously while the number of 11-player football programs grew by .1% (during that same span the number of wrestling teams grew by 4.7%). Why not look at this possible solution first instead of punishing those programs that have been more successful in recruiting/retaining wrestlers?
  10. Happy for Coach Jones and his team. Nobody deserves this more.
  11. You bet, Jason. Sorry I didn't get a chance to talk to you at State Finals. Hope you are doing well.
  12. Coaches, I just received this link today, so I apologize for the short deadline--Feb 28, Friday. This award is for JUNIORS and SENIORS only. It only takes a few minutes to fill out the form. You need to provide a short narrative of why your think this member of your team deserves the nomination. You may nominate more than one member of your team. You may also nominate letter winners for Academic All-American recognition. That information is contained in a separate topic on the high school forum page. Use the link below to reach the nomination site for the Leadership and Character award. Please contact me if you have any questions. Dave Cloud-Indiana Representative National Wrestling Coaches Association https://mailchi.mp/9dbcd6db0b16/nwca-usmc-announce-scholastic-scholar-all-american-award-330763?e=a3a7dc443a
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